NY Governor To Release Nearly 200 Inmates, Bans Incarceration Of Parole Violators

 September 20, 2021

Almost 200 inmates from Rikers Island serving time for parole violations have been released from prison by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Her reasoning? Reports of chaos and violence inside the prison were "so deeply disturbing" that she released the inmates early.

According to the New York Post, the 6,000 inmate facility has a massive shortage of corrections officers available. There are claims that inmates are not receiving proper care, and gangs are wandering the hallways.

“How does this hell on Earth exist today? This questions who we are as people that we can allow a situation that we’ve seen in Rikers exist in a prosperous, mighty city like New York. The fact that this exists is an indictment on everyone, and I’m going to do what I can.”

Governor Kathy Hochul

Shifting Inmates

Another 200 inmates will be shifted from Rikers into state prisons since New York City Correction Commissioner Vincent Scgiraldi stated that they would not be able to implement the reform policies with the current state of Rikers.

As a solution, Schiraldi said they should bring in private guards or officers from the juvenile facilities. Conversely, Assistant Deputy Wardens and Deputy Wardens Association President Joseph Russo are trying to block the privatizing jobs that should go to uniformed corrections officers.

Benny Boscio, Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President, firmly believes that the current state of Rikers is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's fault and that bringing in private guards would be illegal.

Boscio claims de Blasio has attempted "to cover up years of intentional neglect, failing to hire any [correctional officers] and leaving Rikers to rot until it closes.”

He went on to say, "Now he's willing to break the law to help his own reputation before a run for governor."


Most of the released inmates were in Rikers for violating their parole: breaking curfew, being late to check-in, and being caught with alcohol.

Hochul said, "Parole in this state often becomes a ticket back into jail because of technical violations. For example, someone was caught with a drink or using a substance or missing an appointment.”

She said that many of these parolees have served done their time for their original crimes. She pointed out that these convicts were not a danger to society.

Boscio does not agree. He is prepared for crime to shoot up as a result of Hochul's decision.

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53 comments on “NY Governor To Release Nearly 200 Inmates, Bans Incarceration Of Parole Violators”

  1. So from now on "chaos and violence inside the prison" is justification for release of inmates? Put this fool in prison for EVERY infraction of the LAW that these inmates make NOW!!!! This fool needs to be removed from office....

    1. Just ONE MORE DUMBOCRAP setting up the stage for the next election, and releasing prisoners that have not served their sentence!! There is now a State of California, and New York that have unleashed an ARMY of violators on the public,,,after reducing the PEOPLE IN BLUE that have protected them for MANY YEARS, and they wonder why people are leaving??? NOT!!! USA is headed for total defeat, which is exactly what the DUMBOCRAPS goal happens to be!

  2. If you had heard her explanation as to why she came to that decision, you might have agreed with her. The state is in real trouble financially. It had to be with liberals running it. Suggest you read about Harry Truman. The democrats could really use him right now. He was a conservative at heart and a straight arrow as well.
    I know those were different times but when his term as President was over he and Bess packed their bags, got in their car and drove back to Missouri. No secret service, no police escort, no press announcement.
    In short….my favorite Democrat.

      1. Well why not? The public voted for people that let this happen. Furthermore, they kept voting for the people that continued to let this spiral down to this we see today.

    1. Having read a great deal about our nation's Presidents I have to take the opposing side on Truman's performance. He did some good things, made some hard decisions and should be remembered for those things. However, Truman's popularity is not as deserved as some may think. Rather than list all of his failures here I encourage anyone interested to read the whole story of Truman. While some tout him as one of our best, many others claim him to be among the worst.

  3. So because they mismanaged funding and demonized the police and now they cant manage the inmate population in a controlled environment they are going to release them into society? God help us all! hold onto your guns!!!

  4. i have always stated eventually the criminals will win because they get legal representation for free and the governments have to freight the bill. It is time we redo the justice criminal system where the criminals start paying for the crime they have committed not just in time but reimbursement cost to the government and any damages they have cause excluding murder charges

    1. Justice Thomas would probably agree with you and would likely vote to reverse or at least modify Gideon v. Wainwright. All we need now is the support of four more justices and a Court willing to hear the case challenging Gideon. If you want to see the zenith, acme and maximum of ingratitude watch a defendant whom the system has provided with a "free lawyer". It does not matter that the lawyer has worked his tail off to provide the ingrate with the best possible defense. If you ask a convicted felon why he is in prison, there's a 90% chance he will say because of his lawyer. He most likely won't say because he actually committed the crime charged and that he left his finger prints and DNA all over the crime scene and the security camera videos and 8x10 glossies show high resolution images of him in the act of committing the crime.

