Afghanistan Based ISIS And Al Qaida Growing In Power, Pose Major National Security Threat

 October 31, 2021

New Pentagon estimates state that the Islamic State group in Afghanistan will be able to attack international targets within 6 to 12 months. The undersecretary of defense for policy, Colin Kahl, also said that al-Qaida would likely be able to launch attacks outside the country within one to two years.

Looking Forward

Kahl told the Senate Armed Services Committee, "We have considerable evidence that they have the intent; the question at the moment in the capability."

Director of operations for the Joint Staff, Lt. Gen. James Mingus, also testified that the current projections are "based on no U.S. or coalition intervention." Mingus also said, "The goal would be to keep those time horizon

Since the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, we have seen the Taliban take the country back, and now the terrorist groups, who were our reason for going over there, are making a strong comeback.

Biden's administration has said that they can keep the terrorist organizations under control by using troops, weapons, and "over-the-horizon" forces. However, we cannot get to Afghanistan by sea, and we do not have agreements with any of its neighbors.

The U.S. is left with two options, make an agreement with one of the neighboring nations or launch from the Persian Gulf. The Taliban and al-Qaida remain close while ISIS is wreaking havoc on the county. But both are looking toward the future and possible international attacks.

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21 comments on “Afghanistan Based ISIS And Al Qaida Growing In Power, Pose Major National Security Threat”

  1. With the ENORMOUS CACHE OF WEAPONS that Biden the Questionable left behind for them. Yay! #Sarcasm #Contempt #TraitorousDemocrats

  2. With $85bil of US hardware including aircraft and vehicles all the Islamic State group need do is train the troops. The administration open door policy at our southern border is an invitation for any and every terrorist group. Consider, we already have Muslim training camps through out this country indoctrinating and training terrorists. We are completely vulnerable to external terrorism while we let Antifa and BLM internal terrorists have free rein to intimidate and destroy!!

  3. I do believe the Biden administration led by Obama is getting exactly what they want from the taliban and isis. One day and sadly it will be too late the idiots that vote for these anti American morons will actually realize what morons they are.

  4. It's all working out just like they (the puppet-masters)PLANED. Here comes another crisis. And another and another. They just want more and more and more. More money, more power, more CONTROL.
    In their minds, (just like the taliban's) we only have two choices, submit or die.
    I believe that there is a third option. Eliminate the oppression. But it needs to be done WITHOUT MERCEY and WITHOUT HESITATION. Otherwise that foot pressing down on our necks will just get bigger and heavier.
    Please carefully read the Constitution. Our forefathers NEW what an "unchecked" government would become. & they gave us directions on how to deal with it.

  5. I can't for the life of me believe, how these people can act SURPRISED that the Taliban & ISIS & Al Qaida are now a REAL threat to the US. They KNEW this was going to happen, and yet did it anyway.

    1. I hear what your saying! The Taliban was handed over everything we had there, and now this administration wants to give them more money, I guess from all the Trillions of Dollars they are taking from the Taxpayers, as they control everything (including voting)! I remember the money they wanted for Job Ready Projects under the Obama Administration, which, when they got it, wasn't used for those projects. We, as a nation, are being bled dry by wasteful spending and
      mismanagement! Can't help but feel the puppet masters are orchestrating all this mayhem, along with one crisis after another to tear this country down!

  6. Every thing the Biden administration does benefits communists and muslims and is against Americans.Everything the Biden administration does is an extention of what the "mullah in chief"Obama did and is being orchestrated by Obama with Financial support by George Soros.

  7. Well, everybody can thank Joe Biden for this one. Giving the Taliban all of our military equipment in Afghanistan and millions of dollars I guess they can do whatever they want with Biden as President. Plus he’s screwing around with China and Russia. The national threat is as real as it gets on our soil. People better wake up and get prepared because Joe Biden and his Administration does not care about the American people.

  8. Bidens doing whatever the hell the demons tell him to do ( the squad ) . There's too many boobs in the white house , biden can't keep his mind straight ! The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree . aoc had him shut down the keystone pipeline stop the wall building and call everyone in America racist . Bidens # 1 job is to keep Americans safe , and he's failing at that . Afghan terrorist are alive and well in America , ISIS Hamas jihad. and more on the way the diversity in the democratic party is like a dog pound of nuts a squirrels nest ( nuts ) everyone has Their own agenda . Can't run a party like that .

  9. Open Borders is going to be the way they get in our Country, Thanks to Biden & Democrats. I'm surprised Biden & Harris R not out there waving a white flag.

  10. saw it on foreign press article that they attacked a military hospital in Kabul the other day, shhh ...americans may have been involved

  11. Write down the names of these Governors, Mayor's and school board members don't vote them in next time around. Do research on the people you do vote in and be politically active in your community.

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