Helicopter Captures Incredible Footage Of Suspect Diving Off Bridge To Escape Police

 November 8, 2021

Pursuing a stolen vehicle on a dark roadway can be a difficult task for first responders, but it can be even harder when the suspect decides to get daring with their escape.

Vehicle Pursuit

On October 29, a stolen van was seen by Lee County Sheriff's deputies on Bayshore Road close to midnight. The suspect, Bryan Gray, 34, evaded authorities driving westbound on U.S. 41.

However, just before the car spun out of control, the sheriff's helicopter arrived onsite. The helicopter was able to catch the van hitting the concrete barrier on the side of the highway.

When the vehicle stopped, Gray got out of it and ran to the edge of the bridge. That's when the video footage caught him climbing over the railing and standing on the edge.

When a squad car approached, and the officers exited the vehicle, Gray jumped headfirst off the bridge into the Caloosahatchee River. The helicopter followed Gray as he swam to a bridge support and held on.

According to LCSO, the Fort Myers Police Department Marine Unit came to the scene, and the officers retrieved Gray from the water and arrested him.

According to LCSO, Gray is facing charges for grand theft auto and fleeing and eluding officers.

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