Atlantic City Mayor's Home Investigated in Child Welfare Probe

 April 3, 2024

Tensions in Atlantic City reach a notable peak as Mayor Marty Small Sr.'s residence and personal effects become the center of a significant investigation.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office searched Mayor Marty Small Sr.'s home and vehicles regarding a confidential family matter related to child welfare services, Daily Mail reported.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr.'s personal life abruptly intersected with his public duties last week, leading to an investigation by the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office. The search spanned from his residence to personal gadgets, all under the shadow of allegations tied to child welfare.

Mayor Small Stands Firm Against Family's Public Scrutiny

During a press conference held on Monday, Mayor Small, flanked by his wife, La'Quetta Small, their children, and legal counsel Ed Jacobs, vehemently denied any criminal activities. The mayor underscored the legal intrusion into his family's life, emphasizing their collective innocence in the face of public scrutiny.

Mayor Small's household, housing his wife, their two offspring, and mother-in-law, was recounted as a sanctuary now pierced by legal inquiry. The investigation, simmering for months, cast a spotlight on the mayor's daughter, Jada Small, contriving rumors around her personal life that Mayor Small was quick to refute.

Mayor Small addressed unfounded rumors head-on, denouncing claims of his daughter Jada being pregnant. His defense extended to Constance Days-Chapman, a close associate embroiled in her legal challenges on the day of the search.

Charged with neglecting to report child abuse allegations, Days-Chapman's connection to Mayor Small as both a professional collaborator and familial ally was put under a microscope.

Defending Family Integrity Amid Allegations and Political Intrigue

Days-Chapman's alleged offense and her relationship with the mayor interject complexity into the narrative, intertwining personal, professional, and political threads. The mayor's support for 'Aunt Maddy,' as he affectionately dubbed Days-Chapman, spotlighted his unwavering commitment to his allies.

Mayor Small's commentary paints a picture of a man under siege, battling not just for his reputation but also for the sanctity of his family.

This confirms I'm human. This is a human element, this is a family issue. And anyone who works in this organization always says family first. They did all of this just for a cellphone and laptops because they want to think that there's some kind of communication going on. My daughter is not pregnant. My daughter has never been pregnant. My daughter is not pregnant with twins.

The mayor insinuated a political underbelly to the legal scrutiny, suggesting motives beyond the surface allegations. The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, maintaining protocol, asserted that the search was conducted with utmost respect for all involved yet remained tight-lipped about the nature or outcomes of their investigation.


The investigation of Mayor Marty Small Sr.'s residence by the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office marks a critical juncture in an unfolding story of public service entangled with personal tribulations. With a family firmly by his side and allegations strongly denied, the mayor's saga underscores the complex interplay of duty, loyalty, and the relentless scrutiny of public life.

As the community and observers await further developments, the narrative of Atlantic City's mayor continues to unfold, bridging the realms of legal inquiry, personal vindication, and the ceaseless pursuit of serving one's constituents amidst adversity.

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