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20 comments on “WATCH: Pentagon Press Release On US Drone Strike That Killed Two High Profile Islamic State Members”

  1. Under NO conditions do I believe WE killed 2 HIGH Islamic persons. Coming from the Pentagon, which I once revered, I wouldn't believe UNTIL I see Names and Confirmations. Since the Pentagon was well aware of the LOSSES WE would incur they have become WOKE and are in bed with the Devil, just as this Administration, Soros, Schwab, Gates, China etc. When WE leave people behind against ALL military training, Our Leaders are NO better than the Taliban, ISIS & every Socialist/Communist Country. This is MY Point of View. God Bless America and Please God Help Us.

    1. she is correct leaving the Americans behind is a key clue...never before would that happen...if trump was in office he would of went there personally and stood there till every American was taken...but this administration is commies and they do NOT CARE.....AMERICAN PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT..TIME....YOU ...VOTE

    2. I agree. I spent 40 years in the military (USAF, USA) and I think this is another Bull Shit general with no validation. Those numbers are Biden's and the generals are trying to show us how they are doing their job. I would like to see all pentagon generals removed along with the Shit bag secretary of state and secretary of defense. I don't see anyone getting into the terminal. How they can lie to us with a straight face is beyond my comprehension. They knew how to do it in Vietnam. It doesn't end tomorrow.

  2. Hire the Taliban to patrol our streets to stop domestic terrorism from BLM & Antifa. Give them shoot to kill orders.

  3. Why doesn't this General wear the same uniform that is being currently worn by everyone below the rank of General. He wears everything he can on his uniform except is name. Who is this officer?

  4. This is BS! This air strike was conducted so that Biden could claim that he took action against these ISIS who sent a suicide bomber to killed 13 of our men, 1 plus wounded Americans, over 180 plus Afghan civilians and 160 plus Afghans wounded. the claim was two high level ISIS planners and there were no civilian casualties. NOT TRUE The Afghan showed a house or Apartment destroyed and dead bodies laying the front of the building and including a preschool toddler! The report then claimed that two children killed and four to six adult civilians killed. This is apparently the truth and NOT what the Biden Admin claimed that they killed two terrorist planner killed and one wounded as they traveled by car from one area to another. Video evidence says that this is a lie. The fact that they refuse to say who these terrorists are is a big red flag.

  5. I am listening to this officer bragging about the Afghans that have been rescued from Afghanistan, Wonderful! Congratulations! Now…what about our Americans?? Shouldn’t they have been considered first?

  6. Fake news brought to you by the Pentagon. Are they saying things on Biden's orders to calm the American people so we do not all call for his resignation now! I find this to convenient in timing. One day after the killing our service people we had NO idea who it was and the next day they killed a suicide bomber headed for the airport Where did that intel come from and why did we not know the day before about 2 bombs that killed our people.

    1. Can't be Lying Cheating Crazy Creepy Beijing China Xiden giving orders. He can't carry on a coherent conversation even with a teleprompter and qcards. He stammers, stutters, hems, haws not knowing what he will say. He won't take journalists questions. He's not suppose to. He said so himself. He is a pathological lying scum POS. He will rot in HELL.

    2. I think In my opinion Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer and the Squad are all traitors. Biden said he was going to tear down and rebuild America but he didn’t tell us he is going to build it into a Communist Dictatorship with the Communist Democrats in charge to rule over the people.

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