Minneapolis Mayor Caves To Anti-Police Activists, Issues Moratorium On "No Knock" Warrants

Last week a murder suspect pointed a gun at law enforcement officers serving a warrant for his arrest. The officers were using a critical tool in their toolbelt, one that keeps them safe from potentially barricaded suspects: the "no knock" warrant.

Despite what anti-police activists say, "no knock" warrants help keep people alive, especially police officers.

In this case a 7-year veteran police officer was able to shoot the suspect before the suspect shot him.

Now Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has caved to the anti-police activists in his city and issued a moratorium on "no knock" warrants.

The mayor added this is just one of many changes he plans to implement. Minneapolis residents are probably going to find out real quick how ill-advised it is to tie the hands of police officers.

The Minneapolis City Council will vote on a resolution Friday that would ban Minneapolis police from using chokeholds and require them to report when they use force or weapons during an incident, along with other measures.

While these are all things the Minneapolis Police Department already does voluntarily, the resolution would codify them into Minneapolis city law.

It's clear that the mayor is more interested in appeasing activists than he is in keeping Minneapolis residents safe. This is just another example of the dangerous trend of anti-police sentiment sweeping our nation. We need to stand up against these politicians who are trying to hamstring law enforcement...

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