Meet The US Army Soldier Who Cared For Hundreds Of Displaced Afghanistan Children During The Withdrawal

 December 20, 2021

People join the military for many different reasons. For Army Sgt. Breanna Jessop did not want to reach the end of her days and not feel like she made a difference.

Making A Difference

Jessop joined the Army in 2016 as a chaplain assistant. The 23-year-old helped ensure the U.S. and coalition forces at the Hamid Karzai International Airport were hygienic. She also did a lot of work over at the orphanage.

“As a result of her untiring humanitarian efforts, over 400 displaced children were safeguarded throughout NEO operations and enemy attacks. She not only protected the wellbeing of the children but also their dignity as human beings.” 

Command Sgt. Maj David Pitt

However, if you were to speak to Jessop, you would never know all the good she has done for those around her. According to a soldier at Fort Bragg, she is "a true paratrooper, very humble."

Working In Kabul

Jessop was interviewed by Task & Purpose and said Kabul was just like every other mission. Jessop said, "I did my job, and I did my job the best I could."

She said when she first got to the airport, it was quiet. She helped with the chapel and worked in the field hospital.

The linguists in the orphanage talked to the kids, finding siblings that needed to be kept together. However, many children no longer had parents but had family outside the airport.

The soldiers did the best they could, locating coloring books, toys, and radio to entertain the kids. They even cooked tea and chocolate, which was a children's favorite.

"We were just trying to cheer them up, keep them happy. Like I don't' know what you went through or how rough that was, it's' not something I could ever relate to, but I'm' here to give you love."

Sgt. Breanna Jessop

Keeping the Kids Happy

Jessop said the kids were "pretty cheerful" though the world around them was falling. Many of the children had family outside the gate, hoping the kids would be put on planes to the U.S.

"They just got super excited, they recognized [my] uniform, and they just came running over like, ''U.S.A!'' Like just screaming and pointing at their hand. They were excited." 

Sgt. Breanna Jessop

While Jessop instists she was just taking care of people, she has been named the 2021 USO Service Member of the Year.

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