American-Israeli Soldier Who Had Gone Missing Is Confirmed Dead

 March 13, 2024

The disappearance of 19-year-old Israeli soldier Itay Chen has resulted in heartbreak.

The Israeli military recently declared the American-Israeli dual citizen dead after being missing since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, marking an end to his family's hope and the nation's efforts to bring him home, USA Today reported.

Itay Chen's journey came to an unforeseen end amid the chaos of October 7. While positioned at the Gaza Strip's border, Chen was caught up in a Hamas attack, an event that led to his subsequent disappearance. As days stretched into weeks and weeks into months, his family waited anxiously for any word on his fate.

The Israeli military's confirmation of Chen's death has cast a somber shadow over this story. It emerged that his body was still in Gaza, having been taken by Hamas militants post-mortem. This distressing development has further deepened the sorrow experienced by his family and friends.

Biden administration's efforts amidst personal anguish

The endeavors to negotiate peace and facilitate the return of hostages have been fraught with obstacles. Efforts by the Biden administration to establish a six-week cease-fire between Israel and Hamas have yet to bear fruit. Amid these diplomatic efforts, U.S. nationals, including five Americans, remain hostages in Gaza, with Itay Chen sadly now confirmed to not be among them.

The sorrow of Itay Chen's parents, Ruby and Hagit Chen, resonates deeply. Ruby Chen's own words, published in an op-ed, capture the essence of their anguish.

Ruby Chen lamented, "I wake up not knowing where my son slept last night, whether he was given any food or water, whether he's been injured. We don't even know if he is alive."

The Chen family extended their gratitude to the Biden administration, members of Congress, and the American public for their support during these harrowing 158 days. They emphasized the importance of continued efforts by leaders, including Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Joe Biden, to secure the return of Itay and the other hostages.

Community and national support in times of loss

President Biden's sentiments reflect a nation's grief over the loss of a young life. He articulated his condolences, stressing the unbearable ordeal the Chen family has had to endure and reiterating his commitment to working towards the safe return of all hostages.

The story of Itay Chen, from his upbringing in New York City to his untimely death, is a poignant reminder of the risks faced by soldiers and the devastating impact of conflict on families. He moved to Israel with his family, a decision that eventually led to his service at the Gaza Strip border, where he would tragically lose his life.

Chen's parents, Ruby and Hagit Chen, provided a statement expressing their profound grief and love for their son. "Our hearts are broken. We loved him so much, and we would have done anything to bring him home alive," they shared, echoing the pain of families worldwide who await the return of their loved ones.


This tragic story, starting with Itay Chen's disappearance during the Hamas attack on Oct. 7 and ending with the confirmation of his death by the Israeli military, underscores the heartbreak of conflict and the anguish of uncertainty. It highlights the unwavering efforts of the Biden administration to mediate a ceasefire and the collective aspiration for the safe return of all hostages still in Gaza.

Amidst the geopolitical complexities, the human story of loss, hope, and the relentless quest for peace remains paramount. The world shares in the mourning of Itay Chen and stands in solidarity with his family and all those who seek the safe return of loved ones.

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