Correctional Officers Aren't Paid Enough, They Are Quitting In Droves Because The Job Is Not Worth It

 November 12, 2021

Across the nation, the corrections crisis is getting worse. One corrections officer, who testified in front of the Georgia state House of Representatives, said on average that six or seven officers are in charge of about 1200 people, with barely any nurses to give medical care.

Nationwide Issue

Texas corrections officer Lance Lowry left his job as a corrections officer after 20 years to become a long-haul trucker. The conditions were unbearable, with very little support from higher-ups and many coworkers and friends dying from COVID.

He thought he would stay until "at least 50," but it turns out it was not in the cards, mostly because of the pandemic. Long before COVID-19 plagued corrections, staffing shortages presented challenges.

The work is hard, with long hours and low pay, leaving many officers to retire or quit with very few recruits to take their positions. Many facilities had seen numbers fall in pre-pandemic conditions, but population numbers have grown during the pandemic.

University of Michigan Economist Betsey Stevenson says that risk is one of the larger problems in corrections facilities, leading to fewer people interested in the position. The federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 93% of their positions are filled with about 1,000 or so vacancies, but states like Kansas sit with 400 open jobs and expect more open positions soon.

Once people begin to quit, it puts additional strain on those left behind, creating a snowball effect, as Nebraska Correctional system inspector general Doug Koerbernick says. With fewer correctional officers working, prisoners' day-to-day operations cease to run smoothly, and inmates see less yard time, no showers, and little access to mental and health care.

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18 comments on “Correctional Officers Aren't Paid Enough, They Are Quitting In Droves Because The Job Is Not Worth It”

  1. Like the beat cops, sheriff's deputies and state troopers the Correctional Officers are being treated like they are Lepers. People are spitting on them figuratively if not literally. A person will only take so much abuse before they do something. Sometimes fighting or resisting doesn't involve direct contact with those endangering you. It instead involves knowing when to walk away and leave the ungrateful to their fate.

  2. As a friend of a corrections officer, I agree..The "inmates" seem to have the "right' to attack the officers, and NOTHING is done to them. These officers have feces thrown at them, get attacked, "shanked", and virtually are allowed NO defense against these ANIMALS. (that should be "put down" like the rabid DOGS they are, and save the taxpayers BILLIONS) BTW, the DEMOCOMMUNIST "governors" (like here in communist-run N.Y.) are CLOSING the prisons, and letting these CRIMINAL SCUM out of the jails to roam the streets. ("bail and "justice reform laws".) In MY opinion just another way for the communist CABAL "elites" to try to DISARM the law-abiding citizens, make them "easy targets" for THEIR criminal "friends", and then push MARTIAL LAW on the people, when these inmates start to commit crime, after crime, and the people start to fight back.

    1. You are right. A lot of the inmates attitudes are like, F-you, what are ya goin ta do "lock me up" lol.
      Kids learn this lesson early on. Hey I'm a kid, you can't do anything to me. And it just goes on from there.
      Criminals are not afraid of the law, because the law is soft and weak. Jail & prison should be places that are feared to be sent to.
      I feel that since the law has the 3 strikes rule. Then once in prison there should be an ultimate 3 strikes rule. Since you are already in prison, and you still insist on continuing your criminal behavior & with this being your 3 offence. You are to be IMMEDITLY taken to the common area AND HANGED. Inmates will see this and KNOW that they better OBEY the rules.
      We need to bring back Chain-Gangs & a wider, more rapid use of the Death penalty. We as a country need to make people think twice about committing a crime. Fear of punishment, is one of the most effective ways.
      The bleeding-hearts and democRATS want Martial-Law.
      They better be careful, because. SOMETIMES, HAVING SOMETHING IS NOT NEAR AS PLEASING AS WANTING IT. Up comes that saying "be careful what you wish for. Because you just might get it".
      Long story short. Please take all the 10,000,000 shades of gray out of the legal system.
      THERE IS RIGHT & THERE IS WRONG.. PERIOD. The gray just muddies up the water, so that there is no difference between the two.

  3. There is a lot of infrastructure money out there, pay the people UNCLE JOE, you are giving away mucha money to Migrants, why don't you serve your people first? The cops, Correctional officers, and many more of our people are leaving their jobs because they are under paid, UNCLE JOE why don't you help your people first?

    1. Because dementia joe is a NOTHING! He, his son and rest of their family, along with pelosi and The rest of the corrupt politicians, I’ll need to be in his prison cells with the rest of them, as they are no better

  4. the voters spoke in the last election, they don't agree with the policies of the left ...the so called "woke" never had to deal with the crazies, especially since the drug scene started. Bless the police, without them we are a lawless society. Walgreens shut down 5 stores in CA and other stores are following suit. never do stupid things and you'll never meet a cop and if you do, be pleasant, answer questions, etc.

    1. Yes the voters did, but. There are only two choices for getting crooked politicians out of office. One is to vote them out. That is, up until they CONTROLL the voting or the counting of the votes, of which they are 99.9 percent of the way there now). And the other choice is to PHYSICALLY REMOVE THEM.
      Below is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. From Google Search.

      What does the Declaration of Independence say about overthrowing the government?
      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

      Did we not break away from England because they wanted to RULE us unfairly ???
      You tell me people. What are we, the citizens of this country, supposed to do ?

      PS: If I disappear because of my views & the willingness to voice them. So be it. I will have at the very least, not "stood by and did NOTHING".. I love this great country of OUR'S. And will gladly give my live for it many times over.

  5. Replace with social Healthcare is going through tha same shortages.

    This is what happens when there is federal government overreach. It gets all f....d up! You reap what you sow!

    Thanks Biden voters for the chaos!

    1. They tried using social workers in Seattle. The first one they sent out on a domestic disturbance was stabbed to death.

  6. Unfortunately NY WILL BE HAVING MANY CORRECTIONS OFFICERS AVAILABLE. our new She Cuomo announced she is gonna shut down many prisons all over NEWVYORK

    1. Yeah. Those criminals may not fear the law, (especially now) . BUT THEY DAM WELL, B E T T E R FEAR US. That includes any and ALL of the politicians who go along with endangering the public, by helping the criminals. THAT INCLUDES, THE ILLEGALS.
      LEGAL is WITH the LAW. ILLEGAL is AGAINST the LAW. That is why something is called an ILLEGAL act, or someone is called an ILLEGAL ALIEN. It is because they are BREAKING THE LAWS set forth in this country.
      What is so F-ing hard about that to understand ?

  7. To start with, Biden didn’t get voted in, they cheated & Democrats are doing so much damage as they can while they can because Az, PA, Wisconsin, GA has enough evidence to decertify those states, those states need to stand up and get it done, Biden is a illegal President, more money for Prisons & stiffer laws, death penalty in all states for murders. The Democrats want to bring back the days of slavery which is stupid but the laws back then they won’t like, people were hung in town squares. I’m just saying people have to start standing up fir our rights & not just sit back & let it happen, call all Senators & Governor’s & representative and TELL them what you want them to do, we pay them. They work for us.

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