Police Officer Tackles Bat-Wielding Man Before He Can Harm Anyone

 April 3, 2021

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8 comments on “Police Officer Tackles Bat-Wielding Man Before He Can Harm Anyone”

  1. Our police protecting the people thank you all we back the blue no matter how the press always runs them down

  2. Perfect homerun hit, officer! Thank you and all our law enforcement men and women for putting your lives on the line every single day to keep the rest of us safe. My brother is former law enforcement, and our very large family and we are very grateful! May God bless and keep you!

  3. This was in CA - so, does that mean the criminal can sue the police? Might be his way of getting a free ride back to see his extended family. Once the visit is over it's now possible to return to the US without stress.

  4. Great piece of work. Now, hopefully some lame DA and judge will bench this clown for a long time. He can play with his wood in the prison yard.

  5. So glad he wasn't BLM or we would of had to defund that police department and charge that officer with police abuse...

  6. Nice tackle, and keeping people safe too. You should be praised for your service to protect the citizens in America. Thank You

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