Off-Duty Corrections Officer Runs Towards Gunfire, Tries To Help Mother And Child

On-duty Military and First Responders are expected to run towards danger and save lives. Fortunately for many people, this instinct and bravery doesn't just shut off when these men and women are off duty.

This was demonstrated when off-duty Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Officer Maranda Grayson loaded her weapon, called 9-11 and ran outside after gunshots went off unexpectedly.

Grayson immediately began rendering aid to a mother her 10-year-old son who had been shot. The mother died at the scene but the boy survived.

The gunman had shot the mother and son before kidnapping a 2-year-old boy. The suspect led Police on a four-day manhunt before being apprehended. The kidnapped boy was rescued safely.

Officer Grayson was honored for her heroic actions and is being hailed hero. Her response is typical of real heroes. She doesn't feel like a hero because the mother died.

"I'm happy to know that his brother is back home and the guy is caught."

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Officer Maranda Grayson
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