Anti-Police Activists Outraged After Minneapolis Police Shoot Suspect For Pointing Gun At Them

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has released bodycam footage that captured the moment when a suspect pointed a gun at police on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at 1117 South Marquette Avenue as Minneapolis Police were executing a murder warrant.

Amir Locke, 22, was shot and killed by police after he pointed his gun at them.

Of course, anti-police activists were quick to jump in and blame anyone but the guy who pointed a gun at police.

It's unfortunate that these activists are more interested in scoring political points than they are in actually trying to make things better.

I'm just glad that no one else was hurt in this incident. Minneapolis police have a tough job, and they don't need the added stress of dealing with people who are only interested in stirring up trouble.

Check out the video of the incident and let us know what you think:

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44 comments on “Anti-Police Activists Outraged After Minneapolis Police Shoot Suspect For Pointing Gun At Them”

      1. So should the police have knocked on the door to give the criminal time to shoot at the cops as they entered the apartment? After all, what kind of person goes to sleep with a gun in their hands?


      3. ANYONE who busts into my home without knocking or ringing the doorbell will walk into a face full of .12 Gage .00 buckshot. Where I live we have the castle doctrine, I'm legally armed and will defend my home. Of course, being a law abiding citizen there's a chance that won't happen unless the socialists who're destroying our way of life get more power.

    1. You got that right! Some jerk points a gun at me he'd better be ready to use it because I will return fire and will not hesitate one second.

  1. For one, it wasn't MURDER. It was SELF-DEFENCE. If yet another person, (black, white, red, purple polka-dot, whatever color they were) (because it doesn't matter) had NOT decided to point a gun or make ANY THREATENING MOVES towards police officers. THAT PERSON (regardless of color) WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SHOT. The anti-police activists are making matters worse by saying "Cops bad, cops bad, cops bad, they will kill you." . Those kinds of statements do nothing but put people in the "Fight or Flight" state of mind. That makes them think . EVEN IF I DON'T RESIST, they are going to kill me anyway. Because now, after hearing what the "anti-police people" are SHITING out of their mouths say. They think that police officers are nothing but murderers with badges.

  2. I am not prejudiced in any way as I have Black , Asian etc. Friends but all you see, read and here is a lot of blacks causing trouble and when something happens from a escalation from the problem they blame everyone but the ass hole who causes it, from Floyd on. If they didn’t cause the problem it would not have happened.

  3. Yep, just like most of the time, TOTALLY PREVENTABLE !!!!!
    All he had to do was give up and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS !!!!!!
    Play STUPID games, WIN stupid prizes !!!!!!! If you're going to point guns at people you should expect to be SHOT !!!! Just think of all the $$$ SAVED !!!!!!!

  4. The Thin Blue Line is the divider between normal God fearing law abiding citizens and the wicked law breaking citizens....without them this world would be in total chaos with destruction at every turn. Pray for the progressive DA's who have pushed no cash bail, while repeating criminals are using our judicial failings like a turnstile at a stadium with weak sentencing if any. In God We Trust, One Nation Under God!!

  5. How in the world can you blame Officers in this shooting?? It makes my blood boil when I see these videos of suspects pointing guns at Officers and they get shot and people raise hell at the Officers and they want them charged with murder. It’s like when you were growing up and your mom tells you not to touch the hot stove or you will get burned and you touch it anyway. You point a gun at a Law Enforcement Officer your ass will get shot!!

    1. I had a woman tell me once long ago, "The cops didn't have to kill him. They could have shot him in the foot or something." Yeah, right.

  6. Someone points a gun at a police officer, the police have every right to protect themselves. and take the person out. It doesn't matter who or what race they are. Point a gin at me, if, possible I will also shoot to kill.

