Amid Gun Violence Surge, New York City Mayor De Blasio Wants Police To Focus On Customer Service

 October 3, 2021

As a part of his effort to reform the New York City Police department, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that the NYPD would now be focusing on "customer service."

Policework Shifts

In a daily press briefing, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced to reporters that "customer service" was the "future of the NYPD." Though currently, the city is dealing with an exponential increase in gun violence.

De Blasio said, "Customer service has to be what the NYPD is about." He said that this ideological "paradigm shift" was due to years of listening to complaints about the NYPD and how they treated the citizens of New York.

De Blasio said he got complaints that officers were "gruff and dismissive." However, he believes that focusing on customer service will change that. He plans to put a "community guide" in each precinct that New Yorkers will see when they walk in the door.

“So many people who just were trying to exercise their rights to get information or file a concern or complaint, find out what’s happening with a case, they were treated in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with customer service or respect."

Mayor Bill de Blasio

He told reporters that the current path is "not acceptable, and it's not going to build the bond we need."

Police Participation

NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes was with Mayor de Blasio for his announcement to the press. Holmes emphasized that "all officers are greeters." Though, she conceded that the mayor's new shift creates a "warmer, kinder, friendly... gentle environment."

One day before the announcement of this shift, Jaden Turnage, 16, was shot in the streets of Brooklyn.

A day before that, another 16-year-old, Cahlil Pennington, was involved in a daytime gunfight in East New York and was shot in the head.

Wrong Focus

Mayor de Blasio has many in opposition to his customer service approach, especially due to recent events. Critics say that he is focusing on the wrong thing.

A sharp rise in crime, particularly the increase in gun crimes, should be at the forefront of the mayor's mind instead of pandering to those who want police reform.

However, the mayor believes that he is taking the right path. He went as far as to say that improving police-community relationships "is absolutely [a] prerequisite to being as safe as we need to be."

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42 comments on “Amid Gun Violence Surge, New York City Mayor De Blasio Wants Police To Focus On Customer Service”

    1. The police in New York need to stand down for a week and allow social workers respond to 911 calls for police assistance.

  1. Really during arrests , in the field?? fine for school day, tours, orientation BUT NOT in street doing job

  2. I am surprised that this goon is still mayor. I guessed there is no help for NY like there I s no help for Calicrap.

    1. And NYS is no better. It appears we got out of the pan by getting andy-boy out; but we fell into the fire with the replacement. STOP VOTING PARTY LINES!!!! Take some time and study ALL CANDIDATES AND THEIR BACKGROUND AND HISTORY. THEN THINK! What is best for this country; think deeply.

      1. your new Governor is the new Communist one replacing the old communist Governor!
        New York is a mess. The new Chicago!

  3. Pandering enabler…! I actually get DeBlazio mixed up with Cuomo. Are they body doubles for each other..?

  4. Dose New York ever have any one in control that has a brain. Police are ' LAW ENFORCEMENT" not baby sitters. You pull a gun and a cop tells you to drop it, you don't, you pay CRIME is the problem in New York not little kids crying. When will New Yorker's wake up. Little Hitler is running the country and his little brother De Blasio is running New York.

  5. Were the two shooting victims armed ? I suspect that they were for police to resort to deadly force . You get into a gun battle there is a good chance you might get shot . You run from Police there is also that chance . de Blasio is viewing everything with liberal leftwing eyes . Police officers have a tough enough job without being hampered by his leftwing ideas . Everything does not fall neatly into his black and white framework . Officers often must make split second decisions , armed felon or unarmed . Very often that involves a matter of public safety . But I guess he would prefer a few dead civilians instead , a few hostage situations .
    As to gruff or discourtious Officers , all to many times the individual complaining is some butt hurt individual trying to insert themselves into that which does not concern them . Or they are attempting to get someone police have detained off the hook . That or they are just butt hurt busy bodies . But leave it to we Bla bla to blame his police dept . The guy is a jerk and will leave the people of New York City less safe . But of course the law breakers will love it . Open Season for Crime !

