3 Teens Killed, 3 Injured, Including 2 Officers In High Speed Pursuit

 February 9, 2024

In the late hours of a Saturday night in Fontana, tragedy unfolded during a high-speed police pursuit that culminated in a heartbreaking collision.

Three teenagers lost their lives, and three others, including two police officers, were left injured in this devastating event.

Officer Steven Reed of the Fontana Police Department disclosed that the pursuit began at 10:44 p.m. when officers attempted to stop a white Nissan Sentra for vehicle code violations. The vehicle, however, failed to comply, leading to a high-speed chase that tragically ended in under half a minute.

Among the four occupants in the ill-fated Nissan Sentra were three teenagers: Robert Rias, 15; Domonic Adams Jr., 14; and Omar Pitts, 15, whose lives were claimed by this incident. A fourth occupant's identity remains unconfirmed.

A Fleeting Pursuit with Lasting Impact

"The pursuit lasted approximately 20 seconds and reached speeds exceeding 100 mph, ultimately resulting in the suspect losing control of their vehicle and colliding head-on with a responding police unit," Reed elaborated on the event. The collision took place at Valley Boulevard and Cypress Avenue, leaving both vehicles severely damaged and necessitating immediate medical attention at the scene.

Tragically, Rias and Adams were pronounced deceased at the location of the accident. Pitts succumbed to his injuries after being rushed to the hospital, whereas the fate of the fourth occupant hangs in the balance at a medical facility.

The police unit met with the catastrophic collision was carrying two officers, who sustained serious injuries. One has since been released from the hospital, while the other continues to receive treatment.

Community Mourns as Investigation Continues

The aftermath of the collision prompted a response from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's major accident investigation team, taking charge of the inquiry into the tragic events. The Fontana Police Department, in light of these sorrowful occurrences, extended their deepest sympathies to everyone touched by this loss.

In a press release, they stated:

Our deepest condolences go out to the families, friends, and all those affected by this heartbreaking loss. We recognize the profound impact that incidents like these have on our community, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone touched by this tragedy.

This statement underscores the widespread grief and the profound ripple effect such incidents have on a community, from the families directly affected to the first responders involved.

As a community grapples with this tragedy, the focus turns to reflection and the search for ways to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The loss of young lives is a stark reminder of the unpredictability of life and the importance of safety on our roads.


A tragic collision occurred on a Saturday night in Fontana when a high-speed police pursuit ended disastrously. Three teenagers, Robert Rias, Domonic Adams Jr., and Omar Pitts, lost their lives, while three others, including two police officers, were injured. The incident unfolded after officers attempted to pull over a car for vehicle code violations, leading to a pursuit that lasted about 20 seconds and ended in a devastating collision.

This event has deeply affected the community, eliciting responses of sorrow and calls for reflection on public safety and road use. As investigations continue, the memory of the lives lost will undoubtedly spur discussions on the need for balance between law enforcement pursuits and public safety.

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  1. God bless our Officers and their very difficult job. With so many illegal Aliens in our country the crime is getting worse and worse. Officers should have the right to shoot when people don't obey their orders. I think it should be automatically the death penalty if you shoot at or seriously hurt and officer. That might stop some of the horrible problems our officers face.

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