Amtrak Gunfight Ends With Multiple Officers Down

 October 6, 2021

A DEA died, one was injured, and a Tuscon officer was hurt while conducting a routine check on a stopped Amtrak train.

The Incident

On October 4, around 7:40 a.m., an Amtrak train going from Los Angeles to New Orleans stopped at the downtown Tuscon station. While the train was stopped, the Counter Narcotics Alliance Task Force got onto the train to do a regular inspection for illegal drugs, guns, and money.

Chief Magnus said in a press conference that the officers "ultimately made contact with two individuals." The individuals were on the top level of one of the cars.

One of them, a Hispanic male between the ages of 20-30, grabbed "a handgun and opened fire on the officers." A Tuscon Police Department K9 handler was on the platform waiting when the shots were fired.

He and his K9 "ran directly into the dangerous situation to be whatever possible help he could.” Chief Magnus said that when the TPD officer "entered into the train, he was also shot."

Locating the Suspects

After the suspect and officer fired rounds back and forth, the suspect locked himself in a lower-level bathroom. He was found deceased by the officers, while the second is in police custody.

The injured officers were taken to the hospital. Magnus commended the officers for their "heroic actions." He also said that because of their brave actions, no civilians were injured.

“I just think it’s kind of incredible here that there weren’t other people who were hurt even though we’re so saddened by the loss of the officer.”

Chief Magnus

He also gave an update on the TPD officer, saying he was stable and still at the hospital. However, Magnus did not reveal the officer nor the DEA agent's identities.

Eye Witness Accounts

Eyewitnesses said that they saw two men walk up to a third man and ask to talk to him. They all were going to exit the train. Then the gunfire began.

The whole thing was caught on Virtual Railfan's live streaming cameras. As you watch the video, you can hear the shots, and then you can see the K9 officer and his partner walk to the door with his gun out.

He gets out, abruptly takes off, and runs as the suspect fires at him on the platform. According to Amtrak, the train had 137 passengers plus 11 crew members. No one was injured.

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19 comments on “Amtrak Gunfight Ends With Multiple Officers Down”

  1. Too bad it’s not ALL AUSSIE officers down. Aussie SS are rapidly deteriorating support for police globally. When “blue” sides with tyranny, they are now enemies. Police who turn on family and friends, need to be neutralized.

  2. Welcome to what will be the everday events in Joe Bidens "lawless America" where criminals are empowered and encouraged knowing they have support from a fake president and his lawless administration.

    1. Can't help but feel that the statements you made James are absolutely true! This current administration is trying it's best to change and ultimately destroy this great country, it's beyond disturbing!! Glad folks are speaking out, way too many are silent and complacent! Open borders is an invitation to disaster, and the costs of this will continue to sky rocket! Under Biden and his Puppet Masters, it's one crisis after another, that's how they get what they want!

      1. I'm just a poor dumb shumk out hear in the real world. But even I recognize a "Rope-A-Dope"
        move when I see one. Fore those that don't know what that is. It is keeping you focused on something over here, while they are doing something over there that you don't see.
        The politicians, have been doing that for over the past 30 years now. Democrats in particular, have been doing that in a major way for the past 15 years. Weather it is publicly attacking Republicans, Trump, the cops, whatever. Crisis after crisis or scandal after scandal. Just anything that keeps from looking at what they are doing behind the our backs. And people are dying because of what they are doing. When they get done with what they are doing behind our backs, no one except them is going to like the results.

  3. Take away the Bible, God, and Patriots, and what do we get? Well, commie teachers in the schoolhouse, Godless tyrants, sexual deviants, and ignorant gang-bangers. Also, homeless and hopeless drug addicts.

    Not much of a good melee to solidify a solid and sane place to live in, don't you agree?

    It gives us a semblance that God has given up on us, and let the rampant social discombobulation to happen,

    Anyone here, reading this can make a difference! At the rate of our social collapse that's happened thus far, 'tain't gonna be an easy task! But it can happen, one inch at a time.

    We need for you to start that inch, and your fine example will encourage others to take notice and also join you in the task. You ready for the task?

  4. Expect this kind of behavior as long as we have Joe Biden in the WH! The Democratic Party is lawless and therefore, the thugs and criminals from white collar down have faith in the government's backing for their behavior! We're going back to the Wild West where everyone needed a personal gun to defend themselves!

  5. And it begins!
    Or should I say will only get worse under this administration that supports defunding police, the legal system that is soaked in, as Trump stated “the swamp” !
    Open your eyes folks and stand up to this commie bs going on all around you, schools, business, mandates, border, as all they want is power, take away our freedom. You almost have to be blind not to see it.
    This will only get worse and if you think you and your family are safe we’ll these thugs will kill you me and anyone in their way!
    God Bless those brave agents and their families, they deserve our thanks!
    Thank you all!

  6. Maybe if the criminals know they will die when caught will stop this nonsense. Its time for laws to get stricter and criminals to be made an example of. Obviously biden and his cronies need to get a spine a d stop all this now!

    1. The dems know exactly what they are doing & not a lot is going to be done about it until we get the rhinos out!


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  9. Too bad both criminals weren’t killed… they were probably 2 of Biden’s millions of illegals he invited to come across the border illegally!

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