Oklahoma Correctional Officer Stays In The Fight Despite Being Stabbed In The Neck With A Pencil

 April 24, 2022

Update 7/6/2023: Image was replaced to blur out the wound according to Google advertising policies.

An Oklahoma Correctional Officer is being honored for his heroic actions after being stabbed in the neck by an inmate.

It all went down on October 8, 2021 when Oklahoma Department of Corrections Sgt. Dustin Willbanks and his partner were escorting a maximum security inmate to the showers.

The inmate, Shawn Black, was handcuffed but still able to grip a sharp pencil. On emerging from his cell, Shawn made his move:

"It went in straight through the front and right back,... It missed my esophagus by one-eighth of an inch."

Sgt. Dustin Willbanks

After the stabbing, Shawn then tried to overcome Willibank's partner. With the pencil still lodged in his neck Willibanks utilized his training and dedication to assist with subduing the dangerous inmate.

This is a prime example of how quickly a deadly situation can get out of hand while working in the corrections system. Fortunately, Willibanks was able to return to work only a week after the stabbing. However, if the pencil would have struck either the esophagus or an artery, he may not be with us today.

As for inmate Shawn Black who was already serving two concurrent 20-year sentences for armed robbery, he has been charged with the assault and will serve more time.

Willibanks courage in a life or death situation will be recognized with the Medal of Valor, the One Voice United Medal of Honor, the 2021 Oklahoma Department Of Corrections Medal of Valor Award, and by the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation.

"Every day, correctional officers across the state do heroic work, whether it be through changing the life of an inmate with their professionalism and compassion or by protecting their fellow officers and other inmates,... Sgt. Willbanks embodies everything we hope to find in a correctional officer. His selflessness and dedication to his profession were on full display that day. We're extremely thankful for his rapid recovery and proud to see his heroism be recognized across the country."

ODOC Director Scott Crow

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19 comments on “Oklahoma Correctional Officer Stays In The Fight Despite Being Stabbed In The Neck With A Pencil”

  1. Vermin like Black simply need to be put in solitary confinement for life and fed through a door opening with nothing but soup.

    1. Actually they need to be placed with others like themselves, on a deserted island somewhere. With nothing but their two hands and feet, and a few seeds an chickens, to fend for themselves among themselves. With no outside help! After sentencing just place them in chains and transport them to their fate.

      1. Bring back the death penalty! Most of these inmates aren't worth taxpayers having to pay for all their 'services' - internet, cell phones, college education, etc.


          1. I AGREE!! Any one who violates a child in any way, or form, deserves the death penalty. There must be visible proof of the crime committed before the death penalty is issued or carried out. To many innocent people have paid the price for something they didn't do while the real culprit is free to continue.

        2. Yes & decrease the number & time for appeals, so sentence is carried out in 2 yrs or less, not 20 or more yrs.

  2. Sgt Willibanks is a badass for staying in the fight even after being stabbed in the neck/throat with a pencil. He should be commended for his service and his will to do the job he was hired to do. As for the thug that stabbed him he should have to spend the rest of his time in a 8x8 solid block wall cell and maybe he would learn!!

  3. He should have slammed the prisoners head into a concrete wall over and over and over again. I'm so sick and tired of these criminals getting off easy. Beat em until they can't fight ever again. This officer showed get restraint, more than I would have had.

  4. I don't think people realize just how dangerous their job is.glad they're ok.how do you even deal with criminals like this?

    1. God no, they'll think of a way to get off. Unless they have a sturdy prison built. But then again Alcatraz!

  5. Hitting his esophagus would be bad, but hitting the great vessels or trachea would be a lot worse. He was extremely fortunate indeed!

  6. Black should have been pummeled within an inch of his life. Bring back the death penalty. I'm tired of my tax dollars feeding this vermin.

  7. The correctional system makes inmates more violent and taxpayers screwed.
    All inmates should be sent to work farms where they grow all their food and needs.
    Excess would be give back to the community. The health living and the Bible would be followed.

  8. Thankfully Officer Willibanks was able to carry out the job w/o further injury. That was an example that could have caused a death to the officer and/or the criminal. Maybe to bad the criminal wasn't killed, save the state money and insure safety for others from his criminal ways.

  9. I'm thanking the Lord that it did not hit an artery or your esophagus!!! May the Lord continue to protect you as you stand to protect us!!! God Bless you!!!

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