Florida Lawmakers Seek To Bring Back "Army Or Jail" Option For Criminals

 December 26, 2021

In the past, criminals have sometimes had the option to join the military to avoid jail time. A Florida Senator has filed a bill that would make this option available to anyone under the age of 25 who is facing fewer than 4 years of jail time - with some caveats of course.

The bill would only apply under the following conditions:

β€œthe offender has not been convicted of an offense or, if the offender has prior convictions, is not a habitual felony offender, a habitual violent felony offender, or a violent career criminal.” 


Also, the potential recruit would have to pass all the required aptitude tests in order to get into the military. Then, if the recruit did not complete an honorable enlistment term, they would still have to serve the original sentence. This bill would not overrule the military's right to refuse anyone they deem unfit.

Overall, this sounds like it might be a way to get younger, first time offenders a way to change their life and do something positive. On the other, it could be a disaster that funnels degenerates into our military, where they might drag the force down.

What do you think of this bill, is it a good idea or no? Tell us why in the comments below.

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45 comments on “Florida Lawmakers Seek To Bring Back "Army Or Jail" Option For Criminals”

    1. Oh so they'll take you if your a criminal but kick you out if you don't take the fake vaccine shot. America is so fucked!

  1. Bad idea. I believe if this is to be it should have to be with the okay from the victim's. If the victims don't approve, than the subject only option is jail.

    1. Since the victims have no say in the sentencing at a trial - up to judge and jury - there is no reason for them to have a say in the matter. Remember, it's not offered for violent offenders and the military gets to decide if they accept or not.

      1. It would be even better to bring back the draft and include women. If anyone has problems with serving in the military they can do public service. It used to be the law that anyone who was given this choice of join the military or go to jail had a voidable enlistment which they could quit at any time. Perhaps this is why they must complete their enlistment to avoid jail.

    2. If you read that correctly they are given the choice, I think it is a good thing instead of taxpayers footing the bill on these small crimes criminals, let them earn their keep they will be supervised and just maybe they will grow the hell up !

  2. Since the military has a "first right of refusal" and a requirement to complete the full enlistment , I see this as the perfect option in turning these kids into adults while serving their country. Many will be seeing America for the first time. Love of country , personal responsibility and achievement based solely on their efforts.

    1. I would add to the requirements though - can't be here illegally - if they are, they need to first spend hard time in jail and then immediate removal from our soil as soon as they finish their sentence and I don't care what their crime was. They first broke our laws getting here and then whatever they did just adds to their lack of respect of our country and it's laws. Since we don't want to split up families, I would suggest the whole family - even extended relatives who are not here legally all get deported together. The ones here legally, get prosecuted for harboring criminals (since they broke the law getting here).

      1. I saw a prison documentary a while back. Talk about segregation! There was a large open room. One section had bunk beds for the "northern Mexicans", another section was for the "southern Mexicans", another was for American Blacks and there was a section for Whites and all other catagories. If someone from one section walked through another section's territory for example, taking a shortcut to the bathroom, it could prove fatal.

  3. I believe this would be a fair choice for those that are not hard criminals. This would allow them some purpose and direction if they have military leaders that are leaders. This also gives them the option to do something for their country. They could learn a trade and after service have work opportunities. At present our top military leaders are not leading but trying to push an agenda from the current administration that has no desire to have a strong military and army that can and would protect this country.

  4. I served in the 70's with guy's who had the choice of jail or service. it seemed to work back then. Some might not want to share barracks was with a petty thief but there's people that will steal your stuff that haven't been through the court system. I never had anything stolen but I always locked up everything.

  5. Considering the safety requirements involved, I think it's an excellent idea. These young offenders get a chance to turn their lives around, jails could be less crowded, they are actually earning what money they get paid and at the same time, do something positive for their country. They also learn discipline during basic training. It's a win, win situation.

  6. As an individual that was a pesky street punk in Boston during the 1950's and was actually taken in handcuffs from the reform school to the swearing in ceremonies I sadly say without the guidelines stated and more, it is not a good idea.
    I preface this by some background on my experiences in allowing it to happen to me.
    I served a quarter century of honorable service and retired as a master sergeant/ former first sergeant in hot and cold wars.
    In that time the military has undergone some drastic changes, overall for the good I admit. The caveat is there are some very bad elements within the ranks, officer and enlisted, senior and junior in both.
    Be cause of privacy laws and regulations this can't be done, but I recommend that drill instructors be told the identity of the recruit under this program be made known so extra reports can be included on the recruit, male and female. If any indications of an attitude problem are manifested it should be noted and evaluated before the recruit graduates boot camp/basic training. Then the proper steps be taken to return the individual to the system from whence they came.
    We are not baby sitters in the military, well not intentionally.πŸ˜‡

  7. Every judge can tell you that every case is different. Some young people get in trouble and it affects their lives forever. They might be good candidates. Other cases might be young people who have learned that they do not have to play by the rules. These would not be good candidates for military.