    1. I'm pretty sure the two young men who were shot, were shot by other civilians, not police. I could be wrong about this, but I don't believe I am. I think the point is, regardless of who shot the two in question, is that crime in NYC is out of control, and the Mayor isn't doing anything to actively help the citizenry, with the nightmare, that their city has become. I'm seriously wondering, if De Blasio isn't being this obtuse, and moronic, to sabotage NYC. His mandates, are so far, from any reasonable, or logical thinking, I can't think about it for too long, or my brain will hemorrhage. And I mean this sincerely. I don't think he's malicious like Biden, but he is as stupid, unfortunately for what used to be one of the worlds greatest cities. NYC can no longer make that claim thanks to this mayor. Shame

      1. They were not shot by the police. Do some research. Turrnage was shot running from a gunman and Pennington was shot by his friend aiming at someone else.

    2. MAYBE, one of his 'henchmen has caught wind of a finalization of that $3m ''LOST/MISPLACED tax funded fund his wife was/is charge of. AND MAYBE it will not be 'favorable to him or his family.

    3. They were not shot by the police. Do some research. Turrnage was shot running from a gunman and Pennington was shot by his friend aiming at someone else.

  6. As always Deblabio does not have a clue what NYC residents have to deal with on a daily basis.
    He is so left driven that he should live in the other wasteland, Californication.

  7. NYPD has been treated like dirt by this ruthless brainless vicious traitor. ENTIRE FORCE SHOULD FEED HIM AND NAZI ADMINISTRATION LEAD.

  8. What do you smile at the criminals with guns and hope they give up? It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight the criminals will not respect you what kind of world do you live in the criminals will do everything they can go getaway? No wonder the crime rate is way up there and it's along with defunding the police, criminals only understand one thing violence and getting away from the cops? Maybe you have been down to Disney land too long and the crime does not affect you cause you got the whole police force to guard you and your cronies so wake up and hire more cops to protect the public?????

  9. We are living in a dystopian world. The Marxist DEMs with the help of a bevy of EST GOP Swamp dwelling RINOs
    are destroying our Freedoms,Liberty and Constitution. It’s all about power in perpetuity. If they succeed, it won’t effect
    these politicians. Stalinism, Marxism, Communism assures those at the top flourish and the citizenry are relegated to equal poverty for all. To date, our Police have been murdered, defamed, defunded
    & punished for trying to protect the helpless and instituting the rule of law.
    Obama started this abuse of the Police
    and the obliteration of our long standing ‘Majority Rule,” enabling one Individual with malice or an agenda to supersede the
    voice the majority. DeBlasio is once
    again ignoring what the PPL want- Police Protection-not Social Workers in Blue.
    Police-Community relationships were ‘On Spot’ until Obama created an Anti-Police
    maelstrom, that became ingrained as part of his “Transformation of America “ Agenda.
    We are now laboring under Obama 3.0.
    Pushed by the resurrected Obama
    Admin. in the Non Compos Mentis Biden’s Admin.

  10. Doing away with the police would hurt the poorest people the most. Most black people are for keeping the police. When you go toe to toe with a police officer in a shootout you will probably loose. They have to periodically go the shooting range to keep qualified. When they shoot you they are taught to empty their weapon. Most people that are killed by the police would be alive today if they had of listened to the officer.

  11. The mayor of new York isn't much different than Andrew Coumo both misses the point it isn't about being nice, criminals don't care about being nice they only care about themselves, money,power. The honest folks have to get real of who governs the city.

  12. It sounds like Warren Wilhelm (now William deBlasio) is still smoking or chewing too much of the flaky weed. An exponential increase in violent crime should have gotten his attention but apparently went right over his empty head!!

  13. The man is dumb as a rock or he is a true socialist. Come on people see the truth for what it is. Don’t be led around like sheep.

  14. Sounds like NY was better off with the molester....the 'victims' were probly willing with $ signs in theirs in their eyes

  15. Isn't everyone glad, happy that this particular vile, evil, self-confessed Communist is not the kind of mayor most American cities have? Most of us are blessed with true American mayors who value our country, our flag and our constitution.

  16. To those who haven’t left NY, better armor up! As is coming to light all over the country — those we have voted for don’t give a rip about anyone but their own pocket. Buy as much ammo as you can get your hands on. Going to have to protect yourselves

  17. Funny how New Yorkers want to complain but then they go and vote for the likes of DeBlaio and Cumo. Reap what you sow.

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