Amid Nationwide Anti-Police Sentiment, One State Pledges Support

 April 19, 2021

After months of anti-police sentiment from states throughout the union, Iowa comes in like a breath of fresh spring air with a solid pro-police bill.

Senate File 342

Iowa House of Representatives voted on Senate File 342, passing it 63-30, with 8 Democrats reaching across the aisle to vote for the bill while 2 Republication voted against.

The bill, also referred to as the "Back the Blue", is meant to protect law enforcement as they work attempt to do their jobs amid endless protests and other daily challenges. Lawmakers say the whole reason this bill was created was due to the protests that happened in Des Moines and other parts of Iowa last summer.

According to KCCI, rioting becomes a felony as opposed to being a misdemeanor. Penalties for obstructing roadways are also increased as are penalties for shining lights at police officers, and destroying pubic propery.

However, the bill also makes drivers who hit protesters with their vehicles immune from civil liability within certain criteria. Republicans say they are moving to reduce the amount of violence that has been ever present over the past year.

According to Rep. Jarad Klien, " What we've seen is not peaceful protesting. What we've seen is destruction and damage in our communities."

Bill Opposition

The bill was met with plenty of opposition from protestors and lawmakers alike. Many believe it reduces police liability and will allow bad cops to continue to fall through the cracks.

Democrats in Iowa say while they support portions of the bill, they are concerned that the bill will be more divisive. According to the Des Moines Register, many believe it unfairly tips the scale between racial justice advances and support for law enforcement, ignoring forward progress.

"I really think this bill unnecessarily pits law enforcement against groups like Black Lives Matter and other protesters just at the time when we need to be bringing all of these groups together," said Rep. Christina Bohannan, D-Iowa City.

A Glimpse of Support

While Iowa may be one of the first states to show support for law enforcement, it does not look like they will be alone. Many states, including Arizona and Indiana, have similar pending legislation, and Kentucky has recently passed a bill that criminalizes insulting officers.

Pro-police legislation is incredibly important in today's climate and shows officers that people do have their backs while they put their lives on the line every single day.

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39 comments on “Amid Nationwide Anti-Police Sentiment, One State Pledges Support”

  1. ALWAYS BACK THE BLUE 99 % OF ALL CRIMMINALS ARE , THE TODAYS MOST DANGEROUS JOB....... I REMEMBER THEY USE TO STOP BY AND BE ALMOST FAMILY , LOVE THE BLUE ,[ well unless they are pulling you over hahahah] i have the flag it flys almost everyday

  2. We need more!
    This is good that some states are now trying to make laws to back our police but we need more folks!
    We just had a horrible life changing event in my family where we lost our 40 yr niece whom was murdered by a thug and yes he has a record.... the police, detectives & da have been more than helpful in this case and we thank them all very much!
    I only mention this to show that most all are good cops too to bottom & defunding is NOT the answer to any of this!
    Most of my reading in most ALL these cases where so called cops have unfortunately killed someone is also by repeat offenders & the bias news.
    Time to call your senators & congressmen to stop this craziness & protect these hardworking men & women!!
    Thanks for reading & God Bless America
    Thanks a decent article.

    1. Unfortunately MM.......There have been too many POLICE killed in the line of duty........Answering those 911 calls seems to be injuring/killing our police that has to stop........9 out of 10 times its the people of color that are causing death to our police and innocent legal citizens........

      1. I bet you don't have statistics to prove what you just said. Why do you have to make this a race problem? There are good and bad people both white and black and Asian. There are mostly good cops that are white, black and Asian. Yes, once in a while we have a cop who is biased and that causes trouble but the vast majority are not and put themselves out there for all of us. I happen to have a retired cop living next to me and is raising his two daughters alone after his wife died. He is very kind and helpful to me.

  3. Law enforcement has had their hands tied for to long by too many "political correct idiots" !!! Who do you call when an emergency arises ??? Who makes sure the streets are safe enough to be on ??? Who stops crime ??? As long as this has been a nation there has been a police force - granted there are some bad apples as in any society - but, the police have a job to do and do a fine job !!! I back the BLUE all the way - how about you ???

    1. Absolutely Agree. If those breaking the law "DID NOT" fight and/Resist arrest there would be no need for any kind of restraint from Officers. They Deserve RESPECT and HONOR. They have a very difficult, demanding and dedicated job to do. THANK THE LORD FOR THEM.

