Top Republican Warns Of U.S. Troops Being Massacred During Operation

 March 12, 2024

The Daily Mail reported that President Biden has charted a new course for humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza.

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden unveiled an emergency plan to construct a temporary floating port off Gaza's coast. But Rep. Michael Waltz expressed his concern that the policy towards Gaza could endanger U.S. military personnel and facilitate aid interception by Hamas.

The plan aims to bolster humanitarian aid flow into the conflict-ridden area with the involvement of U.S. military forces but no boots on the ground. This initiative significantly departs from conventional aid delivery methods in conflict zones. It underscores the administration's resolve to address Gaza's dire humanitarian situation while navigating the region's complex geopolitical landscape.

A New Strategy Amidst War

President Biden outlined the ambitious project during his State of the Union address. He emphasized that the mission would involve U.S. military personnel and armed escorts to establish the floating pier. This facility aims to enhance the delivery of essential humanitarian supplies like food, water, medicine, and shelter to the beleaguered Palestinian territory.

"I’m directing the U.S. military to lead an emergency mission to establish a temporary pier in the Mediterranean on the coast of Gaza that can receive large shipments carrying food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters," stated the President. "No U.S. boots will be on the ground. A temporary pier will enable a massive increase in the amount of humanitarian assistance getting into Gaza every day."

However, this novel approach has not been met with universal acclaim. Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican with a background in the Special Forces, has voiced strong reservations regarding the plan's implications for U.S. military personnel and the overarching security concerns, including the potential for Hamas to exploit the aid distribution process.

An Elected Official's Concern

Rep. Michael Waltz wrote a letter to President Biden expressing his concerns about the policy's implications. He expressed fears that the operation might inadvertently amplify hazards for U.S. military staff and provide an avenue for Hamas to intercept the aid. "I cannot easily imagine a more potentially catastrophic U.S. policy towards Gaza.

The risk seems immense," Waltz expressed. "The problem has been distribution, and distribution is what matters. This is a product of, if you will, commercialization of the assistance: criminal gangs are taking it, looting it, reselling it."

Despite these concerns, the Pentagon remains optimistic about the mission's prospects. Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon's press secretary, acknowledged the inherent risks but emphasized the importance of this effort for the Palestinian people. He hopes that if Hamas indeed prioritizes the well-being of Palestinian citizens, the initiative will proceed without interference.

Coordination and Security at the Forefront

The construction of this temporary pier, set to enhance the volume of humanitarian aid flowing into Gaza significantly, will involve meticulous planning and coordination.

This includes collaboration with Israeli counterparts to ensure security, working closely with the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to distribute aid efficiently, and implementing stringent protective measures for the operation.

The President has also been actively pursuing a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, stressing the urgency of humanitarian needs in Gaza and the necessity of getting aid on the ground as swiftly as possible.


President Joe Biden's initiative to establish a temporary floating port off the coast of Gaza represents a strategic pivot in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn region. It entails deploying U.S. troops and armed escorts to construct the pier, aiming to significantly ramp up the delivery of vital humanitarian supplies to the Palestinian people.

Amid concerns from Republican Rep. Michael Waltz about the operation's security risks and potential exploitation by Hamas, the Pentagon has expressed hope for the mission's unimpeded progress. The operation, requiring coordination with Israeli authorities, the UN, and humanitarian organizations, marks a crucial effort towards alleviating the suffering in Gaza while navigating the intricate political dynamics of the area.

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  1. The USA has fallen into becoming a MARXIST state, no law or justice. Disastrous military strategies that will harm US troops. Biden is DESTROYING the country on purpose giving the illegals priority over US Citizens and not closing the border. Disrespecting US laws by this foolish & treasonous so called president. Dem elected judges going against their own country harming the fiber of the nation. Rigging elections to stay in power & continue the transformation of obama's view of our nation, who is in the shadows controlling biden. Elections cant come soon enough, just MUST stay alert and see how they RIGG this time. IF they succeed, we are DOOMED!. Why do Americans not see whats going on and vote in favor of SELF DESTRUCTION? Trump is OUR ONLY CHANCE! even if u dont like his personaality, but HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY and will defend it till the end. WAS he a dictator during his 1st term? NO! Did he destroy democracy like the media & socialists say???? NO! ALL LIES FOLKS!!! WAKE UP PLEASE!!! May GOD PROTECT Trump & these U.S. of AMERICA!

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