Police Officer Rushes Into Burning Building, Saves 14 Year Old

 September 24, 2020

According to the Homeland Security Act adopted in 2002, first responders protect life, evidence, property or the environment during the first stages of an emergency. Police see a varied set of circumstances as part of their day to day response to emergencies. The job descriptions of first responders often overlap, for example when law enforcement is first on scene of a car accident or structure fire.

Police officers train to encounter and respond to dangerous situations. Recently, 21 year old veteran police officer Bill Wise demonstrated this when he arrived first on scene of a structure fire. He heard a boy crying for help in the burning building and kicked the front door down. The smoke and heat did not allow for entry but that didn't stop him.

Officer Bill Wise ran around the back of the house and pulled an air conditioning unit away from a basement window. He was then able to help the 14 year old escape through the window. Wise and the victim have both been hospitalized for smoke inhalation but are recovering well.

"This is a prime example of why we have the police," Lisle Police Chief Ron Wilke said. "He was the first responder on the scene. Had he not been there, there may have been a different outcome on this and that would have been tragic and terrible, so this is why we have the police to do heroic events like this every day."


First responders train to go into dangerous situations. They sign the dotted line to serve others. Our communities would be chaos without these men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line. They rush into the most harrowing situations to help those in need.

Thank you Officer Bill Wise, we appreciate your willingness to place yourself in harms way to protect and serve!

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