Biden Signs Executive Order Imposing So-Called "Police Reform"

 May 26, 2022

On the two year anniversary of George Floyd's death, many Democrats are still pushing radical anti-Police agenda that is causing irrevocable harm to law and order in America.

Our stance is crystal clear: we stand with those who stand for others. If a member of the Military or First Responder communities act in such a way that violates their oaths, we do not support them. However, we strongly believe that the vast majority of Military and First Responders are incredible people who would sacrifice their life for others in a moments notice.

That's why Biden's executive order is despicable. The premise that there is something inherently racist about the institution of Policing in America today is wrong and does an incredible disservice to the men and women in blue. Not to mention the fact that as many as 34% of Law Enforcement Officers are people of color.

An attack on every Law Enforcement Officer is an attack on an incredibly diverse, selfless, and heroic community. However, Biden and fellow leftists refuse to see reason. Instead, they have bowed to the anti-Police activists to further handicap America's Law Enforcement Officers.

"I’ve called on Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, but Senate Republicans have stood in the way of progress,”... That’s why this afternoon, I’m taking action and signing an Executive Order that delivers the most significant police reform in decades."

The Daily Wire

Biden indeed signed an executive order imposing the most sweeping Police reform in recent memory. Unfortunately, it handicaps Law Enforcement in ways that will only cause harm to suspects, Officers and most importantly, victims.

Most notably, for Federal Law Enforcement Agents, the order outright bans the use of chokeholds and carotid restraints unless deadly force is authorized. Also, it greatly restricts the use of so called "no knock" entries (source).

This executive order is a grave circumvention of the legal process with which it should have undergone. Only time will tell just how much damage this will cause to the current, fragile state of law and order in America.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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74 comments on “Biden Signs Executive Order Imposing So-Called "Police Reform"”


  1. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A FRAUD election?????????????????
    Remember Hell-ery telling biden don't concede no mater what it looks like on election night. In other words We got the cheat in place.

  2. Biden and his entire administration are traitors to America 🇺🇸 and we need to take our country back before there is nothing left.

    1. President Thomas Jeffersons quote says:"When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty". 2-A sadly beckons,as it is yet again time to "water the tree". This is not really a democrat/KKK versus republicans, that is a mask for the globalist attack on all world freedom which has been going on for at least a century. ALL the people of the U.S.A. must stand together against this would be royalty,regardless of our color, or national origins. "De Oppresso Liber" fellow Americans!.

  3. Bid deal! His mandates, executive orders and all rules of law are ignored when it's convenient for democrats. Why can't he understand the law?

  4. Police look at these criminals day after day. The way the criminals act and talk, you can't blame police for the way they respond. Don't get me wrong George Floyd did not deserve what was done to him, but to punish an entire nation's police force is not acceptable. This is another Biden Dictate that will end badly for the nation.

    1. Nothing was "done to"; what happened was the result of HIS OWN CHOICES! He chose to take the drugs that killed him; he chose to not tell police he had taken drugs; he chose to try to pass a counterfeit $20. Police are not mind readers, & his behaviors were combative & aggressive almost to the last breaths. They reacted as trained, & were penalized ONLY to appease the LAWLESS MOB!

    2. Name one mandate that didn't end badly for our nation. I think those who want to live in a socialist/communist country should start packing and go to one. Let's see how they feel after living there for a few years.

  5. if i was a cop and i couldn't enter a dangerous suspects resident without knocking i would tell biden to go there and do it himself .


  6. It’s as though Biden wakes up and thinks how he can screw up America even more. Then he acts on it.

      1. You give him too much credit - I don't think he thinks much at all. A mere puppet and senile on top of it all.

  7. I think most Police are good people. But there are a lot are bad apples who believe the only way to solve any crisis is to beat heads. A lot are right wing combat veterans who know no other way to solve a problem than violence. Black people are targets. From dealings I've had with the 70's my brother got a ticket coming home from the cannery at night. He was pulled over and ticketed for noise. He explained that he had a new muffler. He was ticketed anyway. But the next day that officer showed up to the farm, said he had been thinking on it and decided he, (HE) was wrong and tore up the ticket. A very nice and right-thinking Policeman. I've watched that attitude change over the years. Policeman these days, I am 74years old now, just know it all. Their attitude is "It's my way or the highway". I am white, I can only imagine what must go through the mind of a Black person who sees the Blue and Red lights behind them. I see now that they have lowered the entry level requirements for Policemen. I think that was wrong, I think higher education levels are what is needed. I am against war and against violence. I think Policemen today could take a lesson from that Policeman in the 70's. I could say more but this is the essence of what I have to say.

