Hero Down: Off Duty Deputy Assassinated While Working Private Security

 August 6, 2021

Sometimes law enforcement officers work other jobs while they are off duty. Usually, it is a position similar to what they do as an officer, like private security. For example, officers will work clubs, patrol, or even work at car lots.


In Kentucky, a Jefferson County Sheriff was working a security job in a used car lot. According to WLKY, the officer was sitting in his security vehicle in the lot and in his security uniform at 2:30 a.m. when he was shot.

Louisville Metro Police Deparment Spokesperson Alicia Smiley said someone just walked right up to the vehicle and shot him. Shirley radioed for assistance.

The off-duty officer, 26-year-old Brandon Shirley, was taken from Rockford Lane Auto Sales to the University of Louisville Hospital. Officer Shirley went directly into surgery.

However, he had severe wounds and did not survive his surgery.

Locating the Suspect

The person or persons who shot the officer have not been found, though according to LMPD Chief Erika Shields there are a couple of possible suspects. She did not elaborate on the possible attackers because they want to be sure that they can arrest and convict the people involved.

Shields said, "He was targeted, and he was ambushed. It is just sickening. We will make an arrest." According to Smiley they have "very, very few leads to go on this point."

 “We would certainly ask the community to not only offer their prayers but to also send us information. If anyone saw something out of the ordinary, if they heard something in this area, please give us a call…”

LMPD Spokesperson Alicia Smiley

Officers are canvassing the area, attempting to locate the shooter.

“We have our Public Integrity Unit they are knocking on doors and actually canvassing the neighborhood to talk with people. K9 will be attempting to locate a track. The air unit is up. And again, that would include the community as well.”

LMPD Spokesperson Alicia Smiley

Decorated Officer

According to JCSO Sheriff John Aubrey, Shirley had been with the department since March 2019 as court security. He had just graduated from the academy in December of that year.

Recently, he had been presented with the Medal of Valor for his help in the fatal shooting of Tyler Gerth in Jefferson Square Park.

Major George Grissom said, "Everybody liked him. He was a good person, he was good to be around."

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10 comments on “Hero Down: Off Duty Deputy Assassinated While Working Private Security”

  1. RIP my Brother and go with God. 💙 To the coward that did this, we WILL find you and leash hell on you, promise. 😡

  2. There are some very sick racist people out there. They will eventually cause major for people of color. It’s sad but the problem is increasing. We will soon have answer with weapons. They will lose.

    1. Why do you assume this is about race. I am of the brown race and a white cop never mistreated me even on traffic or speeding stops. I just do what they tell me to do. I put my hands on the steering wheel after turning on the lights and opening the windows. People who don't want to comply are people who have something to hide. I have experience more racist treatment from black cops than any race. We migrate to work and make our livrs better thru hard work not waiting for hsndouts. We don't have that victim mentalituas we were under spanish rule for 400 yrs, japanese cruelty for 5 yrs(they throw babies in the air then catch them with their bayonets), and under corrupt americans for 85 yrs

  3. I hope they catch the low life POS and torture him to death. In my opinion, anyone who assaults or kills a Cop, should be killed and immediately. These disgusting rats are getting off lightly and in some cases being freed from any lock up. The Police are here to protect us and their lives are put on the line every day.

    1. You are correct. It is sad that Police Officers are paid so badly that they MUST find second and sometimes even third jobs in order to make ends meet. When I was an active Police Officer I worked my police job usually 10 plus hours every day with no overtime and then worked security at a Mall full-time employing other Officers as well. Even then I would often take on other part-time assignments to gather extra money. Why did I work so much? Because I had to in order to pay my bills. A Police Officer CANNOT have unpaid bills, an Officer MUST live in a nice neighborhood and in a nice middle-class house that is kept up, drive a nice car and not a clunker, his kids must have nice clothes and be well-behaved, and we must also be great neighbors as well. If not then we are slobs or live like "low-class" Rednecks, etc. etc. When we are injured we get nothing unless we actually sue our employer. I know because I was nearly killed in the line of duty and had to sue Workman's Compensation for 1/2 pay that I HAD to pay back when my account was settled 2 years later. So After fighting and getting 90% disability they settled for $97,000 of which I had to pay them back for the half-pay I received to live on with my 2 boys for 2 years AND had to pay my attorney 1/3 of that by law because I needed him to represent my case! All said and done I received less income for those two years than I would have had I not been hurt and able to work my 2 full-time jobs and my part-time work. I also was NOT allowed to sue the State for improper signage or a local business for their lack of clearing a driveway. I could easily have gotten a couple of million but I was informed that if I did that the city would make sure I did not get a Pension that I earned and that they would by law take the amount of money I received to pay for the medical treatment I received that was nearly a million dollars plus my attorney would also get his 1/3 before I got a penny and they would also actively NOT back me and they could and would tie it up in the Courts for years. I had no choice but to accept their offer. I was determined by SSAN to be totally disabled so accepted that and moved from the area. I was gutted after giving them 10 years of my life and ending up totally disabled and in pain for the rest of my life and they also cancelled my health insurance with no possibility of ever getting any from them or bringing it up to them again. Pretty bad huh? Still after researching I discovered that I was lucky and better off than almost half of other Officers that found themselves badly injured and forced into retirement. Now you know why we work extra jobs.

  4. RIP OFFICER, There is a profound need for officers like him , however these days being a cop, is really hard as too many have ZERO RESPECT OF POLICE OFFICERS , see
    MINEOPOLIS MN, the officers quit , so now the people sued the city as CRIME IS GETTING OUT OF HAND, LOOKING TO HIRE 170 NEW OFFICERS, whom WILL NOY BE ABLEBTO DEFEND THEMSELVES 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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