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47 comments on “WATCH: What We Know About The Sailors And Marines Killed In Afghanistan”

  1. Are we going to let the enemy get away with this? Or are we going to throw everything we have against them?? They are total cowards.
    Biden and company is the bigger enemy!!!!.,

      1. "tom", you are proof we cannot fix stupid. Your kind of thinking is what will bring our country to it's knees. Donald Trump wants America on our feet and proving our exceptionalism for all to see.

      2. He’s not evil, he didn’t leave hundreds of Americans in enemy s soil, he didn’t crew over our allies and friends a as and he loves this country. Biden is a puppet now and he had his faculties he was just another corrupt carear politician.

      3. Grab your bottom lip ... pull it up over you forehead and swallow real hard !
        That big loud liberal mouth should be able to swallow you whole !

      4. You are ridiculous. I take it, you never had a bone spur. I have. Biden, Clinton and Barry Obama were all draft dodgers. Trump was not. Look up why Clinton was sent home from Oxford early. Trump would have handled the Afghanistan situation much better. Hope you get over your TDS.

      5. What's your problem with the bone spur. When you are drafted or enlist, you must pass a medical examination by a military doctor. If he finds something that will hinder your preforming your duties in the military, you will not be excepted.That's what happened to Trump. What happened to BIden? Why didn't he serve? What about Clinton? Why didn't he serve? What happened to most of the Congress, like Schummer, Schiff and all the rest that didn't serve?You have a problem that is worse than a bone spur, I would recommend a mental institution but they don't make brains, just repair them.

      6. Potus Donald J. Trump acted in the most Honorable classic way. He kept each of his campaign promises. He brought back our nations economy with historical low unemployment numbers for all American citizens. We were energy independent. Lower taxes for every income level our nations enemies feared us our allies respected us . UN an nato finally paid their fair shares. US moved our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem as had been promised for over 40 years by nearly every previous president. Private property rights were restored under Trump . Over 2,800 federal regulations were discarded torn up,trash canned.
        It is only the ill-read ,ill-educated, ill-informed or Retarded Demon-rat or Rino rat who despise or hate the Honorable Potus Donald J.Trump. Mostly DO TO POTUS Trump blocking THROUGH REGULATIONS PREVIOUSLY ESTABLISHED WHERE IN their FINACIAL GAINS WERE OF illegal means / Foriegn SUCH AS investments in China & in other Socialist communist nations.
        READ & LEARN

      1. The same could be said of you. President Trump was an amazing president & he will be AGAIN!!! Get your crying towel ready! 😥 😀🙂

  2. My opinion is . GET THAT STIPID, DEMOCRAT MOUTHPIECE PUPPET OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE. If a group soldiers have to pull-back. They don't wait around AS SITTING DUCKS, to take a bunch of noncombatants with them. Biden says "we will hunt you down, & we will get you". To the terrorists bombers.
    It's just my opinion. But I bet deep down inside, there are a bunch of US. soldiers, who feel that way about Biden.

  3. WE AMERICANS are sick about what has happened in Afghanistan, JUST SICK and the Media keeping their lying, ignorant, hypocritical mouths shut about the truth. So sad that your SLEASY MEDIA Male/Female puppets do not know what to do w/themselves w/o having Trump their to blame. They should all hide their faces it is simply SHAMEFUL and just EMBARASSING. Biden/Harris and the compete Cabinet should be FIRED, IMPEACHMENT TAKES TO LONG, But because that Pelosi, which everyone knows is a HYPOCRITE, LYING, STEALING and just plain EVIL person. Pelosi, You talk about others and you and your husband are both EVIL, stealing from AMERICANS, taking our TAX dollars, sneaky Stock Trades. YES, we all know and so do you. You are TWO FACED, HYPOCRITE AND EMBARASSING TO WOMEN and AMERICA. I would love to be face to face w/you and be able to say this directly to your face, w/your Hypocritical Media watching, but they would cut it out, WHY, because not one of them has the BALLS to tell the TRUTH. MEDIA IS NOTHING BUT PUPPETS FOR THE DEMS, NOT ONE OF THEM IS A JOURNALIST.

