Afghanistan Based ISIS And Al Qaida Growing In Power, Pose Major National Security Threat

New Pentagon estimates state that the Islamic State group in Afghanistan will be able to attack international targets within 6 to 12 months. The undersecretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, also said that al-Qaida would likely be able to launch attacks outside the country within one to two years.

Looking Forward

Kahl told the Senate Armed Services Committee, "We have considerable evidence that they have the intent; the question at the moment in the capability."

Director of operations for the Joint Staff, Lt. Gen. James Mingus, also testified that the current projections are "based on no U.S. or coalition intervention." Mingus also said, "The goal would be to keep those time horizon

Since the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have seen the Taliban take the country back, and now the terrorist groups, who were our reason for going over there, are making a strong comeback.

Biden's administration has said that they can keep the terrorist organizations under control by using troops, weapons, and "over-the-horizon" forces. However, we cannot get to Afghanistan by sea, and we do not have agreements with any of its neighbors.

The U.S. is left with two options, make an agreement with one of the neighboring nations or launch from the Persian Gulf. The Taliban and al-Qaida remain close while ISIS is wreaking havoc on the county. But both are looking toward the future and possible international attacks.

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