Israel Successfully Frees Four Hostages Held by Hamas

 June 8, 2024

Israel has carried out a daring daytime operation resulting in the successful rescue of four hostages from Gaza.

According to Fox News, the hostages had been held captive by Hamas for 246 days following their abduction during the attacks on October 7.

The individuals rescued were Noa Argamani (26), Almog Meir Jan (22), Shlomi Ziv (41), and Andrey Kozlov (27). The operation, involving officers from the Yamam special forces unit and Shin Bet agents, unfolded at two different locations within the central Gaza region of Nuseirat.

A meticulous rescue under fire

The mission was described as highly intricate and perilous, taking place under relentless gunfire. Tragically, during the operation, Chief Inspector Arnon Zomora of the Yamam unit sustained critical injuries and later succumbed to them.

The Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who watched the rescue efforts from the command and control center, praised the valiant and skilled execution of the mission. "Our troops conducted a heroic operation to rescue four hostages held by Hamas, and brought them home to Israel," he remarked.

Preparation for the rescue spanned several weeks, signifying the operation’s complexity and the high risks involved. On the day of the operation, the Israeli forces faced shootings both while entering the buildings in Gaza and while making their way back with the hostages.

The joyous return of the rescued

The hostages were immediately taken for medical evaluations upon their rescue and reports suggest their health is stable. "They are back home in Israel, they are alive, they are well," Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari affirmed.

"Don’t kill me!" were the desperate words captured from Noa Argamani during her abduction from a music festival in southern Israel. This plea echoed until her recent liberation.

The Hostages Families Forum Headquarters highlighted the broader implications of the rescue.

"Now, with the joy that is washing over Israel, the Israeli government must remember its commitment to bring back all 120 hostages still held by Hamas - the living for rehabilitation, the murdered for burial. We continue to call upon the international community to apply the necessary pressure on Hamas to accept the proposed deal and release the other 120 hostages held in captivity; every day there is a day too far," the organization stated.

Furthermore, Minister Yoav Gallant echoed this commitment by emphasizing the ongoing efforts to secure the freedom of all remaining hostages. "I followed the complex operation from the command and control center - IDF, ISA, and Special Forces operated with extraordinary courage under heavy fire, and succeeded in completing their mission. Israel's defense establishment will continue fighting until 120 hostages return home," he detailed.


The operational success did not come without its sacrifices. The demise of Chief Inspector Arnon Zomora is a solemn reminder of the dangers that these heroic individuals face. "While under fire in the buildings and under fire on the way out from Gaza our forces rescued our hostages," Rear Admiral Hagari highlighted. "Israeli forces have been preparing for this rescue mission for weeks… they risked their lives to save the lives of our hostages. This is what we do in Israel," he added, underscoring the courage and dedication inherent in such risky endeavors.

The spirit of resilience and the commitment of Israel's defense forces remain steadfast as the nation celebrates the return of the four Israelis while remembering the ongoing plight of those still in captivity.

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