Louisiana Jailbreak: Two Inmates Found, Two Still Missing

 May 28, 2024

Amite City faced tension as local law enforcement scoured the area.

Four inmates escaped from Tangipahoa Parish Jail, Louisiana, using their recreation time strategically.

Daily Mail reported that the Tangipahoa Parish Jail faced an unexpected security breach on Sunday. Four young inmates took advantage of their recreation time to make a bold escape, prompting an immediate and extensive response from local law enforcement.

Arrest Behind Local Store Brings Partial Relief

The situation developed quickly, with two of the individuals found less than 24 hours later. Travon Johnson and Avery Guidry, aged 21 and 19, were discovered hiding in a dumpster behind a Dollar General Store early Monday. Approximately 20 miles from where their escape commenced, the location suggested a desperate attempt to evade capture.

Their apprehension at least, temporarily draws a line under their part in the ordeal. However, such a swift resolution was not possible for all involved. Omarion Hookfin and Jamarcus Cyprian remain elusive, extending the ongoing manhunt and keeping residents and law enforcement on high alert.

Background of the Escaped Inmates

The reasons for the imprisonment of these young men are severe and explain the intensive search efforts. Both Omarion Hookfin and Avery Guidry had been detained in connection with a 2022 homicide in Hammond, Louisiana. This serious allegation also enveloped Travon Johnson, tying the three together in a case that undoubtedly demands justice.

Adding further complication, Omarion Hookfin was not only facing the murder charge. His past actions had also led to charges of aggravated battery while incarcerated in Catahoula Parish, complicating his criminal record and heightening concerns among the public and police alike.

Jamarcus Cyprian, on the other hand, was previously jailed for armed robbery and possessing illegal weapons. His history paints a picture of a deeply troubled young man, and his current status as a fugitive only adds to public unease.

Ongoing Efforts and Community Impact

This escape incident is more than an isolated felony; it brings to light underlying issues regarding security and the handling of high-risk individuals in correctional facilities. It underlines the need for vigilance and perhaps a reevaluation of current practices to prevent such occurrences which jeopardize public safety.

Though relieved by the quick apprehension of two escapees, the local community remains shaken. Residents are urged to report any suspicious activity as law enforcement continues the search for Hookfin and Cyprian, hoping to restore a sense of security to the area swiftly.

While law enforcement's tireless efforts are commendable, this escape serves as a stress test of our systems and community resilience. We must remain supportive and cooperative, trusting in our police forces' strategies while also remaining circumspect and ready to aid their efforts.

Public Remains Alert as Manhunt Continues

As members of this community and supporters of law and order, let us not forget the critical role we also play in ensuring safety. Each of us holds a piece of the larger puzzle of community security. Observant citizens can often be the linchpin in resolving such urgent matters.

As we continue our usual routines, let's be more vigilant and offer authorities whatever help we can. After all, fostering a safe environment is a collective effort and responsibility.


The flight of four inmates from Tangipahoa Parish Jail has led to a partially successful manhunt with two individuals back in custody. The remaining fugitives, involved in severe crimes, are still at large. This incident has re-emphasized the essential role we play in community safety. Let’s remain observant and continue aiding our brave law enforcers in upholding peace and security. It's our communal effort that underpins the tranquility of our daily lives.

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