Fugitive In Stolen Patrol Car Goes On Violent Crime Spree

Multi-State crime sprees, stealing police cars, and shooting up homes sounds like the plot right out of a movie. However, a suspect from Georgia led officers on a pursuit through multiple southern states, all over missing out on game night.

All Started With a Little FOMO

The suspect Cody James Dimmett, 28, began the ordeal by shooting his neighbors home, after they wouldn't let him come over for game night.

According to WSBTV, the Cobb county man fired multiple shots into his neighbors home, injuring one resident in the shoulder. SWAT was sent in to search Dimmett's home, but he was not there.

At that point, they believed he had fled in a red Camry. Hoover police in Alabama attempted to apprehend him.

Stealing A Police Car

According to WREG, Alabama police ended the pursuit of Dimmett. At 12;30p.m., Southhaven police officer ran Dimmett's plates and saw that he was wanted in another state.

Officer Roy Hurst, assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force in North Mississippi, followed the suspect into South Memphis, attempted to stop Dimmett. According to Chief Macon Moore, Hurst was shot in the arm.

Hurst went to the hospital for care and has since been released. During the altercation, Dimmett stole Hurst's unmarked police car and took off.

Hitting Arkansas

In St. Francis County, Arkansas, officers tried to stop Dimmett for speeding on the 1-40. He would not stop for the Palestine police officers.

As he led officers on a pursuit, he shot at deputies, but no one was injured. Dimmett crashed the police vehicle and took up refuge behind an area home.

SWAT took Dimmett into custody after a six-hour stand-off. Officers said that he came quietly and is now in the St. Francis County Jail. According to Chief Moore, the FBI Memphis Division is in charge of the investigation.

β€œThe Southaven Police Department has been overwhelmed by support from our citizens and from our law enforcement partners during this event. We ask that you keep our injured officer and other officers that were involved in resolving this situation in your prayers.”

Chief Macon Moore

Multi-State Work

Agencies across multiple states had to work together to bring this incident to a conclusion. Thankfully, no other officers were injured through the course of apprehending Dimmett.

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