Kristen Bell Slammed For Taking Photo With Sheriff's Deputies

By Ethan Cole on
 November 29, 2021

One Hollywood celebrity posed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lancaster station, and now she is facing major backlash from fans. Actress Kristen Bell swung by the station for a chat with sheriff's deputies.

Positive Pics Turned Controversial

On November 20, the LASD Lancaster station put photos of two of their deputies and Bell on its social media pages. The caption read, "Today, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting @kristenanniebell, who was hands down, the kindest human ever. There truly never is a dull moment at Lancaster."

Followers immediately criticized Bell as she posed in one picture with her arms around two officers and gave a "thumb's up" in the second. Some of her critics brought up the alleged LASD gangs.

One user wrote, "She likes gang members?" While another asked if she had checked out their tattoos. Some even said that it was a "big mistake" to take the photos with the officers.

Even still, another said, "I'll forgive her. Based on the pic, she looks a little stoned, I'm guessing a few selfies are easier to deal with than a pot arrest. Even for the super privileged. But seriously, @KristenBell, please look into LASD gangs."

However, a few spectators in the Twitterverse stood by Bell, tweeting, "Not sure what's happening here with the controversy, but she's supporting the community. Whoever is offended by this needs a new hobby." Another supporter said that it was nice to see someone in Hollywood supporting officers, a sentiment we could not agree with more.

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28 comments on “Kristen Bell Slammed For Taking Photo With Sheriff's Deputies”

    1. I can't believe someone hasn't killed the power on those places. Twitter twotter and facebook and the rest of those bulls--t sites along with the big media.

  1. Those that made the asinine negative comments are also those that think the way the Chicoms treat their minority by forced labor is acceptable. Those that think the action depicted in this photo was in-appropriate are part of the liberal collection of lobotomized zombies that claim to be human!!

  2. Is his insane that not only do we have the far left with their hatemongering, but now even a decent person can't express gratitude for the people who put their lives in danger to keep us safe! Oh no, that's asking too much from the idiots following the path of destruction led by this administration!!

    1. Hope she keeps it up!! She is genuine and the left is just communist!! Who are you going to call when you need someone is attacking you or someone you love!! Completely, ridiculous ! the cops are our friends. They support us on our worst days! Thank God for all the police men and woman of law enforcement. We honor you every day!! Keep up the good work!

  3. To all of those people that thrive on spreading hate and think it's ok to steal from others. Just remember what you are doing. There IS a right way and a wrong way to do things. You choose your path and you have to pay the consequences of your actions. You are the one that has to be accountable to GOD for what you have done here to your fellow man or woman. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  4. Police are people that protect. Good people not BAD PEOPLE. I'm for the police not the bad! Bad is for the one an only DEMS.they are the SAME!

  5. I'm curious, why is it o.k. to insult, degrade ans disrespect the very people who answer the 911 line when your ass is a tight spot. Some one should give that a thought. And NO it aint about racism or favoritism

  6. The Lib Loons never take a break. What are they going to do when CNN becomes a legitimate news agency for the first time in their sordid and shameful existence. Let's send all the lib losers out to another country where they will be much happiers; say China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea or Afganistan where they can lie and whine all they want.

    1. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep are too stupid and too lazy to act, globalist puppet $oro$ always hires and bribes their libby snow flakes to react and preach globalist agendas .

  7. Don't worry about these losers commenting about her posing with these officers who protect them even with their hate toward them. I was taught "Never get into a war of intelligence with an unarmed person, just not fair".

    1. As long as globalists and their puppet $oro$ has money to bribe their puppets; demonrats and rinos, the morons will always appear .

  8. It's nice to see someone out there who enjoys and appreciates our police. I'm from Portland, OR sadly to say and our police have taken a lot of heavy-duty shit from the rioters and told to stand down. I really like being able to comment in your column because I can't in any of the others because I refuse to belong to twitter and the other ones. I do belong to facebook but can only connect with whoever's on my list. The funny thing about all the BS going on in these big techs is they can shut one down. I was taken off of facebook because I deleted about 50 people who I didn't know from Adam and Eve. They wouldn't even respond back. Anyway, I enjoy and appreciate your comment section.

  9. Those who are putting Bell down are people who are narrow minded and do not care about others and don’t care about the future of the community and country. These same people would be the first to criticize the police and public servants for not being there to help them in less than one second.

    1. They apparently aren't really her fans, they are only libby snow flake sheep that collect welfare and spend their welfare check on drugs and alcohol and professional sports tickets and merchandise .

  10. Imagine someone taking a picture with the people whose job protects their loved ones and themselves. Folks who do not remotely get paid what their job warrants... they go to work every day not knowing if they will survive their shift. Kristen Bell is not the one who should be slammed. Hate cops for some unfathomable reason? Who exactly would these people call for help? Kudos to Ms Bell! And thank you to all law enforcement, you are far braver than I am.

    1. May those libby snow flake sheep enjoy their last selfie taking a picture while they must get too close to the edge of a cliff .

  11. Thank you Miss Bell. - there was a time in America when the only time we needed a police officer was for an accident, etc. Since the drugs came into society in the 70s US citizenry started to decline. Every riot we have had was predicated by a drug screw up. I thank the police and hate the pressure they are under these days. Have a Merry Christmas.

  12. miss. Bell now go back and take another picture with those cops again and fly the BIRD FREELY. FOR THOSE WHO DONT LIKE IT OR ARE OFFENDED !!!!

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