North Carolina Jail To Release 30% Of The Inmates Because Of Staff Shortage

By Ethan Cole on
 January 5, 2022

Unfortunately, correctional officers are overworked and way underpaid. Add vaccine mandates and anti-law enforcement sentiment into the mix, and we have a recipe for disaster. Not to mention the fact that the same people refusing to fund reasonable salaries for correctional officers are also anti-private prisons. It's a lose-lose situation, no doubt about it.

The NC jail in question apparently cannot maintain basic cleanliness and health standards:

he Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office says it’s working to reduce its jail population after a state inspection found “significant safety concerns around staffing shortages,” some driven by COVID-19 outbreaks that have sickened some 81 workers and more than a fourth of inmates.


The department is only able to fill about 70% of the positions available, which means about 30% of the jail population is about to be freed.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office has struggled with many issues recently, including attacks on officers and regular safety concerns due to lack of resources.

What do you think the solution is for departments who cannot maintain the proper level of staffing?

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42 comments on “North Carolina Jail To Release 30% Of The Inmates Because Of Staff Shortage”

  1. Oh, the solution is to free prisoners out on the streets to jeopardize the public. Where is the reasoning for this decision? And is law enforcement able to re-arrest these individuals when they commit crime? And would they be sent back to prison. This is a catch 22 situation.

    1. Elly, just keep your gun handy, they come in my door they will leave laying down.... I can't understand why so much crap is going on in our country...for sure the communist have taken hold of it... I had a boss who always said (when we had a big job to do) "you can only eat the elephant one bite at a time" and that is what communism is doing in our country. Nikita Kruchev the scum of Russia said at one time, while banging his shoe on the podium."America!!! we will bury you, we will destroy you from within" I can remember him saying that like it was yesterday... and it looks like they are here!! God help us all>

      1. This is not our country. Have you noticed all the crap Biden has done and has not been stopped? Criminals by the thousands and phenol by the tons and our government sits by and does nothing. Communist and socialist are in the government and making it easy for others to join. If you have a representative who has ever voted for raising the deficit that person should be impeached and face criminal charges.

      2. It is easy to understand if you know the goals of the DSoA socialists, who have control of the country and its government. Their primary goal is to bring the country down, to facilitate a complete socialist takeover. Things like those, in this article ,are being used as weapons against us.

      1. Biden is a small problem but the people controlling his puppet strings are not going to go, easily

  2. I'm sure more than 30% of inmates are guilty of violent crime, so execute 30%. Or haul them to Delaware and let Biden take care of them

  3. Okay, this is a count jail, so many are pretrial inmates. Conduct file reviews and minor infractions of the law, would be first to release, but you can also use property as collateral for bail, car,boat,house anything of value. Bail/bound is to insure a person appears for hearing, need to review on case by case. Any felony charge with violence they dont get out with out cash bail as always. As for the shortage of staff, the jail needs to adjust the program, if they come out to eat (example) and thats when they have problems, then lock them in their cell and feed them in the cell. These are hard times,but we cant let hard core inmates run the system. They already broke the law, so they need some constructive skills taught to them. You earn what you get in jail, you dont demand. Major fights spray the unit with pepper spray, when the fighters are done, officer go in with Dogs and as with as many officers as possible to retake order of the facility.

    1. There are a lot of people in these jails that don't belong there. This is the Fuc**d up legal system that we the People let happen, all meant to keep these lawyers and judges in taxpayer money.

      1. We the people didn't mean to let this happen. The crooked politicians should be in prison, but you don't see that happening.
        Checkout the financial situation the united states is in.

        1. We didn't mean it but, through our ignorance, we let it happen. We are thus, the most guilty parties...

      2. There are also people there, who should have recieved the death penalty, who were just set free...

    1. Otr just sentence to death for their crimes. Why should we pay for them ? They want freedom for their crimes.

  4. Because fake fraudulent joe Biden wants us to get VACCINATED when we dont joe Biden will fire them we see as we are going to die anyway so let out more evel and joe biden will be a fake fraudulent president and keep are USA evel like joe wants

  5. IF they are going to release inmates , let be the "minor" infractions of the law , purse snatchers , pot dealers , NOT hardened criminals like murderers, rapist & the like.

  6. I think that if an inmate acts out an additional five years should be added to their sentence. See how that works.

  7. Where is the North Carolina National Guard? Are they all busy bagging groceries at their local Walmarts? Or is that 30% being released filled with inmates over 80, felonious paperclip traffickers, and those who lick popsicle sticks to stay alive?

  8. Do Not release any prisoner until he hasserved his sentence. These people with Defund are asking to be taken over by the criminals they want to release, total idiotsy. They need to be held responsible for all damages they cause with this release.

  9. Excuses from liberals as they hide their true motives and continue to promote lawlessness all across America in so many obvious ways.

  10. I don't have a problem with releasing these criminals as long as they are released into the custody of these anti-police/Defund the police idiots. They will feed/clothe/house them in their homes. If while they are out they commit "another crime", then they will face the same charges as the criminal.

  11. I agree up to a point. If a person has been incarcerated at least 10 yrs and has had no infractions, I think they should be considered for release.

  12. I wonder when our prisons will start releasing inmates who have been sentenced to life with no possibility of parole.

  13. Maybe correctional officers, and all police, should be paid what the politicians make and the politicians should be paid what the officers make.

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