Should Law Enforcement Leadership Endorse Political Candidates?

 November 10, 2023

It's important to remember that law enforcement leaders, such as County Sheriff or Chief of Police, have the right to vote and have a political opinion.

However, the line gets murky when these positions endorse political candidates.

Our favorite former law enforcement officer is asking a great question... be sure to give him a follow and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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10 comments on “Should Law Enforcement Leadership Endorse Political Candidates?”

  1. I agree with you totally. I also don’t think a preacher should endorse or tell his congregation to vote for a particular candidate.

  2. This LEO is absolutely correct. We in uniform, civilian or military do not give up our political rights the moment we don the uniform. However, it's what we do when in uniform that relicts on all others. This also applies to Veterans Service Organizations. If a person wishes to campaign or support any candidate in any manner, do so within the limits of the law in civilian clothing,

  3. Persons in a political position should not be allowed to endorse Politicians. Privately vote but no endorsements.

  4. This could be hazardous and lead to just the thing America doesn't want, and just what the leftist Democrats have been pushing for. A Communist police state. This could be dangerous especially since how the present administration treats law enforcement anyway. And consider how they've already weaponised the FBI.Thank God most law enforcement agencies aren't backing their gun grabbing policies as it is. Beware!

  5. Your right, but Democrats ran on dismantling the police and judges going easy on certain ethnic groups. I can see why police officers are promoting certain candidates because of the death toll on cops since the Democrats made their jobs so dangerous with political attacks toward them. Democrats have made law enforcement very political and who can blame them. They were getting attacked just because the media and politicians were using them as an enemy to promote their career. Even schools were following the same attitude with students. This gives them the right to promote candidates that will support law enforcement. We should support our officers and I was very upset by calls for dismantling police force.

  6. Actually, now that I think about it I'm thinking any organization of government employees should not be involved in contributing to or supporting politicians. As an individual one may contribute or speak out, but not their big bucks organizations. They have become what they are and now in order for the biggies in those organizations to keep getting paid the super salaries, they have to keep their name and the organization's name in the news!! I actually remember one biggie from the NEA who said something to this effect "students do not pay my salary!" The question he was asked had to do with them working for positive results for students! The result of all of this "fund raising" in the political world has simply become money to pay for favors you want, not a lot to do with the policies of the candidate, but simply how they will respond to the donor's desires.

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