Cop Killer Files $1.1 Million Excessive Force Lawsuit, Blames Officer He Killed

 February 2, 2022

In a stunning turn of events, convicted felon and suspected cop killer Vernon Green has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against Newport News Police Department for "excessive force". Green blames the Officer he allegedly killed for the events that unfolded.

Green is currently facing felony homicide charges for the death of 24-year-old Newport News Police Officer Katie Thyne, but in this lawsuit he paints himself as the victim.

The handwritten lawsuit was filed from inside the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth on January 20. In it, Green claims that Officer Thyne used excessive force against him "without proper training".

Green claims Thyne's death was her own fault. He also alleges that the NNPD as a whole is guilty of negligence for not properly training their officers.

Not so surprising is the fact that this is not Green's first lawsuit - he has a long history of legal troubles, including charges of robbery, assault, and abduction.

It's unclear at this point how strong his case will be, let's hope it gets thrown out quickly.

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29 comments on “Cop Killer Files $1.1 Million Excessive Force Lawsuit, Blames Officer He Killed”

  1. He has no right to file a lawsuit against the poleofficer he killed. the officers family should be sueing him. Put him the electric chair and send him to hell where he belongs. but with all the corrupt judges he will probably get rewarded.

    1. The facts do not matter much any more in whats left of this once great country@!! Murders, rapists, child molesters, they all have more rights then their victims @!!
      The only criminals that the dinosaurs politicians want to charge to the fullest extent of the law,,, is if your racist@!!
      Then as a criminal you have no rights, YOU should lose your Career immediately and off to jail you must go@!!!
      Cop killers,,, listen up.. clear YOU THOUGHTS,,. your free run is coming to an END@!! The worm is turning...."VIA LA FRANCE"
      God bless that hero.. may she always rest in peace@!!
      One last question,, for any of the good humans reading this.....
      " WHO'S GOT HER BACK???"
      I GOT HER BACK@!!!!

    1. AGREED.........Cut that Murderer up and feed him to the sharks one piece at a time.
      "IT" has no right what-so-ever to file any law suites from a Murder's Jail Cell. The concept is disgusting, despicable, objectionable and not worth the paper it is written on. If any liberal judge allows this POS to move forward should be disbarred immediately if not sooner !!!

      1. Anybody can sue anyone else for anything. It just requires a pencil and some paper. The judge will simply dismiss the case. The criminal is just a person who wants attention. If I were a guard where he is incarcerated, I would be sure that he got the appropriate attention. After killing female police office, it wants $1 million plus dollars. DISGUSTING!!

  2. Good job you dumb politicians that gave criminals more rights than the victims and now you are going to give them more rights than the law enforcement. I don’t blame the police officers for quitting because you will lock up the police before the criminals and then you want to take guns away from law biding citizens. Why don’t you get the illegal guns from the criminals. You had to do something to get elected because I can’t believe there was that many stupid people.

    1. Some should bring a good strong rope for criminals that is protected by Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the BUTCHER of the American people

  3. SOB needs to be put out of our misery !!!!! Any judge that let's this lawsuit move forward, needs to have their head examined !!!!!! This BULLSHIT is insanity, and a slap in the face of every law abiding citizen and especially police officers !!!!!!!

    1. Most likely in 40/50 years. This is how long it will take the liberals and his lawyer to milk all the money they can from the taxpayers.

    2. It will never happen. If this police 9ff8cer killing happened in a liberal state they'll be legal challenges going on until the killer dies from old age.

  4. Just another example of "anybody can sue anybody" in this country. However, you must then prove your case with evidence. So a young female officer used excessive force in arresting a habitual male criminal. Highly unlikely. Maybe somebody should read him the fable of the boy who cried wolf. He lied so often that nobody believed him when he told the truth.

  5. Cop Killer Files $1.1 Million Excessive Force Lawsuit, Blames Officer He Killed
    He is an Asinine MURDER, with no Rights, the family of the Cop should be seeing this pile of manure,
    This murder is the making of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the CCP BUTCHER of the American people!!!!

  6. Wonder if Green walks the streets around midnight????..........That is no doubt a FACT when he makes his drug purchase........

  7. Sad, my condolences to the family. I wish she had been able to get off a shot that hit this worthless pile of sh_t right between the eyes.

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