  4. Biden says he will get those behind the bombing. Hey Biden, they are dead. You can find body parts among the dead that he killed.

  5. Tom is a AH and I would bet has never been the service and a democrap. Words cannot express the sorrow what is happening in Afghanistan, our troops and the people who helped us. Biden, Harris, Pelosi the rest of the clan should have the same thing happen to their families, especially Hunter Biden the sickening peace of s!!t
    Marine & Army (1st Cav Korea) Vet

    1. Gene, I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your service. I wish I could say that to those poor young Marines and Sailors who died because braindead Biden botched this whole pullout. That idiot has no heart. He has a thumping gizzard where his heart should be. He's evil incarnate. God Bless you, Gene and our brave American heroes who lost their lives.

    2. Gene: Thank you for your service. My heart is heavy with the sorrow of the loss of these wonderful young men. Biden sure found a sick way to divert attention from his criminal morally insufficient scumbag son. He needs to step down; anyone could do the job better than he has (except for KAMAL-A HARDASS and NANCY PELOUSY!)

  6. This absolute tragedy is something l will never forget..or forgive. I am fed up with politicians who cannot be trusted any and beaurecrats who kiss their butts.... for money, favors, being in with those who think far more of themselves than millions of Americans do. More and more people are seeing what pelosi and her kind are really like and it ain't pretty! Our military needs far more pay for what they do... apparently we have trillions of $ we can throw around so give it to the ones who deserve it the most by far. Probably could retire some pentagon brass too which would be a lot more money for the true patriots and heroes. I have had a loved one, a Navy veteran, whose casket was covered with our cherished flag and that is what this action by Biden and all involved in this debacle have now caused 13 families to endure. Prayers and my deepest condolences to all the loved ones of our 13 heroes! It did not have to happen!!

    1. Biden & all the other politicians are just telling our service men & women to "line up against the wall & be targets". All so they can get more fucking votes & stay in power longer.
      PS: I am speaking what I believe to be the truth as I see it. So. If you want me.
      HERE I AM. COME GET ME. I will die for this country!!!
      But I will NOT STAND HERE AND DIE, for the fucking politicians, so they can LOOK GOOD.

      I am not a soldier, just an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  7. Biden is proof the Chinese have a leader in place. Harris on the other hand is one of the puppets that Nikita Kruschev said the USSR would put in place to take over this great nation.

  8. The Fraud President Dementia Biden and his wonderful staff in their well organized thought out plan, killed innocent citizens, our Thirteen Armed Services Members and leaving behind many more to be left in the hands of those savage inhuman animals! Those who voted for this useless puppet for the left are also responsible for this disaster including the South Of The Border, Escalating of taxes, Gasoline, food, buying or renting homes etc. Those responsible made our country into a Giant Cluster FK!

  9. We Are The Laughing Stock of the world! Our enemy are enjoying the spectacular event created by the one and only BRAIN DEAD BIDEN and his WOKE Staff of dead beats! While the Democraps continue their massive destruction of the country, our RHINOS only jump on their band wagon for their own causes! Who really represents US? Wake Up People, once elected and continued to be reelected We The People are Forgotten!

  10. I am sorry but I blame Jill for allowing this to happen. Joe doesn't know what day of the week it is, but she wanted to be First Lady so bad she let him run. I think it is Elder Abuse, the poor man could not hang a sentence together when King Abdul was here, and he fell asleep when the Prime Minister from Israel was here. So sad.

    1. Micki: I have said this before and you took the words right out of my mouth. What loving wife would "allow this to happen?" She is equally responsible for throwing our country and our brave soldiers to the wolves! And she, too, has blood on her hands!

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