    1. The only one not using their common sense, was the one pointing a gun at the police officers. Totally preventable, ABSOLUTLY. The answer is simple. To PREVENT yourself from getting shot. DON'T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO POINT A GUN AT THE POLICE. There is your "preventable". I suggest Bob, that you go out in the street and tell everyone that you believe that the cops don't have any common sense & shouldn't be called. Then see how long it takes before someone robs your dumb ass. Who knows, they might leave you a "Social Worker Response Card", so you have someone OTHER than the cops to call for help.

    2. So if you were a cop, what would you have done differently? Note: Camping outside the shooter's door for 10 days until he runs out of food 8snt an option.

  7. Minneapolis has turned into another filthy hole between the left and moslems with no-go zones.. So sad, it had been beautiful.

  8. wow ! a bunch of cop suckers here ! the man was woke from sleep and was merely reacting out of instinct ! he was not given time to mentally process what was going on . wake anyone from sleep and momentarily u will be dis-orientated and will re-act out of instinct ! and he had NO criminal record and he did not point a gun at the officer . in the video at the time he was shot his gun was pointed to the floor . cops are bad ! and if u think they are not here is some facts for u . cops keep track of how many bullets they shoot but not how many innocent un-armed people they kill . the supreme court has ruled coops can legally lie to u and have NO responsibility too keep u safe . cops who are under investigation for wrong doing can quit thier employment and the investigation stops and gets buried to never see the light of day and doesnt even go on thier permanent record and often when leaving thier job they have the ability to edit thier permanent record and expunge any bad comments about thier performance or any wrong doing they did .. and when they get fired they just move to the next town and get re-hired and often the new police chief does not look at thier record . there is a law that gives out double fines and incarceration sentences if u commit a crime against a cop but therer are NO double fines or sentences for cops who abuse thier power or commit crimes while being a cop .. the law called qualified immunity is the law created by the supreme court in the 50's that kept cops from being charged with a crime if they committed on while on duty and allows them to NOT be held accountable for bad decisions or crimes committed while on duty . no other profession has this law and the supreme court made that law way back when over cops beating black civil rights protesters and the supreme court HAS NO LEGAL ABILITY TO CRERATE LAWS FROM THE BENCH ! THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT ALOOW THE COURTS TO DO THIS BUT IT HAPPENED AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE LEGALITY OF IT !

  9. What the reason, popping up from under a blanket with a gun in your hand pointing it at police when the police were looking for a person so dangerous they needed a swat team to go after them will end badly

  10. Suspect thought he’d try to beat the odds. He paid his money and took his chances … he lost! As for the anti-cop activist- he’s a putz!

  11. If someone pointed a gun at me I would bust a cap on him or her and I'm sure anyone would do the same, so stop blaming the cops, they want to go home to their family.

  12. Did the 'activists' & a couple of you not read the line that says, "The incident occurred at 1117 South Marquette Avenue as Minneapolis Police were executing a murder warrant"????

    1. It doesn't matter to them. The activists, just like the democrats, will take an incident and twist it and turn it until it meets THEIR narrative. I am really amazed that they didn't try and twist around the above statement, “The incident occurred at 1117 South Marquette Avenue as Minneapolis Police were executing a murder warrant” to read more like. The MURDER occurred at 1117 South Marquette Avenue as Minneapolis Police were EXECUTING a incident warrant.

  13. B.L.M. = "BLUE LIVES MATTER" and don't you MOTHERF_____S, ever ever forget it.
    They identified themselves as Police Officers, I would expect nothing less.
    It's just one less stone cold criminal on the street to kill an innocent civilian.
    These Police Officers are AMERICAN HEROES, not recognized as such by scumbags.

  14. The idea that people are protesting the shooting of a criminal who pointed a gun at cops boggles the mind. I assume that these people are of very low intellect and cannot understand the basic rules of cause and effect. Very sad that such people live in a functionally illiterate state of mind.

  15. This is what happens when you point a gun at police. Deal with it. Had the dude not touched the gun. Had he waited for directions he would still be alive. What the news fails to report is more police are killed a year than a black person by police. Makes you wonder why the news is not reporting that

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