LAPD SWAT Team Takes Down Gunman Who Took Woman Hostage

 October 14, 2021

According to tweets from the LAPD, on October 8, around 4:10 p.m., law enforcement received a couple of calls about an armed man who was committing multiple different offenses in the Broadway and 8th area.

Gunman Loose

According to police officials, the gunman allegedly held a weapon to a man's face, pulling the trigger. However, the firearm did not fire. After, the gunman went into a business on the 700-block of Broadway and fired upon three people inside. A bullet hit the side of a 14-year old boy's head just grazing it, officers stated.

The suspect went back outside after shooting inside the business. He attempted to carjack a woman but failed to get her vehicle. He then ran on foot toward the Spring and 7th street area.

Once he was in the area, he had a physical confrontation with a bicyclist that he attacked. According to the LAPD, the bicyclist reported that he "saw the suspect reach into his waistband where he was still armed with a gun."

The area had security officers who saw the suspect running into an apartment complex and notified the LAPD officers who were responding. The apartment was at Main and 6th.

β€œThe officers established a perimeter and began requesting additional resources including K9 and SWAT. While a tactical plan was being put in place, officers became aware of surveillance footage from inside the apartment complex.”


Hostage Situation

According to police officials, cameras caught the man taking a woman hostage. The LAPD said, "At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation."

The gunman held the firearm to the woman's head, which officers could see through a window. Video footage of the incident was captured by a neighbor in an apartment across the way. The neighbor posted the footage to Twitter.

"Based on the already incredibly violent actions & fearing the suspect was going to kill the hostage, SWAT entered the apartment," the LAPD said. Officers exchanged fire with the gunman, who was subsequently shot and killed. The suspect was declared dead at the apartment.

The woman was taken to the hospital, but her status is unknown. According to the LAPD, the boy was taken to a hospital is in stable condition and will survive his wounds.

The video footage of the incident can be seen below. WARNING: The content is graphic and contains obscene language.

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