Alabama Officer Sentenced To 25 Years Despite Following Department Policies, Acting Within Use Of Force Continuum

 August 12, 2022

City and state governments have long been criticizing law enforcement for how they conduct themselves. From policies and the use of force to chasing down suspects, every aspect of police work has faced criticism.

Many have defunded police departments and pushed an anti-law enforcement agenda as the public sits and watches it all unfold, forming opinions on how officers do their jobs with minimal facts.


In Alabama, a former police officer was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of a man who was suicidal. However, his department had already ruled that the shooting was justified.

The shooting in question happened on April 3, 2018. Jeffrey Parker had called 911 to tell them he had a gun and was suicidal. When the officers arrived at his home, he was on his sofa with a gun to his head.

The first officer inside was Huntsville Officer Genisha Pegues. Pegues was attempting to talk the man down. Then, officer William "Ben" Darby grabbed his shotgun and ran into the home.

Backup Arriving

According to bodycam footage, it was under a minute before Parker was shot and killed by Darby. WHNT said that the department's review board ruled that the shooting was justified.

Their ruling said, "all officers involved performed within Huntsville Police policies, procedures, and training." However, the District Attorney decided to bring the case to a grand jury who indicted Darby for murder.

The City Council and Mayor Tommy Battle supported Darby funding his defense to the tune of $125,000.


Due to COVID, the trial had multiple postponements. Unfortunately, it picked back up 13 days after Derek Chauvin was found guilty of killing George Floyd.

It also did not help that Pegues testified against Darby. A litany of experts testified that Darby was within department guidelines and did not use excessive force.

However, after four days of trial and a two-hour deliberation, the jury found him guilty. The verdict shocked the department and the cities mayor. Defense attorney Robert Tuten will be appealing the verdict, a move Police Chief Mark McMurry and the mayor agree with.

“Officers are forced to make split-second decisions every day, and Officer Darby believed his life and the lives of other officers were in danger. Any situation that involves a loss of life is tragic. Our hearts go out to everyone involved.”

Chief McMurray

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33 comments on “Alabama Officer Sentenced To 25 Years Despite Following Department Policies, Acting Within Use Of Force Continuum”

  1. To convict a man, who follows policy set by the police and they find it justified, goes beyond disbelief that he should have even gone to a grand jury. He didn't do anything wrong. That other case should never have been mentioned since it was different circumstances - major one being Floyd wasn't holding a gun. An appeal is certainly in order. If that doesn't work, a pardon is in order and reinstatement to the police force (if he even still wants it).

    1. I agree with you! Portland, OR has a DA that prosecutes the innocent and lets the shit bags out. They are true criminals. This is another one of Soros's people. There is no law and order. God help us all.

  2. This is exactly what blm wants , no accountability ! It's alright for them to commit heinous crimes , you see it everyday and deeds to stop , more insane sense of whatever happens , happens ! Thanks to Democrats .

  3. When there is another call about someone with a weapon the district attorney and piggues should be the ones handling it. Maybe they can show the world how to do it.

  4. IMO The DA Robert L. Broussard reason for prosecution of the police officer is not clear. Going against the internal investigation that proved the Officer followed protocol should be a concern that is investigated. .#BackTheBlue

    1. Did DA have alternative motive for prosecution and was the facts presented truthfully to the grand jury would be an interesting question? Check DA's bank account.

  5. seems to me the officer that shot him acted too quickly especially using a shotgun the first officer did not have time to try and talk him down besides he could of been disarmed with one pistol shot without killing him just my thoughts giving what little info they gave in story

    1. Split second decisions on how to react with a person openly holding a gun, the Officer has to rely on his training to follow protocol
      Agree the story does not give a lot of information

  6. If he were a negro capital cop shooting an unarmed white women he be given a pass.
    If it were a white police officer shooting a negro women they would publish the white cops name, address, telephone number, wife's name and children's name and the school they attend.

  7. Why did he grab his shot gun and run into the room wnenit appeared the first officer had it under control and who testified against him?

  8. Obama appointment? Maybe a democrat??
    It would be nice if all the officers in the area got a case of blue flu in protest!

  9. Sounds like another DA making a name for himself. It's becoming quite common. People need to remember these things when election rolls round.

  10. Another case of suicide by cop.
    The perp didn't have the guts to pull the trigger it'sself so it had a LEO do it for it.
    Cops have the crappy job of enforcing the dumb laws of their respective jurisdictions. Then this one gets sent up river for doing his job. Politicians SUCJ

  11. If the law says a person is to be judged by his peers; shouldn't the jury be all seasoned police officers? Someone who has never been a police officer has no clue what it is like.

  12. If it is policy to kill a suicidal person, you have a sick policy. Going out to get a shotgun is not a split second decision.

  13. democraps are the party of lawlessness ,!let these people who want to committ suicide let them do it ! they try to take out others when they do ,!! cops have to make calls on these situations in a split second
    ! and police do their job protecting the public, and they are scutinised for it ! the laws are for criminalsand its allways the incent people who pay the price ! thanks to thoses lawlwess democraps!

  14. Democrats America wake up people lawlessness is only going to get worse as more and more police officers refuse to work or quit crime is out of control because of the Democrats.
    And look now the Democrats are trying to disarm law-abiding citizens. When criminals don't follow the law anyway so the criminals will be the ones with gun .
    America needs law and order back !

  15. Like our honorable US Law Officer Chauvin is very innocent, so is our honorable US Law

    Officer Darby is also innocent of the criminal against him

    and the DA of that is definitely a corrupt neverTRUMP politician

  16. Yet another miscarriage of justice.
    Question? What ever happened to the two people in the back seat of George Floyd’s car? They were yelling when the officers arrived that “He can’t breathe!” I have never seen a reference of them since.

  17. Unfortunately, this is the game plan to Socialism,
    You can find a Tic Toc video of Obama laying out the game plan to turn a free country into a Socialist country. And this exactly is part of the plan.
    God Help Us,

  18. I know of a younger cop who talked a guy out of suicide with a knife. When the cop got within a couple feet of him, to take the knife away, he was stabbed right in the heart.
    Fortunately he lived, but never could function a normal person ever again. Lack of blood to brain.
    So, say what you want, but I give the Police the right to unarm a suicidal person any way that's safe for everyone involved.
    FYI , the perp did not walk out of the house.

  19. This is appalling - Call us Chicago - God bless our men in blue - Darby was innocent - is innocent. America is going to hell thanks to the democrats..... also the Republicans could do more than they have done - God help us.

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