    2. Yes! I wear a mask with the thin blue line flag on it. Off duty cops have remarked their appreciation.

  4. It’s about time, that all these demonstrators that are out there doing damage to businesses, by looting, burning, etc. should face stricter penalties. I don’t care if they are white, black, Asian, Indian, etc. crime is crime! And it needs to STOP! Police should not treat anybody different no matter their race! But we need the police. Maybe they need different kind of training, then it needs to happen. If there is complaint then it needs to be looked at case by case. We the people are tired of what is happening in our country!


  6. Police are Sheepdogs of society...they keep the Wolves from attacking innocent victims. Criminals (Wolves)attack weakness when they see opportunities to victimize the old,infirm and those who do not pay attention to their surroundings. We must keep these men and women in out society,and aid them in doing their job. PUT THE CRIMINALS IN PRISON AND KEEP THEM LOCKED AWAY!

  7. I also back the blue. I've known many of them personally and they are great people. I can't imagine trying to uphold the law and protect people and then have some people hate them. In my opinion those who hate the police are either criminal or involved with the criminal element or unfortunately have someone they love involved. I'm dealing right now with charges against a young man I've known and liked for years who has now been charged with murder in hate crime. I can't blame the police for the charges against him.

  8. Great but Iam sure the media will make up lies and fabricate the truth to propel “their” agenda

  9. Absolutely back police; we’ve seen what radicals have done to our country, They should be charged with treason’

  10. Yea, Iowa !!! It's great to see that the blue is getting backing by their government !!! Hopefully this sets a trend in the US to support law enforcement !!!

  11. This is good. Protectors need to understand that police will arrest them for breaking these laws and police need to know the community will support them for inforcing these laws. But the laws need to be informed all the time, not just for some. The same with all laws. Democrats need to be charged equally as Republicans are and right now Democrats get away with everything they arrest Republicans for. Not clear. Everyone needs to be held to same standard.

    1. Defunding the police will lead to the death of many liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.
      If they think that people will allow Antifa and BLM to run wild when there are no police, they are exceptionally stupid.


  13. My blessings to Iowa for standing up for police and for what is fundamentally right. I'm so sick and tired of the radical left who wants nothing less than to destroy America and our way of life from within. This gives me hope for America's future.

  14. What a pity that "ALL" states don't come up with the same Bill and get back control of our cities and states, nationwide. The killing of Police Officers (all Law Enforcement) is so far out of control its unbelievable that this hasn't been enacted to protect the Thin Blue Line that does good. The bad ones "WILL" be weeded out and eliminated, but it's just so wrong to take it out on the majority of Good Cops, trying to Serve and Protect "everyone, regardless of race, creed or national origin"!
    God Bless and Protect all Law Enforcement from the forces of evil out to do injustice against them and America. "Enough is Enough"!

  15. In spite of Maxie Waters' tirade and call for ongoing and increased violence and criminal activity by the rioting, looting, Black Lives (don't really) Matter (to them), and her loud mouth call for police to be defunded, guess what? She was ushered in and out of the rioting protest she participated in earlier, by a security detail of our men in blue!!! Hypocrisy reigns among the vacuous, demented Democrats!!! 🙁

  16. A great big shout out and THANK YOU to Thin Line News, for responding to my request for a thumbs up and email notifications of replies option, in the comments section. That says to me that you truly care about your readers and what we think. May God bless and protect you, and all of our law enforcement officers. 🌹🙏

  17. One thing that needs to be done which I haven't seen mentioned is to do something about the police unions that are preventing "bad cops" being removed from law enforcement. By "bad cops" I refer to the ones that have past histories of using excess force against people that show no resistance period. You have all seen them because they are the ones that keep yelling "stop resisting" while beating the living daylights out of a person lying on the ground while handcuffed.

    1. No I haven't seen them. I know quite a few because I lived in a small town where everybody knows everybody including law enforcement. I also got involved in local politics and knew several officers that way. I've know one officers that refused to do anything about one man who was a friend of his. I was really glad when he retired. The rest are friendly, kind, respectful and do their jobs. They can and will be tough as needed to do their job.

  18. No I haven't seen them. I know quite a few because I lived in a small town where everybody knows everybody including law enforcement. I also got involved in local politics and knew several officers that way. I've know one officers that refused to do anything about one man who was a friend of his. I was really glad when he retired. The rest are friendly, kind, respectful and do their jobs. They can and will be tough as needed to do their job.

  19. Many more states should follow. Thems have tried to take away our guns, our freedoms, and now our protection. Don't let them!

  20. Many more states should follow. The Dems have tried to take away our guns, our freedoms, and now our protection. Don’t let them!

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