Gold Star Families Speak Out on Biden's Disastrous Handling of Kabul

 August 10, 2023

In the heart of the Middle East, a tragedy unfolded that would forever change the lives of many American families. The Kabul terror attack was not just a blip in the U.S.'s long history of foreign interventions; it was a stark reminder of the costs of war and the consequences of hasty decisions.

The Heartbreaking Press Conference

The families of 13 brave service members, who lost their lives in the Kabul airport attack, gathered recently to call out the actions of the Biden administration in the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Their collective grief was palpable, but so was their demand for accountability. They sought answers from the Biden administration, yearning to understand the circumstances that led to their loved ones' untimely deaths.

Biden's Controversial Withdrawal

The decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was always going to be contentious. However, the manner in which it was executed has been described as "cowardly" and "disgusting" by many.

The rapid pullout led to the swift takeover by the Taliban, leaving countless Afghans vulnerable and many Americans stranded.

The aftermath saw translators, green card holders, and even American citizens left behind, facing an uncertain and potentially dangerous future. Consequently, the security measures at the Kabul airport were evidently inadequate, leading to the tragic loss of American soldiers.

Biden's Reputation Under Scrutiny

Throughout his career, Joe Biden has garnered a reputation for toeing the line of corruption and political greed. However, the events surrounding the Kabul attack and its aftermath have painted a different picture entirely. Further accusations of selfishness, political maneuvering, and deceit have been levied against him.

  • The Gold Star Families' Testimony: Their accounts suggest a president more concerned with his own image than with the genuine grief and concerns of those who lost their loved ones.
  • Media's Role: The mainstream media's perceived lack of coverage of the Gold Star families' stories has further fueled discontent and mistrust.

Historical Context

The U.S.'s involvement in Afghanistan has spanned two decades, with multiple administrations grappling with the complexities of the region.

The decision to withdraw, while supported by many as a necessary end to a protracted conflict, has its roots in years of policy decisions, geopolitical considerations, and on-the-ground realities.

Many foreign policy experts had predicted the challenges of a rapid withdrawal. Their warnings, it seems, went unheeded. In fact, the U.S.'s exit from Vietnam offers some parallels, both in terms of the challenges faced and the national sentiment.


The stories of the Gold Star families serve as a poignant reminder of the human cost of war and the responsibilities of leadership.

As the nation grapples with the repercussions of the Kabul attack, it is essential to remember the sacrifices made and ensure that such tragedies are not repeated in the future.

We will never forget those lose or the Biden Administrations role in the disastrous withdrawal of Afghanistan.

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2 comments on “Gold Star Families Speak Out on Biden's Disastrous Handling of Kabul”

  1. I am TERRIBLY ASHAMED of this, (my) Country's DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP, starting with Biden! I'm almost 70 yrs old and cannot believe how fast this Country has turned to CRAP! First time in all those lived yrs. that I'm actually ASHAMED now, to be part of (this failing) America! I remember the day that BOTCHED withdrawal happened and could not believe what I was seeing! I BLAME BIDEN FOR THAT WHOLE MESS! ALL THOSE DEATH'S of everyone, including those left behind ARE ON HIM AND HIS IDIOTIC democrats DECISIONS!!!!!! SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS that support that EVIL man after seeing what he has done to this Country since he took over! I feel so terribly sad for all those killed, or left behind when they were all told to turn tail and run (like so many democrats would do! They just want to destroy this country, not protect it) THIS WAS OPPOSITE OF WHAT AMERICA, UNDER DECENT LEADERSHIP, WOULD HAVE DONE!!! WE, AS A COUNTRY SHOULD BE, AND WERE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! Before Biden was selected! PREVIOUS GENERATIONS MUST BE ROLLING IN THEIR GRAVES AT WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA SINCE THE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER! REMEMBER THE GREATEST GENERATION AND WHAT THEY DID TO KEEP AMERICA FREE AND THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH? SHAME ON THOSE BEHIND THAT IDIOTIC, STUPID, HORRIBLE, SHAMEFUL DECISION! I'M WAITING TILL KARMA HITS THEM BIGTIME!!! TICK TOCK! IT'S BEEN DARK TIMES FOR THIS COUNTRY SINCE DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER! I'M NO LONGER PROUD TO SAY I'M AN AMERICAN IN THIS TIME PERIOD! ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL AND TERRIBLY SAD TO SEE HOW BAD IT'S BECOME HERE, it's ALL ON THE DEMOCRATS! iT'S them that are DETROYING America! All who refuse to "see" what's truly happening, and actually, blindly supports the democrats idiotic policies, are PART of the PROBLEM, and also supports the destruction of the formally great United States of America!
    DemoCrats=DemoNrats Swapping out the letter "c" with an "n" won't change who they really are! (remember that Demon Devil gets to the weak brains first! they're so much easier to control) ISH!

  2. The botched withdrawal and loss of thirteen brave warriors and hundreds of innocent civilians can only be credited to one person,Joe Biden. You Bastard have their BLOOD 🩸 dripping from your hands and should be tried and punished in a court of law for you’re Crimes against innocent lives and put to death as any common traitor.

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