Massive Police Reform Bill Passes In The House, Limiting Tools And Resources Available To Law Enforcement Agencies

By Ethan Cole on
 March 5, 2021

Over the last decade, law enforcement has dealt with many hurdles. Budgets have been continually shrinking, and public opinion has been waning.

Over the past year, lawmakers in cities throughout the country have moved to curb police funding. A reduction that effectively reduces law enforcement in areas that need them the most.

A Nationwide Defunding

Until now, defunding measures have been at the local level. However, nationally lawmakers have continually voiced their anti-law enforcement sentiment.

On Wednesday, House Democrats voted to move forward with a police reform bill. Although they refer to it as a reform bill, it will essentially defund the police affecting departments throughout the country.

The reduction in funding will pull millions of dollars from police budgets, which will force departments to eliminate officers to balance their budgets.

One-sided Support For an Ill-Conceived Bill

Ultimately Democrats passed the bill with 219 Democrats voting in a show of almost full support. Two Democrats joined the 211 Republication, voting against the bill.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) came out strongly against the bill, rebuking Democrats for passing it.

 “The unfunded mandates in their bill, H.R. 1280, would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollars—the equivalent of taking 3,000 cops or more off the streets. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.”

Kevin McCarthy R-CA

Violating Current Acts

Both Jason Smith (R-MO) and Jim Jordan ( R-OH) have sent a letter to the Budget Director stating the bill violates the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995.

In it, they state, "...these provisions may in fact result in additional costs to state, local, and tribal governments totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars."

Republicans also asked Democrats to add an amendment that "recognizes and appreciates" law enforcement and asked them to condemn calls for abolishing the police. Democrats voted against the amendment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act will address systemic racism, curb police brutality and save lives."

Clear Message

Defunding the police on a national level shows law enforcement that their nation's leaders have zero respect for what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Democratic lawmakers are effectively telling law enforcement across the nation that they do not need or want them anymore. Despite the fact, officers protect them at the Capitol every single day.

Ironically, a bill meant to protect life, puts the lives of our law enforcement in even more danger.

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28 comments on “Massive Police Reform Bill Passes In The House, Limiting Tools And Resources Available To Law Enforcement Agencies”

  1. The country WILL pay.We need more police and more help for them,not less.The criminals are smarter than the politicians that enact this trash.

  2. We need police, however we do NOT need militarized police. Police should not have tanks, armored vehicles, and military weapons. Their job is to "protect and serve", not be an extension of the military to force us into a police state. There is enough insanity in this country as it is.

    1. The military hardware for police came to lite when in Los Angeles two armed robbers went into a bank came out and with their AK47s blasting with armor piercing bullets and they also had body armor on shooting up police officers, vehicles and anything else that was in front of them. Police still went after them with only hand guns.

    2. Obviously you have your head up your axx. Look at the domestic terror groups (antifa and burn loot and murder bLM) and tell me the police don't need tanks, grenades and land mines.


  3. The cities and States That reduce police Departments will see higher crime and will be begging for more police. Idiocy

  4. Maybe the next time there is a problem on capital hill and police are needed they just should't show up.

    1. Perfect. They are keeping the national guard on their door step, but don't want the citizens to have any protection. Do they realize how stupid they sound. The HOUSE has truly gone crazy. Anyone that votes them is also crazy, insane, etc.

  5. Congress sure as hell doesn't have a problem walling in the Capitol and having the military protect them, I'd just love to see how long they lasted on the street without their ARMED security detail. What hypocrites.

  6. Well since the democrats havre done this it is long past time to bring back the Vigilante Committees in every state in the union,period.

    1. They use Floyd for their reason to defund the police yet give planned Parenthood millions to kill mainly black babies as well as vaccines to kill people.

  7. all you have in washington now are a bunch of educated idiots. they have no common sense and are there for their for their own gain .the whole bunch should be run off and a whole fresh group put in place.

  8. Folks - Now is the time to contact your representatives to let them know how they can best represent YOU as a voting citizen!

    1. Pelosi is crazy. They have just unleashed the crimes and the murderers on to the citizens of America. Hope they are very proud. Since police aren't need, I believe the National guard can be sent home. Why should they have protection when they just left the citizens with none.

      State governors recall the guards, you will probably need them for your own cities and towns.

  9. All Defunding the Police will do is Put Home ownerS’ in a posision that they are the first line of defense Guns in homeoner’s hands

  10. Exactly why we need the 2nd amendment, criminals dont abide by the laws, the countries that took the citizens weapons away have increased crime, something the media will not tell you. good luck america.

  11. This is complete B.S.! As Peloser sits on her high throne being protected by officers and the national guard. She is the ultimate hypocrite! Unbelievable!

  12. Absolutely ridiculous! Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party is absolutely SICK and should be in an Insane asylum!

  13. So wrong. Someone mentioned police state humm that is not what tanks etc make our officers, a police state or militerized. It makes them safe & equal to what they face to keep us safe. The 2nd Amendment also keeps us safe. those of you who don't Believe that are not educated as to what the 2nd amendment means or the reason we have law enforcement at the local Level or why they have "tanks" etc. This is So you can go about your lives free from having to wear a gun at all times. Please read, educate yourselves not thru just mainstream media. Read books, go to alternate sites, talk to law enforcement in your communities. These folks are people too. Crazy in my opinion now days because of the dangers they face. What would you do if every law enforcement officer just woke up one morning & decided "screw it" i quit. Not a world i want to live in. Then you would have your "police state". Truly. watch your six out there & come home. Blessings

  14. The "Floyd for Chief of Police Bill", our Police , should only be allowed too have "Sling Shots", and be trained too always "approach a criminal with respect and never touch them. The Officer , should listen too this person, and never doubt their word, ever! the Officer, should just give them a "Warning, and calle V.P. Harris, too make sure, that he, the Officer, will not be charged for "Racism", and then release this respectable Criminal, back into society , because , they have rights.

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