Police Officer In Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Head, Manhunt Underway For Shooter

Daytona Beach Police Department is now searching for a man who shot one of their officers in the head. The suspect is 29-year old Othal Wallace.


Wallace was in a 2016 Honda HRV with California tags. According to a tweet Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, " He should be considered armed and dangerous."

There is also a $100,000 reward for information on the suspect. Right before 9:00 p.m. an officer responded to a suspicious incident call on Kingston Avenue.

The officer was checking out the area on his radio, but became unresponsive to fellow officers. When back up arrived, he was lying on the ground, shot in the head.

He was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center and went straight into surgery according to the DBPD. He is in critical condition.

Shooting Incident

Parts of his bodycam footage was released to help put together the pieces of what happened. The footage shows the offiver walking up to Wallace's vehicle.

"How's it going?" he says. He proceeds to ask, "Do you live here?" Despite the officer asking Wallace to stay in his seat, he get out.

“Sir, come on now. Don’t do this. Why you asking me do I live here? What’s going on, though?”

Othal Wallace

Wallace appears to attempt to push the officer away and tells him to "back up." In a press conference Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young says, " At some point, the suspect turns and shoots my officer one time in the head."

An Officer Fights For His Life

Jakari said the officer was in "grave" condition and referred to the gunman as a "coward."

“This cop is 26 years old… fighting for his life. Most of us are just starting to live at 26 years old. We are completely heartbroken by what took place.”

Chief Young

Over 500 officers are searching for Wallace. In his apartment, officers found firearms, magazines, boxes of ammunition, and three ballistic vests. The suspect also has six felony cases on his record, five in Volusia County and one in Brevard County.

With that many officers searching for Wallace, they are bound to find him quickly. Hopefully finding him can fill in the blanks of what happened.

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