Cop Killer Files $1.1 Million Excessive Force Lawsuit, Blames Officer He Killed

In a stunning turn of events, convicted felon and suspected cop killer Vernon Green has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against Newport News Police Department for "excessive force". Green blames the Officer he allegedly killed for the events that unfolded.

Green is currently facing felony homicide charges for the death of 24-year-old Newport News Police Officer Katie Thyne, but in this lawsuit he paints himself as the victim.

The handwritten lawsuit was filed from inside the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth on January 20. In it, Green claims that Officer Thyne used excessive force against him "without proper training".

Green claims Thyne's death was her own fault. He also alleges that the NNPD as a whole is guilty of negligence for not properly training their officers.

Not so surprising is the fact that this is not Green's first lawsuit - he has a long history of legal troubles, including charges of robbery, assault, and abduction.

It's unclear at this point how strong his case will be, let's hope it gets thrown out quickly.

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