Prosecutor Releases Opinion That Officer's Use Of Force Was Justified

 December 19, 2021

Too often these days we here about cases where a Police Officer is drug through the mud for doing their job. So when a prosecutor does the right thing and recognizes how difficult law enforcement really is, we applaud them!

In this case, the situation was pretty clear. Police Officers responded to a bloody rampage where a knife-wielding suspect shrugged off less-lethal use of force. Officers had to resort to lethal force in order to stop the attacker.

Of course, following the incident, "activists" called for prosecutors to go after the officers involved in the shooting. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and it appears that charges will not be filed.

Are you surprised that the prosecutor came to this conclusion? If so, let us know in the comments.

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18 comments on “Prosecutor Releases Opinion That Officer's Use Of Force Was Justified”

  1. It is about time a prosecutor had common sense about a situation. As for the "activists" I can't wait for the time they are on the receiving end of violence and then see how they feel!!

  2. It is about time that "MAYBE" the judicial system is finally waking up instead of woking up!!! STILL DOUBTFUL. ETERNALLY OPTIMISTIC!

  3. Shocked would be a better word. As usual the let would have perfered he keep on attacking and maybe killed a cop.

  4. This prosecutor is ONE of few left in this country with common sense and knows what lawenforcement people deal with from day to day .. we need to applaude this prosecutor for doing his job.

    1. Can anyone name people who are still alive because they Obeyed the police officer? Now name the ones that were killed as they obeyed the police officer? I rest my case. You may not agree what the police officer tells you but if you obey, you will have your day in court.

  5. The problem is the D.C. democrats' have the law enforcements hands tied so the criminals can commit crimes keeping people attention on that and NOT on THEM, the countries biggest criminals getting richer / more powerful while destroying are country that their old as*es don't give a damn about !

    1. don't count your chickens before the eggs hatch. if that commie make communist rule those cops become Gestapo even if you know the rule is UN CONSTITUTIONAL and outright wrong. remember most of the good cops left the force.

  6. It would be nice if whoever wrote this article knew ENGLISH.
    "...a Police Officer is drug through the mud..."
    NOT "drug" IT'S DRAGGED!!!!!!
    Shame on the editor too.
    I'm a grade 10 dropout and even I know better English than you do, it seems.

  7. The prosecutor sounds like a sane adult which means two things; he is a very small minority and he probably won't be around long. The so-called 'activists' hate level headed thinking people because they are hard to bully!!

  8. an officer is not dealing with society's best all the time; they don't have a crystal ball they don't know who has a knive or gun on the cities they deal with these people every week.. Don't do stupid things and you'll never meet a cop and if you do, listen to him, he'll cuff you for HIS protection at that point you need a lawyer and the judge, arguing with a cop just adds more charges.

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