Two Sheriff Deputies Shot In The Face, Suspect Down

 April 12, 2021

Law enforcement officers interact with the general public daily. As two Salt Lake City Deputies found out, you never know how that interaction will turn out, especially when the situation initially seems to be pretty harmless.

Morning Patrol

While on patrol outside the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office and Unified Police Department Headquarters, which is also the Salt Lake County Metro Jail site, two deputies found a man sitting on the lawn by the north parking lot.

As the officers walked up to him, the man pulled out his weapon and began shooting the officers. The shooting occurred just before 10:30 am.

The two deputies were both shot in the face and transported to a nearby hospital.

Multiple Injuries

According to Fox13, one of the deputies was hit in the cheek and is currently stable.

According to Sheriff Rosie Rivera, he has "quite a bit of damage." However, he should be released from the hospital within a couple of days.

The second deputy was hit in the eye. He is stable but in critical condition. He is slated for surgery, and a lengthier hospital stay. However, officials say that they expect him to pull through.

"They have a long time to heal... it's a struggle. I ask the community to join me in keeping these deputies in our thoughts and prayers."

Sheriff Rosie Rivera

The deputies names have not been released yet, pending notification of their families.

Suspect Identification

No other officers were involved in the shooting, and investigators are working to determine the motive behind the shooting.

Rivera said the whole thing happened quickly, and one of the deputies fired back at the suspect hitting, and subsequently killing him. Investigators are still working to identify the suspect.

The department is taking the incident hard and working with a "Peer Support Team."

Rivera said, "These types of incidents are really devastating for the department. The environment for law enforcement right now is extremely dangerous, and we know that."

Looking for Answers

Being in law enforcement is a difficult job. Officers now have to worry about getting ambushed or shot at simply attempting to speak with members of the public.

While it has always been a possibility, more and more people are pulling guns on officers than in the past. Hopefully, investigators will find out more details about what happened in this situation and get everyone much-needed answers.

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30 comments on “Two Sheriff Deputies Shot In The Face, Suspect Down”

  1. Unreal God bless them and their families watch over our police in Jesus name amen .this is why people better understand .what our police go throw .Mr army man at the gas station our police don't no what u have in store for them .we need to stop fighting against our police and do what u r told in Jesus name back the blue people .

  2. Good! A few more of these protestors shot and hopefully maimed might get their attention and cause them to realize there are consequences for their stupid actions. It is time this crap is stopped, one way or dead if necessary!

  3. hey all what was the nationality of the shoot. Since it was not mention in the report i would think it was an african american. How did he get the gun. They part he is dead and the taxpayer will not have to support him for another 50 years. All the facts have not been release and will be interesting if they every will

  4. The far left, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa are fully responsible for these attacks on the police! Far left needs to put a stop to the press from publishing untrue news. Things are bad enough without the lies. Joe Biden is not cognitively able to run this great country. That man is going to get us all killed! Russia and China are just waiting for a weak leader.

    1. And yet... and yet... there is a alarming segment of the population that would have this incident dealt with by unarmed social workers !!

  5. You can thank the "democrats" especially FRAUD obama, for allowing (and condoning) these events to keep happening. The communist-funded "black LIES matter" terrorists are "allowed" to do as they please, as well as the soros/DNC funded "antifa" terrorist group . democommunist "mayors" and 'governors " ORDER their "police" to stand down as these terrorists burn, loot, destroy private property. and murder.
    There is going to come a time (and soon) when WE the People will start "standing up" and sending a few (or many) of these "domestic terrorists" that are allowed to do as they please, to a permanent "dirt nap" to protect our homes, businesses and families.

    1. The FRAUD Obama and his Mrs. were the real beginning of this great divide we're feeling in our country right now! We've always had political differences in America, but nothing like we've experienced since he and the Mrs., in all their arrogance, moved into the people's White House!!

      1. I could NOT agree more! Those two communist idiots kicked this into high gear, and "child sniffer" biden poured gas on the fire.

        They do have a plan, they do have a design, and it is not one that ends well for our Republic.

        Without a return to sanity, this Republic will go the way of all previous great Nation States.

        Destroyed from within.

      2. No Mrs., just a He / Woman and a fraud president both so corrupt the stink rubs off on anything they touch.

      3. All this people the were unhappy with this country they should’ve left to a communist country or whatever country those country never put up with this nonsense .. keep praying that our country go back to God!!

    2. I agree with you 100% !!! We can no longer afford to just stand by and let these pricks pick us off or our loved ones ! THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS AND PROTECT / SAVE LIVES is here !

    3. And do anyone of WE Americans think we are going to bow down to all this BS! And anyone wonder why they want all OUR guns?

  6. Okay, I give up. What exactly was the weapon involve. Clearly it wasn't a firearm or the police would be dead.

  7. I'm sure , the TERRORIST of black TRASH matters won't let this shooting go to waste . They'll jump at ANY chance get steal , loot !!!

  8. I have never seen such a level of ignorance originating from a political party as what we are getting
    from the democrats. This has to be a deliberate act to destroy this country. My fear is that this will result in civil war that will finish off our great democracy. Lord help us. He is our hope, pray for his mercy and look to Him.

  9. Those poor Officers! Sending prayers to them and their families! Too bad we don’t have a President to stand for our Officers in Blue ! Can’t wait till Biden is in a middle of a roit and no one is around to help him! God bless and take care of our Men in Blue!!

  10. God Bless our Police.........These people that are simple minded and believe that no matter what they do will be covered by escaping or suing the police ..........Its time to start helping the police in their fight for justice and obey the Constitution.

  11. Sending healing prayers to the Officers 💙🙏🏻💙 Biden and the other big mouthed Dems and Law enforcement haters you all are an absolute disgrace! You think that the Officer killed that Daunte intentionally you all fail to talk about him resisting arrest, trying to flee the seen and he was no good boy ! I’m so sick of our law Enforcement being attacked #BackTheBlue

  12. Time to act ,because numb biden isn’t going to.The far left is running the country and they are communist So we cannot let this happen.”Wake UP DEMOCRATS,you know this is not right.Eat a little crow and admit it ,we will accept you in our party.

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