Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Administration For Alleged Unfair Punishing Of Border Patrol Agents

By Ethan Cole on
 June 19, 2022

The National Police Association has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get copies of all records associated with false allegations that Border Patrol agents were "whipping" migrants trying to illegally cross into the United States from Mexico.

The lawsuit, filed on June 15 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that the federal government has failed to respond to a February request for all records related to the investigation.

Border Patrol agents have often faced baseless accusations of excessive force against migrants, but these allegations are particularly egregious because they are based on a purposefully misleading photo:

The lawsuit is a first step in trying to get answers about what really happened and who, if anyone, was responsible for making these false allegations.

Border Patrol agents deserve to be treated fairly and with respect, and this lawsuit is a step in that direction.

We hope that the federal government will finally provide the answers that Border Patrol agents and the American people deserve.

What do you think, is the Border Patrol a racist organization? Should we protect our borders against illegal immigrants? Should politicians be held responsible for falsely accusing Border Patrol agents of whipping immigrants? Let us know in the comments below.

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38 comments on “Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Administration For Alleged Unfair Punishing Of Border Patrol Agents”

  1. Of course, it should be found out who is making all of these false accusations, but nothing will happen.

      1. I'm sure you haven't given up on HRC finding those 33,000 E-mails that she said were all personal, unlike the 30,000 "official" ones she DID turn over to State from THEIR own computers.

  2. Apparently our government does not understand the word illegal!!!!! I am surprised that they haven';t removed the border patrol from the border so more criminals and drugs can enter unobstructed!!!!!

  3. We should do like many other Countries. Those coming in without a being okayed should be arrested,
    or stopped on the spot.

  4. yet he still has a big old ego, big mouth speaks too he's playing catchup
    glad they put forth the legal action....he must be stopped because everything is going very badly

    1. But first we must find someone in the DOJ that hasn’t been bought off and will uphold their Constitutional Oath and hold the whole Democratic Party accountable for their high crimes of treason also crimes against humanity. They are all nothing but tyrants and need to be held accountable remember they are not above the law .

  5. Another one of Biden's lies. He is trying to shift the focus off of his disastrous performance and hope that we won't notice. He has been a disaster from day one. He appears to make decisions without thought and won't take advice. In his mind (what little he has) he is infallible, and if things go wrong it is because someone else changed things. We did not elect his handler, advisor, controller, or whatever you call her. He has proven that he cannot function as President, and for the good of this still great country, retire.

    1. James -- you are giving him way too much credit. He is a criminal with a mission to destroy our economy and complete the dirtbag obama's agenda for this country. He should NOT be allowed to retire, he should be taken out of the WH in cuffs and shackles, tried, convicted and spend the rest of his days in Gitmo along with obama,clintons and many in his illegitimate administration.

  6. We should stock the Rio Grande with an ample supply of African crocodiles. That would act as a deterrent to these illegals whose first act upon entering our country is to break our laws by illegally entering. The crocs would serve as a greater deterrent than our weak kneed race pandering politicians.

    1. figmo --- and to test the waters with mayorkis,garland and wray. I would include the vp but I'd be worried that the crocs would throw her back.

  7. The accusations are not based on anything but those, who are using uncontrolled immigration as a weapon against the United States.

  8. Every true American citizen should file a class action suit against our entire government starting with the village idiot in the Oval Office, his vp,congress, judicial branch all the alphabet agencies to the state county and local offices for complete and utter dereliction of duty(starting with the opening of our southern border), complete disregard for their oath of office they all swore to uphold, their participation in an attempted coup to overthrow out republic, their participation in voter fraud and election corruption, for their participation in many hoaxes,scams, spying against President Trump and their continuous lies to the American citizens.

  9. Biden and his band of misfits, including members of Congress that slandered Border Patrol name should be held liable. I have friends on the Border that works there butts off and to have people sitting in Washington accusing them of beating immigrants is down right pathetic. All of those know it alls in Washington thinks they know what to do and how to do on our southern border, but in reality they do not have a clue. They need to start listening to the border agents on how to handle the border. I could go on and on, but the democrats needs to stop politicizing the Border Patrol and ICE and let them do there jobs!!

