Florida Lawmakers Seek To Bring Back "Army Or Jail" Option For Criminals

In the past, criminals have sometimes had the option to join the military to avoid jail time. A Florida Senator has filed a bill that would make this option available to anyone under the age of 25 who is facing fewer than 4 years of jail time - with some caveats of course.

The bill would only apply under the following conditions:

“the offender has not been convicted of an offense or, if the offender has prior convictions, is not a habitual felony offender, a habitual violent felony offender, or a violent career criminal.” 


Also, the potential recruit would have to pass all the required aptitude tests in order to get into the military. Then, if the recruit did not complete an honorable enlistment term, they would still have to serve the original sentence. This bill would not overrule the military's right to refuse anyone they deem unfit.

Overall, this sounds like it might be a way to get younger, first time offenders a way to change their life and do something positive. On the other, it could be a disaster that funnels degenerates into our military, where they might drag the force down.

What do you think of this bill, is it a good idea or no? Tell us why in the comments below.

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