Multiple Arizona First Responders Shot And Killed In Horrifying Attack

When firefighters are called to a fire, they expect to deal with a situation not be ambushed by an active shooter. However, a set of firefighters in Arizona had to deal with a blaze, plus an armed gunman, making their job incredibly difficult.

Just Another Fire?

At 3:45 p.m., a house fire was called in near South Kino Parkway, according to Chief Chris Magnus. Quickly after the fire report came in, there was a report two emergency medical technicians were parked by Quincy Douglas Center and had been shot.

A gunman walked straight up to the window of the AMR ambulance and shot the 20-year-old paramedic in the head. The young man is still in critical condition.

His passenger, a 21-year-old paramedic, was hit with bullets in the chest and the arm. She called for help and gave officers a description of the shooter and his vehicle. As of Sunday, she was in stable condition.

Putting Out A Fire...

While this was going on, firefighters were at the home that was on fire. Neighbors were already working on extinguishing the flames.

While the firefighters and the neighbors were working on putting out the flames, the man who shot the EMTs came up to them and shot one of the neighbors in the head, While one of the Tuscan firefighters was shot in the arm and a neighbor was grazed on their head.

According to Magnus, a body was found inside the home, but the three children who lived there's location was unknown.

A law enforcement officer found the alleged shooter at the home in the SUV. Accoring to Magnus, the driver shot officers multiple times before being hitting a patrol car.

According to law enforcement, an 8 year department veteran shot and wounded the SUV's driver. He was listed in critical condition.

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