  10. I hope they file lawsuits against everyone that have destroyed their reputation, basicly
    their lives. If we have people who do not know what a horses rein is far, they should
    be silent.These border control people need to be praised and admired for what they
    have to suffer for all of us. I hope they get millions.

  11. The media and the president should be held personally responsible for spreading malicious lies about what we all saw and then acting on those lies!

  12. Bravo to the brave women and men of our Border Patrol who daily risk their lives to try and keep the citizens of the United States safe. What Biden said about this incident was disgraceful, even more so because he didn't have the FACTS. His rush to judgement is disgusting and typical of politicians and the main stream media. Keeping ILLEGAL ALIENS out of our country should be job #1, not changing diapers and babysitting the illegals who do get in.

  13. What we have is a DNC majority rules and they make up rules or ignore existing rules to fit their agenda which is destroying the USA!!!!

  14. So What if they did use the reins on the illegals? if you cross illegally you deserve it, they were lucky I wasn't working on the border patrol, whipping with the reins would have been minimal,

  15. I think by and large most Border Patrol agents are conversant in Spanish and police in the most level headed way they can given the constraints they're put under. Of course, Spanish-speaking people are not the only ones they have to confront; there are a lot of people from terrorist-sponsoring countries that they also have to process as well. I think they are doing an admiral job considering the monumental task they have to perform while still complying with Congress' and the current Presidents refusal to keep the riff-raff out of our country. There's only one way that people should enter our country ~ via LEGAL means!

  16. Since the vast majority of Border Patrol agents are of Hispanic heritage it’s absurd to consider them to be racists. I live in a border town and know many agents, none of whom have ever made racist comments around me.

  17. The Marines should move on Washington D.C. TODAY and march all BOTH houses of government out under "gunpoint" load them all on buses under guard, haul them all to the nearest FEMA CAMP, and give them bread and water until they confess their swamp affiliation. Then make them sign in their own blood a declaration of dedication to the U.S. Constitution otherwise LET THEM ALL ROT INSIDE and bury those who do in mass graves in an unknown location. THESE ARE TRAITORS TO THE COUNTRY and they don't even deserve to be treated with any respect.

  18. It's about time all officers get some kind of protection against false allegations, because i Can tell you there are some criminals that the firtst thing they do is make false cflaims as soon as they are arrested to try and use as leverage. Now the libs. will use anything, to fit their narrative of pro immigration, police are bad unless I need protection, walls don't work unless I'm threatened, then you can't build it high unuff and I need the National Guard Too, I'm too important to risk.

  19. what do you mean if anyone? the allegation was made so somebody did it, the only fact that remains to be known is who

  20. This government we have today are just plain tyrants. I pray whoever filed this lawsuit wins big time. This administration is totally out of control.

    1. The claim needs to be against the person. Otherwise, the taxpayers will foot the bill just as the Democrats pay for everything with taxpayer money - including other countries abortions PATHETIC government!

  21. I certainly appears to me the the border patrol is being unsupported by the Biden administration. And the boarder patrol agents are being targeted and are not given due process! This is a travesty these agents are probably going to be punished for nothing except the Biden's administration and the democratic party scumbags agenda!
    I hope these agents are not prosecuted! And God watches over each and every border agent! They are doing a extremely important difficult and dangerous job and need the support of the American people especially in these very difficult times!

  22. Much of the issues in Congress could be settled with term limits. Presidents can only serve 2 terms. Why not Congress? Two terms max, no pension, and go back to their job in the real world. This would end a multitude of issues and provide fresh ideas in Congress from people who work for a living - not political lifers.

  23. the border patrol are a great asset to our country,but the biden/harris party of incompetence are putting you guys in harms way.and they are breaking the laws. if i were you guys i would let those moron democrats have the need to file suit against the dumb mayorkass and kamala harris.hit them in the pocketbook and good luck you guys.

  24. doj / merrit garland you have no business in ukraine. stop the gold-digging and do your job here.forget about ukraine. what is your 2020 cost and prosecutions against the murders,fires,looting and destruction of cities and states..we will get a commitee and walk over your head and get all the tapes on the insurrection of are not performing your job garland so shape up or ship out.

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