Controversial Anti-Police Attorney A Potential Supreme Court Nominee

In a move that is sure to cause controversy, one of Biden's potential Supreme Court nominations has been a vocal advocate of defunding the police.

If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Sherrilyn Ifill would be in a position to reshape American law and could have a huge impact on the criminal justice system.

Ifill has made many absurd and ignorant statements about Law Enforcement. For example, she claimed that qualified immunity gives Officers a free pass to β€œto kill unarmed innocent black people and suffer no consequences.”

As a lawyer, Ifill know's better. Qualified immunity does not protect Officers from consequences for illegal actions. Rather, it protects them from liability while acting within their legal capacity.

Since Ifill is a lawyer with decades of experience, these statements are nothing more than baseless attacks on Law Enforcement.

Ifill's nomination would be a disaster for the criminal justice system, and we can only hope that President Joe Biden reconsiders her nomination.

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