Police Officers Save Unconscious Passenger From Burning Vehicle

 May 1, 2021

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10 comments on “Police Officers Save Unconscious Passenger From Burning Vehicle”

  1. It is nice to be reminded that Firefighters are always mindful of life, rather human or animal, and not just "WOOHOO let's tear up the place"

  2. Wow! The “much hated” police RISK their lives to save two people from a burning car that could explode at any time! At the same time we have the Liberal Democrat Malcontents calling for the Defunding of the Police?

    What we need to do is find a way to “Brand” these Cop Haters so whenever they get in a Dangerous Situation the Cops will be able to identify them and find something better to do!

    Think of this as “Nature Culling the Herd” the fewer of these Malcontents the better!

  3. Every day this happens but the fake news does not repot it as it favors our local heros.

  4. Time after time, day after day, these people save our lives. Over and over and over. Then along comes one that proves to be an idiot, or one that makes a horrible mistake that they can't take back based on a split second decision that was meant to save one of our lives, and the whole country attacks them, full force. Plain and simple, they are human beings. They are fallible. They are not perfect no matter how hard they may try to be, they can make a mistake with a millisecond to make a decision. They have the right to go home alive, just like me and you. Their families have the right to hug them when they come back. WE need to be realistic. They are not super human even though they try like hell to be. I have nothing but respect for them. It is stories like this one we all need to push, not the occasional mistake or bad officer.

  5. What would we do without law enforcement? Our first responders are the backbone of our nation! Let's hear a "well done" for our police!

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