OFFICER DOWN: Hollywood Police Officer Gunned Down By Career Criminal

 October 19, 2021

The law enforcement community has lost yet another officer in the line of duty. A Florida officer was responding to a call on Sunday and was killed.

Suspicious Incident Call

Officer Yandy Chirino, 28, was gunned down while responding to a call around 10:30 p.m. off North Hills Drive in Hollywood, Florida. Department spokesperson Deanna Bettineschi told the Miami Herald that the officers were looking into a "suspicious incident."

In a press release, Hollywood Police Chief Chris O'Brien said that Chirino responded to a burglary where he found and confronted Jason Banegas, 18. Police are not clear exactly what happened after that and do not know if Chirino could fire his weapon.

They also do not know the exact location of the shooting. Homes in the area caught Banegas riding a bike with a mask on and pulling on car door handles.

When the officers approached him, an altercation broke out, and Chirino was shot. He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital by his fellow officers. The hospital did everything they could, but surgeons were not able to save the officer's life.

Chief O'Brien told Chirino's family, "Your son selflessly offered himself to law enforcement. The pain extends here to the brothers and sisters at the police department. Too often, we take for granted or minimize the dangers."

Locating the Suspect

According to O'Brien, Banegas was arrested by officers. He will be charged with armed burglary, battery on a law enforcement officer, carrying a concealed firearm, resisting arrest with violence, and first-degree murder.

Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy stated that losing Chirino was a sad day for the community. Levy said, "It's a tragic reminder of the dangers our officers face every day."

Chirino was a graduate of Coral Park Senior High in Miami. He graduated from Florida International University after receiving his bachelor of science degree in criminal justice.

He had been with the department for four years and had already made quite an impact on his community. He had multiple commendations and had been named officer on the month in June 2020.

The flag was at half-staff at the department, and a procession of motorcycle officers gathered to escort his body from the hospital to the morgue. In the 96 year history of the department, Chirino is the seventh officer to die in the line of duty.

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12 comments on “OFFICER DOWN: Hollywood Police Officer Gunned Down By Career Criminal”

  1. I can't believe this happened in the land of Lollywood where everything is Perfect and the people are just SOOOOOO FAKE. sorry for the loss of this young man with such a bright future. How long before the criminal is back on the streets? 2 weeks, 2 months?

    1. This IS a real good reason to bring back the DEATH PENALTY for MURDER. Time to eliminate these animals that think nothing of taking another's life away...

  2. My thoughts and prayers are offered for P/O Yandy Chirino. It saddens and angers me to read of yet another line of duty death. To the family and friends and his brothers and sisters in the Police Dept. I offer my most sincere sympathy.

  3. Isn't it about time to bring back the "DEATH PENALTY" for MURDERERS?!!!!!!! Or do you want to put this hoodlum in jail for 5-10 years and let him out "TO KILL AGAIN"?!!!!!

  4. If these Democrats would stop shooting people the national gun crimes would drop by 99%. How long will it be before this Democrat is back on the street shooting people again?

  5. The Death Penalty as it stands today is not a deterrent to Violent Criminals! It must not be a twenty or twenty five year wait for justice I recommend no more then ten years with a five in estimation continuing up until the last six month's.

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