    1. Hi, William ~ Might I suggest you watch Discovery - Investigation ID, specifically the "Body Cam" episodes, and you Will see How Physically and Mentally exhausting it is to be a police officer... They are NOT targeting black people!! Black Lives Matter - but Not to blacks! They do Nothing but Kill each other all day/night long!!! Watch the show, and other episodes to get an actual look at what happens with blacks!!!!

    2. William --- I think you need a dose of reality !!! Ninety-nine percent of the time when police use strong measures it is because the perp is resisting arrest and becomes a threat to the officer or officers. The police (and I know first hand) don't wake up in the morning saying -- I think I'm going to get me a black or asia or white or hispanic person today and beat the sh** out of them or worse. If these people don't commit crimes they have nothing to fear. Your statement that you are against war and violence says a lot about you. Glad I didn't have you in the jungles of Vietnam. Criminals are getting more dangerous to the police and the citizens because they are allowed to get away with it because we have dirtbags like biden and libtards making the rules. If Americans smarten up and get rid of every democrat in office and start enforcing the laws and maybe the insanity will stop.

      1. Thank you, Gerry, for your service. If people would not resist, the violent consequences would be a moot point.

  8. This EO will be overturned by the next president IF the American voters decide they have had enough of the tyranny and corruption of these insane leftists and vote for a Conservative candidate. It should have become very clear to anyone with open eyes we need to oust EVERY democrat from office ASAP !!!!

  9. So let me get this straight if you’re fighting a suspect and the choke hold is all you have left to restrain a suspect they can’t do it unless deadly force can be used? Well, I can tell you if it gets to that point where deadly force is justified I be damned if I would choke him out I would pull my weapon and stop the threat. These liberal radicals have never been out there in a fight with a crackhead or a SOB high on PCP. They don’t have a damned clue what it’s like to have to fight basically for your life. I have and I’ve been there when the choke hold was the only way to restrain that person, and no deadly force was not justified but I did what I had to do to effect and arrest!! Every liberal radical know it all should be required to ride on the afternoon or midnight shift on a Friday or Saturday night for a month before taking office, so they would know what it’s like on the street! It pisses me off when these liberals sit in there recliners playing Monday morning quarterback saying they would have done it differently. I say get your ass out there and do it!!

    1. Wasn't there a little (white?) boy that got shot by a black druggie neighbor a while back? Where's the outrage about that?? George F. is NOT a hero!! This was orchestrated to cause all the BS that's going on in this country now. Until then, racism had become almost a thing of the past. Yeah, I'm prejudiced - I don't like a$$hole$ and they come in all colors!!

      1. Just wanted to add that racism became a real problem after it was almost a thing of the past, because of Obama. And yes, rogues come in all colors and in all neighborhoods - crosses everyone's paths.

  10. None of Bidens' orders are real. Biden died BEFORE the inauguration in 2019. All EO's are illegal. Do not do what he or Congress says, or you will be guilty of aiding and abetting criminal terrorists!

    1. The real Biden was who fell up the boarding ramp to USAF 1, a yr ago March. Hasn't been seen since...

        1. It's NOT the same man; the 1 we've been seeing since is an actor/ stand-in, hired before the election, & who was seen occasionally, prior to that USAF 1 episode, & consistently since. There are certain anatomic features that are unalterable, & don't change as we age either, that show plainly, the man we've seen for the last yr is NOT Joseph R Biden. The ears, the eye position, spacing, & color are all wrong. To change those, except color, you'd literally have to reconstruct all the bony structures of the face; the process of doing that & recovery time, simply don't allow for it to have been done.


  11. The PUPPET MASTER, BARRY OBAMA, Has pulled the strings long enough. Take the pen from Biden's hand and send him to an old age home already. He has destroyed our ECONOMY, standing in the world and made us a laughing stock, made the strongest country in the world to the meakest. Turned our energy standing from self producing to one that needs to import instead of exporting oil. Killed our people in Afganastan, conspired with Putin, taken billions out of our pockets to aid a non NATO country, now he is hand cuffing the police, not to mention his anti gun agenda. SOMEBODY PLEASE GET TH8S JERK OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!

    1. I sure hope you mean Obamas Rigged Third Term, because THAT is who is still running{destroying} our U.S.A. Please God, make him go away!

  12. FJB aka BRANDON he is despicable…”WE THE PEOPLE” needs to start showing our hand they work for us…that means we need to STOP VOTING THEM IN. We need to STAND up enough is enough

  13. I will support our police officers, including K-9 Rex, no matter what they have to do to enforce the law, protect citizens and themselves.

