Controversial Anti-Police Attorney A Potential Supreme Court Nominee

 January 29, 2022

In a move that is sure to cause controversy, one of Biden's potential Supreme Court nominations has been a vocal advocate of defunding the police.

If confirmed to the Supreme Court, Sherrilyn Ifill would be in a position to reshape American law and could have a huge impact on the criminal justice system.

Ifill has made many absurd and ignorant statements about Law Enforcement. For example, she claimed that qualified immunity gives Officers a free pass to “to kill unarmed innocent black people and suffer no consequences.”

As a lawyer, Ifill know's better. Qualified immunity does not protect Officers from consequences for illegal actions. Rather, it protects them from liability while acting within their legal capacity.

Since Ifill is a lawyer with decades of experience, these statements are nothing more than baseless attacks on Law Enforcement.

Ifill's nomination would be a disaster for the criminal justice system, and we can only hope that President Joe Biden reconsiders her nomination.

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40 comments on “Controversial Anti-Police Attorney A Potential Supreme Court Nominee”

  1. Biden continues to show his stupidity…there is no shortage of Biden’s bad decisions. He is a complete puppet, doing everything the fringe elements of the far left demand of him. He should be impeached now!

  2. Oh goody, we get an anti cop racist on the supreme court. Just what we need to bring our country together.

  3. BAD! VERY, VERY BAD! People are giving Biden way too much credit for this and other things. It is the REGIME that is doing this. He may actually agree with it, but he's not pulling the strings. Don't get me wrong though - I detest Biden AND his REGIME. We all have our ideas as to who it is that makes up the REGIME. It is quite clear that this woman is a low-life racist. Hopefully, the Senate will expose her for what she is. Other names floating around are Michelle (Michael) Obama and Kamala Harris. BOTH of those are very scary as well. Kamala is a communist, and Michelle (Michael) is right there with her. Michelle is a serious racist too. The Dems (communists) actually love Michelle (Michael) and he could even become the first trans justice of the SCOTUS.

    1. We might as well have aytolah Khomeini, Xi , Putin and the worst terrorists running our country - none would have inflicted as much damage as Biden and whoever is pulling the puppet strings ! It is not surprising that whoever he is meeting with during his 33% of the presidency he is spending in his mansions is such a tight secret !

    1. They're the 1st ones to call 911 !!!! Just look at the 2 congresswoman who are defund screamers, when they were carjacked, were thrilled to call 911 !!!!!! HYPOCRISY

  4. Lyin Biden is the largest RACIST to ever sit in this seat. He is he the crown jewel of the former democrat party now known as the Racists PARTY.

  5. Any self respecting person would turn down the nomination if the main reasons you were being nominated ,were out of your control !!!! Myself, I would be humiliated that my hard work and ethics weren't what got me on the list !!!!!!!!!

    1. where the hell they find those stupidass nigga from ,the next one when they call the POLICE again they should go in uppersist direction.LIKE NEW YORK CITY MONGEL MAYOR A TRAITOR TO THE POLICE LONG LIVE THE POLICE FORCE

  6. He is one puppet nominating another puppet. He won't reconsider unless he is told to. The puppet army keeps marching on. Trampling everything & anyone that gets in it's way. Cut the puppet strings & hang the puppet-masters with them.

  7. Biden is a liberal, leftist anti-police advocate whom, I expect, does not care how many police are killed in the line of duty. He and his ignorant cohorts must GO!

  8. Let's face it Joe is a disaster in action although most of the time he doesn't even know where he is at!!!!

    1. She is just what the democrats like fits right in with the corruption they have used to destroy America. the 33 % of brainless fools out there should wake up and smell the garbage they are supporting, but am sure that won't happen. because they vote the party not who can do whats right.

    1. Of course with the 31 million dollars he collected from china, He will only get paid more if he destroys America. the sooner we get rid of biden the pedophile, gestapo and all his corruption and the rest of the corrupt democrats the better off we will be. americans we need to fight back and not let them get away with it. We need to take America back

  9. Be shame if this subhuman animal were accosted in street and COPS TURN AWAY. These are the things that are dragging our society down.

  10. Ifill is just the person we don't need on our supreme court. but of course the democrats would want her to help destroy the resy of our country.

  11. I think our supreme court has turned into a bunch of lame duck democrats. Afraid of their shadows,they don't do what's best for the country no they do what fits the democrats agenda. they did ban the vaccin mandates but Biden doesn't care what they say or do he will do what he wants and the heck with what the suprem court says.

  12. Personally, I think Ifill is a criminal for being against against the rule of law which is against the Constitution. She should be arrested for this and taken out of being an attorney. She is not acting like a good attorney should and I hope she gets this message.

    1. this woman instead of being on the supreme court belongs in the supreme prison with the key forever thrown away. But I guess biden wants her because she fits right in with his criminal life. biden needs to be locked up never to be seen or heard from again along with his deceitful wife and son

  13. A very good reason to NOT allow her on the Supreme Court. She is a racist to the true and true. Cops NEED Qualified Immunity from people who sue with no basis or foundation.

  14. JB is not making decisions........His VP would make a decision of that female........The one thing that politics does not need is another DEM female.........They never make good decisions..........That chosen female is no doubt part of the BLM, and some terrorist group........

  15. Qualified immunity is one of the most abused aspects of the law. It has been the justification for murders hundreds of time over the years since it's been recognized. On second note, Sherrilyn Ifill is in third position if she is in a position at all so congratulations on bitching about a problem that does not exist.

  16. Can’t figure out this administration, they are doing everything they can to alienate voters. Can’t wait for next elections we definitely need a change.

  17. So sick of hearing about only black lives matter all lives matter every race matters defunding the police is just plain stupid they will need every weapon they can get to protect our citizens of the United States of America from communism. Since they started defunding the police crime is going up, citizens are blatantly being attacked , beating , robberies, assaults on all citizens. Just like that one black gentleman that is son or whatever relation to the man that was told by police to numerous times told not to get in his car an did it anyway an was shot an ended up paralyzed. His I think it was his uncle that got up an said on national tv. That for every black person shot they would shot 2 of them (police) an they are doing it. That is a terrorist threat that was followed up by police being killed doing there job. I’ve only heard of one militia that could come out in full body armor an loaded guns an not be stopped an sent back or arrested for carrying weapons loaded an they aren’t military. Biden is already destroying America That lady I’ll would not be a good choice for a supreme court judge she will not be impartial in her judgements she already supporting Black Lives Matter an defunding our police depts. Can be a black judge but not her they aren’t covering her background an her qualifications they just want to put a black woman on the Supreme Court she will not be an impartial judge.

  18. This attorney should be DISBARRED. This scumbag should not be permitted anywhere near the SCOTUS Bldg.
    B.L.M. = "BLUE LIVES MATTER" and don't ever forget it.

    1. All lives matter, If you noticed a lot of the BLM ARE WHITE. Iguess they want to be black along with being criminals. this morning I read a BLM leader will be serving 6 years behind bars for several crimes she committed such as voting when she knew she was a felon and not allowed to vote. also bribery, and money laundering.

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