  5. There are those without a clue about foreign policy, police actions or voting for the competent...America is on the decline

  6. Kathy Hochul is Andrew Chomo version 2.0. She was picked by Cuomo to be his Lieutenant governor and subsequently his replacement. Honesty was not on his list of requirements.

  7. I think the gov has the right idea. However, I would have the inmates checked out for a violent or non violent violation before release. An over crowed facility with underpopulated guards is not a good thing. Releasing a couple of hundred non violent inmates would help a lot..If we go straight up with rules and regulations we would never solve a problem. Having someones parole or probation taken for drinking etc. is not a good parole officers thinking anyway...

  8. Disgusting and sickening to think that governor thinks LESS of us taxpayers leading decent lives than the criminals inside Rikers...

  9. If these people have served their time, why shouldn't they be released? They shouldn't be getting sent back to prison for doing things that are not against the law. Some of the conditions of parole make sense, some do not. If they get out and commit an actual crime, then they should go back to prison if found guilty. Everyone in prison isn't a career criminal. Life is hard enough for them when they get out. We need to find ways to help rehabilitate them so they can rejoin society successfully.

    1. Penelope is Right On, I second the motion, and that goes for all the Red States, we don't want New Yorker Criminals, nor the Liberal Socialist Loving Agenda of The Left! They have no common sense, just want power and money! They will do and say anything to get it, and they control the voting machines, stack the deck, and pander on the Taxpayer Dime from ALL the money they scam! The Rule of Law means nothing to them, and they love to Cherry Pick the Constitution! Sadly their tentacles stretch out into everything, and their policies will destroy this great country!
      They don't know Right from Wrong and don't care that they are "Ruining Tomorrow Today!

  10. Wow. NY goes from incompetent governor to incompetent governor. Is there anyone in that state that has any common sense? Run people to the nearest exit. NY is no longer a safe place to live.

  11. Whatever you do don't punish the lawbreakers punish the innocent law abiding citizens. The root of all the problems in ny state is that our leadership are a bunch of pirates and the taxpayers are being pillaged!!!!! She's not talking about releasing inmates, she's releasing a bunch of her "cronies"!! What a scumbag.

  12. So they had a drink and violated their probation. What about all the covid -19 spreaders and vast amounts of criminals being let in at at our southern along with terrorist's by the fraud biden in the white house?

  13. The only thing that happened in New York was Cuomo put a skirt on. Reports of chaos and violence was reported in the prison so she decided to let the criminals move their chaos and violence to the streets.

  14. Get rid of one asshole and get another! What's wrong with these people? Break the law and go to jail, but riot in prison and the dumb asses will let you out. Need to vote all demoncrats out!!!

  15. Prisons were made for violent criminals. The US has the distinction of putting people in prisons to make themselves money one way or the other. When a murderer serves 3 to 5 yrs. And is released, why does someone 21 yrs. Old get handed a sentence of ten years for selling a 50. Bag of dope. The kid isnt violent, stupid, yes, but he's not going g to knock u down and pour the dope in your mouth. The murderer gets out early for good conduct, not the kid. The kid serves every day of ten yrs if it's a federal crime. Tell me these congresspeople and senators aren't making their bank accounts fill up, and I'll call u stupid.

  16. HOCHUL is a another no good pro-leftist DEMONRAT CRIMINAL LOVIN' PUKE who needs to be removed and thrown into prison herself!!!!!! She's just a female version of COMMIE CUOMO!!!!

  17. Why were these inmates in jail for from the onset? They could only break probation from what they were arrested for in the first place. DUH!!!!!!! The "dumbing down" of society.

  18. So it appears there is no penalty for breaking the law. No body needs to be locked up and all is wonderful. We won't even need prisons and think of the tax money we will save because we won't need the state police or prison guards. And I assume that our governor is eliminating her security detail because they won't be needed and we should see a reduction in our taxes. Utopia in our lifetime! We are so blessed.

  19. Typical Democrat response. Crime so bad that they have to bring in the National Guard yet they release more criminals to the street!! Makes you wonder how or if these people think at all!!

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