NYC Enacts Sweeping Police Reform, Removing Qualified Immunity And Enacting Other Dangerous Policies

 March 29, 2021

On the heels of numerous anti-police policies, New York City Council votes to put additional ones in place.

City Legislation

Police officers benefit from a policy called qualified immunity. This protection exempts them from being sued by suspects who claim their rights have been violated.

The city council passed legislation making it easy for suspects to turn around and sue law enforcement if they feel like they have been wronged.

Bill's Purpose

The bill's sponsor, Brooklyn Councilman Stephen Levin, states this bill is about protecting people's rights.

"What we are doing is saying the police can’t walk into the courtroom and say, ‘The plaintiff has no right to bring me here because I am immune.'"

Stephen Levin

Levin says, "This is about giving people a right to protect the most fundamental rights in our democracy." It passed 37-11. Part of the bill is protecting New Yorkers from "unreasonable searches and the use of excessive force."

Rooted in Racism

According to City Council speaker, Corey Johnson, giving officers immunity is, "rooted in our system of systemic racism." Johnson also says it is used to, "deny justice to victims of police abuse for decades."

The staff attorney for the Prisoner's Rights Project, Robert Quakenbush, says it was creating a "culture of impunity."

While many people support this bill, some spoke out against it, including Councilman Robert F. Holden. “Ending qualified immunity will prevent the best young men and women in our city from joining the police force,” said Holden.

Some believe more focus should be placed on preventing crimes instead of placing more restrictions on officers who are just trying to do their jobs. In a recent statement, Police Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch said, “New Yorkers are getting shot, and police officers are on the streets day and night, trying to stop the bloodshed.”

Who Protects Those Who Protect Us?

New York has led the anti-law enforcement charge, and they are likely just getting started. It begs the question, if they keep picking a part of police officers' protection, will any be left standing to protect citizens from crime?

Fewer officers will stay on the job if they cannot be protected from every perp trying to come after them. Even less will join the police force for the same reason. We cannot ask police officers to put their lives on the line when no one has their back.

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32 comments on “NYC Enacts Sweeping Police Reform, Removing Qualified Immunity And Enacting Other Dangerous Policies”

    1. Find it amazing that part of that story relates to "SUING"........

      (Police officers benefit from a policy called qualified immunity. This protection exempts them from being sued by suspects who claim their rights have been violated.)

      That is all those "takers" do anymore is sue, and become rich via that States Politicians.

    2. agree if they all refused to work under those circumstances it would not take long for the city to see how bad the citizens are and how much they lie and how many of the citizens break the law

    3. You people had better get your own protection, they won't allow the police to do their job.guess they just say don't do that, you be in time out, that's what the police have to deal with now.

    4. That is typical of NYC.......The DEM State with the dem wits (spelled correctly) for politicians.

  1. Police officers of New York should leave their jobs for police jobs in states that have their backs! Let new York politicians learn the errs of their ways!!

    1. Sorry Ray, but the NY Politicians do not have the intelligence to learn anything that is constructive to the State.

  2. Hope all NYP officers eligible to retire file their paperwork. All the one not find another city or county to work. As a police officer

  3. I see freedom of speech is no longer available on this site. Comments have to await moderation, lol

  4. Go ahead stupid liberal em bloodsucking parasitical ticks, the cops are the only thing keeping you alive

  5. What are they going to do when no one responds to a call? also where are they going to find any one to work for the city. To quote Jerry CLOWER some people are educated beyond their intelligence !

  6. I would like to see all the politicians who voted in favor of this legislation spend 6 months on the street in some of the toughest police precincts in the City. The vast majority of politicians think they know a Cops job, but they do not have a clue !!

  7. The “Good Faith Clause” or qualified immunity as it’s known by the MSM has kept frivolous law suits against law enforcement officers at a minimum. Now, this new law seeks to remove any Valid protection from officers. I’m retired LEO and I’ve seen and heard perps claim a myriad of falsehoods to discredit officers or try and get those same officers to release them. This is only going to give incentive to 15 percent of the population we call criminals carte blanche to do their crimes. This does not bode well for the honest citizens!

  8. The police will eventually leave the jobs, when thy do the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks will be killed like rabid dogs

  9. Enough of this " protect the rights of criminals " crap. The criminals don't respect the rights of their victims. As far as I'm concerned, the rights outlined when mirandized is all the rights criminals should get.

  10. New York has some totally idiotic politicians running that city. The police should just move out of New York and go somewhere that will respect them.

  11. This proves how stupid these liberals are. I guess they thought the bad guys would just throw their weapons away and join the boy scouts.

  12. I hope politicaians and their families experience this horror personally and maybe then they will realize their horrific mistake and that they are no better than anyone else and their families can be slaughtered as a result of their inaction and sheer stupidity.

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