  8. Considering what the military hierarchy from Milley down is doing to our military we already have degenerate buffoons in our military or rather trying to run it so that is no big deal!!

  9. Now demonrat voters can not only avoid jail for their crimes, they can also join the military and get their free sex change that they "imagine" can happen .

  10. It may sound good on paper but there's going to be some knucklehead that will add extra crap!!! And it will be a Democrat!!!! There are other ways for these nonviolent offenders to serve their time, how about working in an Animal Rescue, good old-fashioned hard work!! Like cleaning up the highways, beaches, or working on fishing boats, and again there are other ways for them to serve than filling up our military!!! And for the next 4 yrs, they'll get to wear their ankle monitors while they are serving their time.

  11. what a fabulous idea....so glad we have some people in power with brain cells that function...with all the gangs and violence and guns, many youngins' don't know which way to turn and parents horrified that they cannot shield their kids from being inducted. this is such a strong and empowering alternative, i only pray other states get on board!

  12. Service or Jail worked before when services were not social engineering test beds. Now? with all the pussyfications very doubtful.

    1. I agree I doubt it would work. The military is now cuddling the weak and inept and promoting based on race and lower standards. All should be based on same standards and how well they do the job and the knowledge need to do it. It didn’t work that well in the 60’s

  13. I received my letter from the President in December of 1970 and met some of these prison or the Army inductees on day one. We were in the LA Military Induction Center and I watched as some of these people shot up heroin slit their wrists and placed blood in their urine and by the time we were taking the oath some were unconscious. Many did everything they could to get out of the Army making we wonder why they were ever accepted in the first place. I equate drug users to criminals whether they had a conviction or not. All of them should have been arrested and sent to prison. The system thought they were being smart by ignoring all of these efforts and forcing them into the Army anyway. During basic at Ft. Ord several were arrested for plotting to break in the armory to steal weapons and then go AWOL. The drug use in the Army during my 2 years was completely out of control. This is what happens when you lower the standards instead of doing the opposite.

    1. Amen, saw that in Navy, not as much as you describe Patrick. I remember thinking "I might have to depend on these azzholes to stay alive".... not a great confidence builder in team work.

  14. Great idea, for first offenders. Everyone makes a mistake, don’t let it happen again. Better to teach someone how to love this country then four years in jail with plenty of bad people. This is the type of political people we should be putting in office.

  15. For a time I ran the work release program at the county jail. There was one young man doing 30 days for a DUI. One day on his return to custody after his workday he stopped by my office and asked my advice on how to avoid winding up in jail again. This is what I told him:

    1) Walk away from all your current friends. They are what helped land you in jail this time.
    2) Move. Get out of your current neighborhood and the bad influences that are obviously there.
    3) The best way to accomplish #1 and #2 is to join the military.

    Two years later this same young man showed up at the front desk of the jail with his wife and infant daughter, decked out in his Marine Lance Corporal uniform. He came to thank me for the advice I had given him when he was in custody.

    Obviously this was not an either/or situation like this proposed law is attempting to address, but I believe it shows that military service can help a young person rethink their choices to date and switch over to a better path.

  16. My brother in law was in huge trouble as a teen. His dad talked the judge into allowing him to go into the army. He became a CPA later on and it turned his life around 180 degrees.

  17. It didn't drag the military down before. For many first time offenders if you get them out of their environment and give them a chance to better themselves they will. Plus it will save tax payers money if and only if they pass all the criteria and get excepted into the military.

  18. No! Our current military is being reorganized into groups of us versus them. Without moral leadership they can be used against the people. A large population of criminals is dangerous under these conditions!

  19. bring back reform schools for boys....they are placed in an agricultural area, they work in the fields in the am and school in the afternoon until they smarten up

  20. I think it would be a good idea to put them around positive men to learn, if they don't they will put him in line. If he is put in prison he will be around people just like him and continue to learn what he already knows. He gets one chance if he fails he is back in prison.

  21. I like the idea, but restitution to victims must also be part of the equation. Restitution must be paid by the time the enlistment is finished.

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