Media Correspondent Joy Reid Thinks Police Handing Out Turkeys Is Traumatizing

 December 1, 2021

Officers handing out "Turkeys Not Tickets" is supposed to be a community-building program, but MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid said that it is "traumatizing." Reid even went as far as to claim that the traffic stops were fake, writing, "terrifying people with a fake and possibly unlawful traffic stop is not smart public relations."

Turkeys For Minor Infractions

Throughout the country, law enforcement has taken to handing out turkeys instead of tickets to motorists to foster goodwill and a positive relationship with those in the community, according to FOX News. For example, officer Jason Flam with the Mesa Police Department gave those who had minor traffic violations a turkey in place of a citation.

According to KSAZ, the drivers who were on the receiving end of the birds were surprised, and the gesture deeply touched many. Flam said, "One lady with an infectious laugh…started laughing, but the tears were coming down. Another gentleman put his head down, and the tears just… don’t think they can afford the turkey, so it worked out really good."

Despite the positive reviews of the program, Joy Reid took to Twitter with her own opinion. "Please stop doing this, officers, especially to Black people. It's traumatizing, given the history of what happens to us in traffic stops."

Reid took it a step further and claimed that because these people drive vehicles, they should not get a free turkey because driving a car equates with being able to afford food for the holidays. Reid wrote, "And if someone is driving a car (in one of these cases to COSTCO, which requires a membership fee), they can buy a turkey. End of TED Talk."

Many of Reid's followers agreed with her, and some, including Reid, even went as far as to claim that the stops were just a fake PR stunt and the turkeys should be handed out elsewhere. However, others were all for the act of goodwill, including one person who wrote, "[Law Enforcement] is here trying to make an honest community service, doing a kind gesture to try and change public perception and they still get ridiculed by you and your followers."

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47 comments on “Media Correspondent Joy Reid Thinks Police Handing Out Turkeys Is Traumatizing”

  1. please stop publishing the sideline opinion of the oblivious moron joy reid and extol the virtues of the cops giving out the turkeys. very nice way to create good will and remind offenders to pay attention. some "celebritys" (loosely stated) can't be pleased and I don't care.

    1. THATS RIGHT . And she is also as much a idiot as biden and the rest . and not smart enough to find her but with both hands and a search WARRENT

    1. Only the liberal racists hate everything. Everything that does not fit their narrative. People can't have their own opinion anymore. They have to think and do as they are told, by the hypocritical leftists.

    2. They obviously do. If whites are included it's racist if it is strictly for people of color ii's racist., you can't win.

  2. Oh Dear God; there’s no joy in joy reed! Racist is as racist do! Find a nation that that U like and move there! Also renounce ur AMERICAN citizenship when you do. Bye-bye multimillion dollar salary!

  3. I wish I had been traumatized. I wonder how many black people who received a free turkey made it home without being beaten by the cops? Yes, they should have only given turkeys to white people. They would have been called racist. So, they give turkeys to black people, which makes them racists. I wonder if any of those cops were black?

  4. Maybe their traffic stops are traumatizing because they act like complete idiots when stopped. I really think they bring all this on themselves act like a fricken adult and most of this would never happen. Joy Reid is one of the most racist disgusting people nothing but a disgrace.

  5. Joy Reid is not a celebrity, but a raging, racist, ultra-liberal, hater of ALL things. She is an embarrassment to good people.

    1. The funny thing is, she was hired by white people. You know, the people that she hates. What a sick and twisted individual she is.

  6. Can you imagine anyone so stupid and demanding her own 5 seconds of fame to try to destroy these people's Christmas of receiving a turkey from the very ones so many want DEFUNDED?!? This idiot needs a good mental checkup!!

  7. I believe the entire left is crazy. They have tried each and every trick in the book, but have failed. Now, upset about free turkeys, and Blind Biden wants to line his pockets with our retirement? WTF???

  8. Oh bull...It was a wonderful thing to do and I imagine the folks appreciated having a turkey for their loved ones. We had a chicken and were thankful for it. Her rhetoric is harmful to everyone and MSNBC needs to decide if they are a news outlet or just another biased smear and incite hate source.

    1. I've seen this shown on TV and they are all plesantly surpriswed and happy. So sad to criticize them for doing some thing nice.

  9. Franz,

    Who is the real racist here? Joy Reed is absolutely evil. She hates the Police and simply does not believe in civilized behavior that is why these people hate the Police. As an immigrant I will tell you racism in this country is as much black as it is white.

  10. Reid is by far the dumbest, most racist socalled journalist on tv or radio. She would be better served with the harpies on the View. She was an absolute failure at ESPN and now she is the most overpaid fool
    and that puts her on the same very low level as Lemon, cooper, cuomo, etc.

  11. Stupid ass.Empty vessels make most sounds.I come from a third World country and have not met one person there as stupid as this fool

  12. Wait until Ms. Reid gets mugged or robbed. Who is she going to call; BLM or Antifa to save her sorry, racist rear?

  13. Hey Joy Reid, STFU, you racist POS. If folks, including black folks, don't want to take a FREE turkey from the police, they don't have to. I'm 100% positive that the police won't shoot them for not accepting the FREE turkey.
    And if folks, whites, blacks and any other skin tone, don't act up during traffic stops, they won't get shot either.
    You think only blacks get shot during traffic stops? Once again Joy Reid, check you facts and statistics.
    If I did my job as badly as you do, I would not have lasted 10 days. How CNN pays you to do what you do, is beyond me.

  14. To Joy-Reid. You are anathema to any human organization. "What happens to "Us" " YOU are devisive , counter-productive, and it is YOU who do the "TRAUMATIZING". YOU are the PROBLEM, YOU are the RACE BAITOR, YOU are the RACIST . Do you enjoy your HATE-MONGERING attitude? You are as useless as AOC,BIDEN, Clintons ,Waters and the rest of the DNC. You LIKE keeping people on "YOUR PLANTATION" .

  15. Can't believe she fid not claim it was a racist act, or a hate crime. These type of people and they're jobs as reporters have all gone stark raving crazy.

  16. There are no words for her stupid ass comments. Quit judging people trying to be nice..but it’s ok to be mean and beat up people. Wonder what our country would be like if the rich would help unfortunates instead of bringing everyone down? Support good causes instead of rioters and thieves.

  17. It's sad that the only thing anyone can see anymore on media outlets in America are communists, racists, and homosexuals.

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