Two Sheriff's Deputies Ambushed And Shot While Conducting Welfare Check

Police officers are often called upon to conduct welfare checks on citizens in their homes. A welfare check can be called into a department by a concerned citizen, a family member, or an employer.

Concerned Employer

According to WBTV, two sheriff's deputies went to a home on Hardaman Circle in the town of Boone for a welfare check. The residents had not been in to work that day and had not answered phone calls.

Deputies verified that vehicles on the property belonged to everyone who was known to be living in the home. Deputy Logan Fox and Sergeant Chris Ward went into the home around 9:44 a.m.

The deputies encountered gunfire right off the bat. Both were struck. Deputy Fox died at the scene while Sgt. Ward was rescued from the home during the 13-hour standoff that ensued.

Unfortunately, St. Ward succumbed to his injuries and died at the hospital.

Additional Casualties

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Boone police officer, a Boone firefighter, and an Appalachian State University police officer all received fire while attempting to rescue the two deputies trapped inside.

Only the Boone police officer was hit with a bullet, however, he was not injured because his Kevlar helmet protected him. In all, 12 different law-enforcement agencies responded to the incicent at the home.

The stand-off ended at 11:00pm, 13 hours after its start, when the suspect shot himself.

“This is an incredibly tragic situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved as well as their families and our community. I greatly appreciate the tremendous support we are receiving from law-enforcement agencies across the region and the state.”

Sheriff Len Hagaman

According to Sheriff Hagaman, the suspect, 32-year old Issac Alton Barnes, is believed to have killed his mother and his stepfather, Michelle Annette Ligon and George Wyatt Ligon.

A Community In Shock

Neighbors were evacuated from the area or told to remain in their homes, depending on their proximity to the Ligon residence.

Many were shocked that something like this could happen in their small town. For one Dollar Tree employee, Kimberly Main, the incident reminded her of a shooting in Watauga County in 2012, where 23-year-old deputy William Mast died.

“The Dollar Tree Family is praying for the families involved all the way around,” said Main. “We love you.”

Sadly, these two officers lost their lives because they were ambushed by the suspect.

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15 comments on “Two Sheriff's Deputies Ambushed And Shot While Conducting Welfare Check”

  1. Dear Lord be with the families that lost love ones and heal those who r hurt .watch over our police they're jobs r toff these days it seam like around every corner is someone trying to kill them .please protect them .and help us find away to bring peace to our streets in Jesus name amen

    1. Yes, their jobs are tough these days and they deserve our support. When will this killing stop?


      1. The killing will stop when conscience and God gets inserted into the picture once again. Otherwise, the Devil's evil will prevail.

  2. Prayers to the families...
    So many people dying for what???
    Heartbreaking to have people die needlessly...
    We need to being GOD back into our lives...

  3. Please pray for all Police Officers who put there life on the line everyday. They take an oath to protect and serve ALL. These events against Police need to STOP just because of a few bad apples doesn't make it that all cops are no good. They have families too! This country is so quick to put blame on anyone with a shield. STOP THE HATE ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY. GOD BLESS THE MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE.

    1. We must protect our Law enforcement officers. They are so tragically being killed because of a few bad apples. They take an oath to protect and serve the public. Put their lives on the line from the time they leave there homes then pray for their safe return.

  4. What a tragedy Maybe the Democrats shouldn't have so eager to legalize drugs. It seems that every tragedy you hear or read about there is a "mental issue ",which has been proven time and time again it was related to drug use of some kind.So sad he killed his mother and stepfather as well. Hope the Democrats are happy ruining America maybe they should count the loss of life instead of Money to pad their pockets.

  5. I must have missed something. In which state is Boone? Somewhere in Appalachia, I imagine, if an Appalachian State University police officer was called?

  6. A decades old recitation by Paul Harvey is on YouTube. It is titled
    "If I were the devil". It's definitely worth the Google.

  7. My prayers to the families
    How about the MARXIST POLITICIANS stop villifying our LEO. Notice Maxie called on them to escort her to a riot then turns around and wants them to defend her sorry A**. .

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