12 Gunmen Killed By Mexican Soldiers In Shootout Near Texas Border

 February 20, 2024

A major confrontation ensued near the Texas border, resulting in a significant clash.

Twelve gunmen were killed by Mexican soldiers in a shootout near the Texas border in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, showcasing a dramatic standoff that also led to the seizure of several weapons.

In a detailed account shared by the security department of Tamaulipas, the shootout took place in the neighborhood of Miguel Aleman, just across the border from Roma, Texas. This alarming incident unfolded late Sunday and was quickly brought to the public's attention through X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The encounter between Mexican soldiers and "armed civilians" escalated quickly, resulting in the demise of a dozen aggressors.

The soldiers were reportedly conducting an operation when the gunmen ambushed them. In defense, the soldiers responded, leading to the eventual death of the 12 individuals. Following the exchange, a significant cache of arms was recovered, including 12 long weapons, along with cartridges and magazines of various calibers—a testament to the severity of the confrontation.

A region under siege

Miguel Aleman, the site of this deadly encounter, is notorious as a battleground for competing cartels seeking control over lucrative smuggling routes. The town has witnessed a surge in violence, often attributed to the turf wars between the Cartel of the Northeast and the Gulf Cartel, indicating a deeper-seated issue of organized crime in the region.

This is not the first time the area has been under the spotlight for violence. In September, an incident involving a convoy of vehicles on a bridge linking Texas to Miguel Aleman resulted in injuries to three people, including Americans. Such episodes of violence have led to heightened concerns over safety in the region.

It's worth noting that the U.S. State Department has previously issued a "Do Not Travel" advisory for Tamaulipas, citing the severe risk of crime and kidnapping. This advisory underscores the unpredictable nature of the security situation in the state, reflecting the complex dynamics at play in border areas.

Unanswered questions and security implications

Despite the swift action by the soldiers, many questions remain about the identities of the gunmen and their affiliations. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Mexican army has yet to provide detailed information about the incident.

The absence of immediate claims of responsibility or further details from official channels leaves a veil of uncertainty over the incident. This complicates the understanding of this specific event and adds to the challenges faced by security forces in the region.

The significance of this incident cannot be overstated. It sheds light on the ongoing struggle against armed groups in Tamaulipas and the broader issue of cartel violence along Mexico's northern border. The recovery of a sizable arsenal following the shootout points to the heavy armament that such groups possess, posing a continuing threat to stability and security in the area.


The confrontation near the Texas border in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, has once again highlighted the volatile security situation in the region. The killing of twelve gunmen by Mexican soldiers in response to an attack by "armed civilians" underlines the persistent risks and challenges posed by organized crime and cartel activity in the area. The ongoing struggle for territorial control among rival cartels, evidenced by such violent incidents, continues to impact the communities and necessitates a robust response from security forces.

The larger implications for regional safety and the well-being of both Mexican and American citizens cannot be ignored. As authorities work to shed more light on the situation, the need for continued vigilance and cooperation across borders remains paramount in tackling the scourge of cartel violence.

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