Toronto PD Officers Save Man From Fatal Fall

By Ethan Cole on
 May 17, 2021

Law enforcement officers receive calls for all kinds of situations. Some more urgent than others. Toronto officers were recently called to help save a man who was hanging out a window, eight stories up.

Dicey Rescue

Officers from Toronto Police's 53rd Division got a call on May 13th to help rescue a man who was holding on to a window for dear life. The man was in the dangling eight stories off the ground.


According to a tweet from Chief James Ramer, the man was originally being hold onto by a building security officer. Two officers arrived breaking out windows to reach the man.

Pulling Him to Safety

They held him for around 12 minutes before they could pull him up to safety. According to Narcity, the man went to the hospital for treatment. The officers who assisted him had minor injuries and were treated.

"All [Toronto Police] officers are trained for dynamic emergency calls & to save lives. I'm extremely proud of their bravery. We couldn't have done this without the help of onsite Security, thank you for your assistance."

Chief James Ramer

According to the city of Toronto, the building was the Roehampton Hotel. Last year during the pandemic, the city had turned the hotel into a temporary shelter.

Brave Actions

This rescue was a coordinated, team effort between the Toronto Police and the security officer who was onsite. If the security officer had not attempted to save the man first, it would have been a different situation when officers arrived.

Dangling that high off the ground is a terrifying prospect. Officers had to keep a level head and focus on getting this man to safety, so he could get the help that he needs.

The city said the move was a part of their effort to "expand shelter spaces to ensure increased physical distancing in its shelter system.

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8 comments on “Toronto PD Officers Save Man From Fatal Fall”

  1. Whew!! God bless these officers for risking their lives. I truly hope the man gets the help needed.

  2. I praise the men and women in blue. They have a huge job of protecting us from others that want to do harm to us and also protecting us also from ourselves when we are not in our right mind so that we can get help to straighten ourselves out. Also big thanks for the security guard because without him we would only need the coroner.

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