Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Hopes To Offer Bonuses To Law Enforcement Officers Fired Over Vaccine Mandates In Other States

Many states are defunding their police departments and firing police officers who do not follow the vaccine mandates. However, one state governor has offered those officers a $5,000 bonus to come to his state.

Relocate to Florida?

Many states, including Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California, to name a few, are suspending or, in some cases firing police officers who are not complying with the current mandates. However, Florida is not the only state trying to recruit those who are being forced out. For example, Indiana has been recruiting officers from Chicago who are losing their jobs or are at risk.

Governor DeSantis sat down with Fox News and told them, "In Florida, not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs, we're actually actively working to recruit out of state law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and our sheriffs' departments."

He is hoping that in the next legislative session, he will be able to sign legislation giving officers from other states a $5,000 bonus if they come to Florida. He made a point to say that it is not just for officers who are losing their job to mandates. It is for everyone who wants to be treated better as a member of law enforcement.

DeSantis has a history of supporting first responders and law enforcement, even trying to support them with an anti-rioting bill, which would have sent rioters to jail if they resisted arrest, damaged property, or attacked an officer.

DeSantis said, "And we are going to stand by the men and women in uniform." It is nice to see a governor who actually sees the value in our law enforcement officers and wants to help them build happy healthy careers. It is a nice change from the much louder news cycle.

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