Anti-Police Activists Outraged After Minneapolis Police Shoot Suspect For Pointing Gun At Them

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has released bodycam footage that captured the moment when a suspect pointed a gun at police on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at 1117 South Marquette Avenue as Minneapolis Police were executing a murder warrant.

Amir Locke, 22, was shot and killed by police after he pointed his gun at them.

Of course, anti-police activists were quick to jump in and blame anyone but the guy who pointed a gun at police.

It's unfortunate that these activists are more interested in scoring political points than they are in actually trying to make things better.

I'm just glad that no one else was hurt in this incident. Minneapolis police have a tough job, and they don't need the added stress of dealing with people who are only interested in stirring up trouble.

Check out the video of the incident and let us know what you think:

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