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8 comments on “Police Pursuit In Modesto Ends With Search Warrant And Intense Gunfight”

  1. I am SO SORRY the officer had to take a bullet , and lost his leg !!! I thought all the police involved did what needed to be done and going in with a plan ! This is another example of why BLUE LIVES MATTER !!!

  2. A great job by Modesto police!
    Thanks for your service!
    This is why we must support the police, they get all the $ they need as far as I am concerned & then some.
    We have much scum on the streets folks & unfortunately they will kill you and your family without a blink of the eye….know how to personally protect and vote to eradicate these democrats wanting to defund!
    May God bless Mikey, a hero!

    1. And it costs the policemen their health or lives. Support your local police. That's as bad as Biden looking at his watch instead of honoring the legacy of 13 young fallen service members whose lives be caused to be taken.

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