  14. Regardless of whether or not this order is wise, at least it is an appropriate use of the Executive Order. The EO is a directive to those under his command as the head of the Executive Branch of government. Too many EOs are improperly used to replace legislation regarding entities other than the Executive Branch.

  15. Unfortunately, President Biden does not know what he is signing only where he is told to put his signature.

  16. Biden is a criminal. The truth of all of this is, those EO's are fake because the real Joseph Robinette Biden died in 2019, well BEFORE the inauguration. Who got inaugurated? This is a fake Biden and what he is doing is high treason. Do not follow anything he says. Do not do what he says, or YOU will be guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal.

    1. I would love to see a DNA comparison between "Scumbag Biden Jr." and the current presidential imposter.

  17. I am looking forward to the midterm election! Wide sweeping GOP wins are anticipated. At which time the Republicans will hopefully have the Senate and Congress as the majority. Pelosi and her filth will be removed from power, and subject to impeachment. Along with her would be that POS POTUS. Only then, can lawfull action be enacted to reduce the dispicable harm that these fully un-American individuals be done. MAGA!!

  18. what did oyu expect from the shameful idiot that is supposed to lead the people he should be got rid of he and his admin are the world's worst leaders since Hitler and Starlin. they have no idea what they are doing it is time for Americans to stand tall and vote these idiot out of government role on November when all the American people should only vote republican and take the government away from the sich idiotic moron s call democrats who have killed more children than any other party in that history of the world they have been killing backs since the slave trade started and are still doing git today goeage wsas a criminal first of all and he paid the price for I tin the end tough. get someone who can unit the country not a metal idiot who sa#]has absolutely no control at all

  19. Then why do members of the Biden Administration want more police protection for themselves, the Capitol and their work places. Why not DEFUND all the protections that lawmakers are entitled to thereby saving the taxpayers millions of dollars? Biden and all his cohorts are the worst that this Nation has ever had, including Obama and Carter!

  20. We don't need police reform. There are bad actors in every type of job or unemployment possible. What we need is federal reform. We need limits to congress just like the presidency. We need to take away the benefits that an election didn't give them. This whole idea of being able to give themselves perks and pay raises is absolutely nonsense. We also need to let those in office, when they leave office to get their own security if they feel they need it. Pensions should all be in social security and if you aren't old enough to collect, live off your invested savings or get a job. And, just because I"m on a roll with disgust for our congress - let them go coach if we have to pay for them to fly back and forth to their homes - if they want first class, let them pay out of their own pockets, including any drinks they consume.

  21. 'there is no such thing as a drug addict, aggressive bully needing justice... The only justice With george floyd is that he is dead

  22. Biden is an idiot--my opinion--F**k Biden!!! The only real answer to the problem at hand is to train and arm "willing" teachers and administrators----you would get an "unknown" defense force, no one knows where it is, how many or what direction it comes from-----a single guard can be "taken out" easily and additional guards are very expense-----teachers need more money anyway---HA-HA-HA!!!!!!

  23. How pathetically sad that they still refuse to state the facts, the fact is is that it has been the foreign enemy emperor "Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator" who has enacted all those imperial edicts since the 20th of January 2021.

    1. How is this nation going to tolerate the puppet and string pullers another two years? Our nation must find a way to change things! I think if we 'the people" all got on our knees and earnestly asked God's help and blessings on this nation again, things would change.Seems we have so many stupid people who would vote for the left even if Hitler were running for office. God bless America, again...

  24. Why does everything Biden does with his executive orders make things worse?? President Trump, please SAVE AMERICA!

  25. I wish Putin or Zelensky would have sent a few misses into davos while those creations were all there. We need to stop this executive order nonsense. This stuff needs to go through Congress, why don’t you guys write some laws about that instead of dumb stuff. Can I sue the Biden administration for interfering with my right to be represented by my elected official, who is not mumbles the clown.

  26. I think Biden is a total moron, but I believe the idiots that voted for him are even worse.

  27. The only police this clown can reform are the capital police who murdered an unarmed woman. He has no say in what states do to state or local police. I.O.W. he can GTH.

  28. Biden is an illegal POTUS! He should be removed from office, diagnosed with an advanced stage of dementia and institutionalized for rest of his sordid, dispicable life.

  29. […] Biden Signs Executive Order Imposing So-Called "Police Reform" […]

  30. The entire CDP (Communist Democrat Party) are 110% for anything that frees up the criminal element to kill, rape, robbery……whatever with little or no consequences…….It’s truly the Communist way!!!

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