Heroes Down: One Officer Injured, 12-Year Veteran Killed

By Ethan Cole on
 May 13, 2021

Recently, officers seem to be getting ambushed more often than ever before, leading to more officer injuries and in some cases more officers down.

String of Burglaries

According to ABC 30, California officers were investigating commercial burglaries that all happened late at night. The San Luis Obispo officers went to an apartment of interest.

Detective Luca Benedetti, a 12- year veteran, was with five other officers serving a search warrant around 5:30 p.m. As they served the warrant, the suspect opened fire on the officers.

Two officers were hit, Benedetti and Detective Steve Orozco. Orozco sustained injuries from the gunfire. He went to the hospital for treatment and was subsequently released. However, Benedetti died from his injuries.

The suspect was identified as Edward Zamora Giron. He apparently knew the officers were coming and was ready for a shootout. He fired at the officers and had some injuries from the officer's return fire. Ultimately, he died by his own hand, shooting and killing himself during the exchange.

Witness Accounts

One neighbor, Victoria Torres, 21, was in her upstairs bedroom, and the situation caught her attention.

“I heard like a very loud knocking — I don’t know if it was the police or what,” Torres said. “I always hear noises here so I didn’t think anything of it until I heard the gunshots.“

She said she didn't know what gunshots sounded like but heard something, "so extremely loud." According to San Luis Obispo Tribune, she saw an officer's car outside her window.

She was curious as to what was going on, so she checked her other window downstairs. Torres said, "That's when I saw the man." She saw him start shooting at the officer from the doorway of an apartment and saw the officers taking cover behind their cars.

Detective Benedetti

Benedetti was with the San Luis Obispo Police Department since 2012 and served on the regional SWAT team. Before that, he was with the Atascadero Police Department for four years.

Benedetti was 37-years old and leaves behind his wife and two children.

"This is a tragedy beyond measure for all of those who serve and care about our community. Our deepest condolences go out to the family. We are devastated by this loss."

City Manager Derek Johnson

Condolences from the law enforcement community had been flooding in on social media for this officer who bravely lost his life in the line of duty.

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18 comments on “Heroes Down: One Officer Injured, 12-Year Veteran Killed”

  1. Am sorry to hear an officer was killed. The police need to start defending them selves and not listen to the politicians. We need the police.

  2. This has got to stop! Our politicians need to show respect for these men and women who daily put their lives on the line to protect our people! My sincerest condolences to the victims and their families. There are many of us who have faith in our first responders.

    1. You can't have any respect for the police if you don't have any respect for yourself. The Dems know nothing about respect. That is something you earn. And when they want to defend the police while having a security detail, they disrespect themselves. Total hypocrites


    1. The whole world is out if control!! I believe the Bible tells us it will continue until rapture!?

  3. These anti Christians Polititans that seem to rejorce when a law inforcement officer gets killed in the line of duty will have a reserved place in HELL when they stand before GOD. They have earned it and will go there for eternety when their time ends on this earth.This is as sure as there is a blue sky above us.

  4. So sad to here this news. I pray for the surviving family members, the man was trying to do his job and make the world a safer place for all. God Bless and protect all Police Men and Woman throughout the world! I blame the Democrat Party for every one of the American Police Officers ambushed in the manner. They creating something out of nothing! Now we all will pay the price with less and less people being willing to do this job with this senselessly added risk that our politician’s created for each and every one of them.

    The ONLY people against and or afraid of the police are criminals! I don’t have to put names on our President, Vice President and about 50% of the Democrats in Congress that are supporting and encouraging all this BS. I’m sure they all sleep fine at night in their satin sheets with 24/7 protection. What do they have to fear? Is their job truly dangerous? If they are afraid of being attacked, they are doing something to harm people. Everybody think about these fallen officers when voting in the next election. Why would we put our whole nation at risk by voting for people with such ridiculous ideals? Yes there may be that 2% of bad or dirty cops out there. But now the blood of too many innocent officers is on the hands of this evil Administration that doesn’t have the sense enough to think about the consequences of their actions! They have placed an open season, a $0.00 bounty so to speak on these poor unsuspecting officers heads; They are just doing their jobs 99.9% of the time..

    Add his life to the Biden Harris Administration’s list, I sure hope someone is keeping count!! Surely they must be close to the blacks killed by officers by now? Is that when they will call it off? Isn’t that what they’re all after? An eye for an eye so to speak? Our Country is being destroyed folks. The evil is running rampant and I fear it being destroyed from the top down! We have a majority of liars and actors calling the shots and this is a direct result of their comments and actions over the past 2 years! The killing must stop!! Pray for our leaders people, God himself may be the only one who can help these people change what they have created.

  5. This is a direct result of lack of proper leadership! When our VP said about BLM, “that they need to keep it up so they understand we mean business”? Then went on to complement them for being “the strongest movement ever to be in these United States, and she as a woman of color finished with “I am very proud of what they are doing”. By doing that late in 2020, she placed a target on the back of every police officer, regardless of color or gender! By condoning and supporting the group that was rioting at the time, she turned the criminal side of their movement loose to get even with Police Officers!

    People need to understand the consequences of their words and actions if they want to be respected leaders. Anyone can walk back what they said or say that’s not what I meant. But we’re obviously to far into this now. There is no way I’m buying the majority of our Country is anti Police!!

  6. another loss of a fine man. I am so sorry for the loss of another officer in the line of duty. these selfless men and women protect us from all horrors, knowing full well the cost. they are truly heroes and should be honored, not reviled. my condolences for the family and the department.

  7. Thank you for your service while serving others . Your family will be grieved over their loss , but they will remember that their loved was an honorable man that loved his country that risked his life every day for others. God bless you all during this very sad time in your lives. So sorry !

  8. All police have the right to defend themselves. This is terrible what's going on in our country. Screw all the demonic politicians who state defend the police. Everyone of them has private guards with them at the cost of taxpayers, that's us. Time for a radical change in who gets elected in this country.

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