Kristen Bell Slammed For Taking Photo With Sheriff's Deputies

One Hollywood celebrity posed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lancaster station, and now she is facing major backlash from fans. Actress Kristen Bell swung by the station for a chat with sheriff's deputies.

Positive Pics Turned Controversial

On November 20, the LASD Lancaster station put photos of two of their deputies and Bell on its social media pages. The caption read, "Today, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting @kristenanniebell, who was hands down, the kindest human ever. There truly never is a dull moment at Lancaster."

Followers immediately criticized Bell as she posed in one picture with her arms around two officers and gave a "thumb's up" in the second. Some of her critics brought up the alleged LASD gangs.

One user wrote, "She likes gang members?" While another asked if she had checked out their tattoos. Some even said that it was a "big mistake" to take the photos with the officers.

Even still, another said, "I'll forgive her. Based on the pic, she looks a little stoned, I'm guessing a few selfies are easier to deal with than a pot arrest. Even for the super privileged. But seriously, @KristenBell, please look into LASD gangs."

However, a few spectators in the Twitterverse stood by Bell, tweeting, "Not sure what's happening here with the controversy, but she's supporting the community. Whoever is offended by this needs a new hobby." Another supporter said that it was nice to see someone in Hollywood supporting officers, a sentiment we could not agree with more.

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